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Pixel Hate is a unreleased game about random characters doing random things. Unlike Nitrome's Pixel Love Pixel Hate is a new game every Friday. Each game is called an 'Episode'.
Pixel Hate

Pixel Hate



Game Type:

Platformer, Action






Control-Pad (Up,left,right,down), Space



Default Controls:

Control-Pad & Space

PH Icon

Pixel Hate Icon

Pixel Hate Characters:


Episode 1

In this Ep. CandD is being chased by Cthul Fghtgn and must make it to several checkpoints before he must collect the Soul Gem.

Episode 2

ASP appears in this episode. The main character must battle ASP before ASP destroys the Green House. If ASP is defeated, ASP heads to the Negative Zone.

Episode 3

Jedi Master Kenny must fend off a horde of Battle Droids.

Episode 4

A Vampire Goose must make a rampage through a town.

Episode 5

See main article: Abyss of the Demons (spoof of Tower of Heavens)

The largest game of pixel hate yet! It has miniature levels in it and takes you more than "six feet down under!".

Other Appearences

Alternate Style

Another image By The Nitrome Yeti: Pixel Hate Re-Designed Logo

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