Purr Drones
Attack Shooting Lasers
Abilities Flying, Following the Player, Fire Immunity
Health 3 Hits on the head, 1 hit with water or ice, 2 hits with tornadoes, lasers, or rings
Points 0
Game(s) Cheese Dreams Constellations
Purr Drones are enemies from Cheese Dreams Constellations. If you would like to edit this article, please leave a message for one of the collaborators working on Cheese Dreams Constellations.


Purr Drones are circular grey robots with a wing on each side of their body. They have two triangular parts on top of their head, resembling ears. They have a singular, red, trapezoid-shaped eye on the top half of their body. A small red circle is in the center of the body. Six whisker-like markings, three on each side, are next to the center red circle, resembling a cat nose. A red antenna on top of their body glows orange when they are charging their laser. The laser is red in color and is shaped like a rod. The two wings on the side of the body have a glowing blue bottom half on them, where energy is created in order to fly.


Purr Drones can fly. They will buzz when they have spotted the player and will follow the player for a short while. If the player crosses through a door, over a pit or over cheese lava, the Purr Drones will not follow despite being able to fly. Every few seconds they will charge up their laser and fire it at the player. The laser is quite easy to dodge as the player is constantly bouncing, making them a hard target. Purr Drones can not be killed by fire, being made of metal. They are extremely weak to water and ice.

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