Gender Male
Health 200
Game(s) Nitrome Fortress

 Pirate is a class in Nitrome Fortress.


The Pirate is good to destroy things and deal strogn explosive damage. He can also throw Pieces of Eight in the ground like mines, and right-clicking to destroy them. The priate is also good in meelee attacks. You can use your cutlass to charge in the direction of an enemy and kill him in less than seconds.


Throwing Bomb

The bomb deals a high explosive damage, but has medium range and it's projectile goes in arch target. So throw the bomb higher to get larger distances. The bomb if used to close, can deal damage to yourself. You can hold 6 bombs (ammo).

Pieces of Eight

Pieces of Eight are a little direfent than bombs. They are sticky, so they will stick on ground o walls and they are like landmines. You can throw 1 to 8 of them, and when a enemy is close or on it, right-click to blow them together and cause a great explosion. It can hold 24 pieces (ammo).


The cutlass is a great meelee weapon. It has a large range and can deal a great damage. When right-clicking while using the cutlass, you will use the charge ability to run very fast in a direction for a few distance. However, the cutlass has a very slow attack rate, and the charge has a large cooldown.


  • Use proto charges to destroy enemy buildings using Bombs.
  • Try to throw Pieces of Eight in buildings without being shot, then destroy them.
  • You can throw a Bomb in ground while jumping to jump higher.
  • Throw Pieces of Eight in strategic locations, like control points.

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