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This page is for Nitrome transcriptions, remixes and mashups that Random-storykeeper has created. Most are done using ORG Maker, recorded live from a piano or using PxTone. More info on ORG and PxTone can be found here


  • Press Start Ninja - a medley comprised mostly of a Pixel Love and Nitrome game. Also with a hint of Shovel Knight.
    • Press Start Ninja
  • Spacenohead - combines the title themes from Nanobots and Spacehopper, along with Bullethead's in-game. A bit slower than PSN.
    • Spacenohead
  • Mining for Ice - A medley of Icebreaker's title and Canary's title.
    • Mining for Ice
  • Ninja's Delight - Final Ninja Extra 2 with Mega Man and Tower of Heaven etc. Made for Takeshi64's birthday.
    • Ninja's Delight
  • Plazzy Chisel Mania - A gift for Plasmaster that incorporates Happy Birthday, Chisel 2 and Mallet Mania music.
    • Plazzy Chisel Mania

In progress

  • You're Gonna Have a Bad Ride - Megalovania and Skywire!
    • You're Gonna Have a Bad Ride WIP
  • Super Smash Nitrome - Some long intense medley of various Nitrome music including Bullethead, Sky Serpents, Double Edged and Toxic II.
    • Super Smash Nitrome Mastermix WIP
  • Kolombus the Robot Dealer - Based on an ORG from Takeshi64. A mix of Meowgical Tower, Submolok, Rustyard, Cave Story, etc.
    • Kolumbus the Robot Dealer WIP
  • Office Trap Skywire Icebreaker - An incomplete medley which I never really added percussion to.
    • Office Trap Skywire Icebreaker medley WIP
  • Toxic Moon Factory - A mix of Acid Factory, Toxic and Moonsong from Cave Story.
    • Toxic Moon Factory WIP



  • 8bit Doves
    • 8bit Doves theme ORG Maker
  • The Bucket
    • Title -
      The Bucket menu ORG
  • Coil
    • Coil ORG
  • Colourblind
    • Intro theme -
      Colour Blind intro ORG
  • Final Ninja
    • Title -
      Final Ninja title ORG
  • Gunbrick (browser)
    • Gunbrick in ORG
  • Skywire


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