Pixelated to Life is an exploration platformer shoot-'em-up based off the game Drawn to Life. This game features the citizins of No-Name Ville, and the player must draw with the mouse interactive objects, weapons, and village sights.


This is the story of No-Name Ville, the unhappiest place on the flash pixel Earth.

Before there was Nitrome characters, there was Mat Annal and Heather Stancliffe and their company Nitrome...

They used pixel art to make their wonderful ideas come to life.

First they pixelated our great flash games.

Then Mat and Heather made levels for the games.

All of the main characters were also made by Nitrome.

But that was a long time ago, now there is merely haters and trolls about.

Nitrome was abandoned, nothing mattered in the Nitrome world...

Mat and Heather... We need your help...

The website has been took down...

And the hatrid is creeping in.

You guys are the only hope we have left...

Help us... please...

  • Austin: Rrg! Even though we hated Nitrome, there's no life anymore! And you're not even there! Pretty much everyone left, Nitrome fan, character or hater. You can't just abandon us! Now even me and Austin's company has no light... Make Nitrome again! Also caek...
  • Mat and Heather: We hear you. We will make a character to help restore Nitrome. Call all the Nitromians and bring them to Nitrome Towers.
  • Austin: Wha?! Mat and Heather?! I just knew you would respond! I'm gonna go tell Justin and the Mayor!

Austin comes out to Justin's apartment room.

  • Austin: Justin!!! Justin come out!

Austin can hear Justin snoring.

  • Austin: He's not responding! Nitrome duo, click on his door and wake him up.

Mat and Heather click on Justin's door 3 times.

  • ????: What? Is something wrong?

Justin comes out to greet Austin.

  • Justin: Oh hi Austin, I was taking a nap.
  • Austin: Mat and Heather used dialogue to me!
  • Justin: What?! That can't be! They haven't been in Nitrome for years!
  • Austin: I'm supposed to gather everyone to Nitrome Towers! Where's the Mayor?
  • Justin: At the portal. He's trying to convince Carter and Curly to stay...
  • Austin: Let's stop them before they leave!

The Mayor, Carter, and Curly are at the portal of No-Name Ville.

  • Carter: The website going down was the last straw! The Rusty Shack is covered with Nitrome hatrid!
  • Curly: Even our kids are gone! We have to save them!
  • Mayor: I understand... but we still have to stick together.
  • Carter: Sorry, but we can't stay in this village. We're leaving.

Carter and Curly leave the village.

To be Edited

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