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Pink Skeleton
Pink skeleton
Gender Male
Species Troll Skeleton
Faction His own
Health When is killed survives.cannot be killed
Level None
Status Alive
Game(s) None (Nitrome Life)

The Pink Skeleton Is one of Nitromefan's pets. He is a Troll Skeleton,he also has a twin Robot brother, they are both male and appear in Halloween nitrome when they found a golden troll skeleton. The pink skeleton is 5 years old but looks like an adult.He reappeared in other stories meeting more people seeing his family.


He likes much like Troll Skeletons from square meal. He have black horns and a pink skin. Also,his feet looks very feety.

Robotic Pink Skeleton

Robotic Pink skeleton is Pink Skeleton's robotic clone.He likes much like Pink Skeleton But with White horns and like metal made. Also have wheel feet.He is very old he was planned to be a wooden wheelchair for Pink Skeleton because Pink skeleton's ancestors were handicapped because of the disaster by his friends in his parties.


He has a family.He have a cousin called Jaxorama,his father called harold,his mother called francisca,his 8 years old broher called tobi,and his 14 years old sister called Anna.



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