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Gender Male
Species Rhino
Faction Good
Health 5 Blows
Level Not in a level
Status Alive
Game(s) Stranded on an Island

Rahama is the first Nitrome wiki pet, Rahama is a Wooly Rhino, he also has a twin Robot brother, they are both male and appear in Nitrome: Christmas Story later they found a golden horned rhino later they made a spin-off called Nitrome: Blueboy's Adventure. Rahama is 4 years old, he looks like he is 32 years old. I used to have an old pet called Untesty but he ran away or got kidnapped Blueboy probaly kidnapped him because when somebody broke my window it had Blueboys bodysize and maybe someone told Blueboy to kidnap Untesty like Blueboy's owner TinyCastleGuy, but the person who stole Untesty is revealed in Nitrome: Christmas Story, I was the first person to have a pet, later other people got pets. Rahama reappeared in other stories meeting more people seeing his family.

Robotic Rahama

Robotic Rahama is Rahama's robotic clone he is very old he was planned to be a wooden wheelchair for Rahamigo because Rahama's ancestors were handicapped because of the enemies, but the sons of Rahamaigo stopped getting handicapped because of Robotic Rahama, he made new legs and gave them more luck and protected them and when I adopted Rahama and Robotic Rahama I upgraded Robotic Rahama to make him more like a rhino instead of a protecting wheelchair.


Rahama has 6 kids here is a list of them from old to young. Spike is a tough Rhino, Lagama is a twinbrother of Talama, Rahama Junior is just like Rahama but younger, Isabella is the first daugter of Rahama, Talama is a twinbrother of Lagama but be is 0,24 seconds older, Annabella is RSK 's pet and she is the youngest pet. Me along with Rahama own all of them exept for Annabella, Rahama thought 6 kids was to much so he let Axiy give one to RSK. All of them we're kidnapped by a viking and in every chapter of Rahama's Mission one by one will be gotten back.

1.Spike (Axiy) Rahama Child Male 4.Isabella (Axiy) Rahama Child Female
2.Lagama (Axiy) Rahama Child Male 5.Talama (Axiy) Rahama Child Male
3.Rahama Junior (Axiy) Rahama Child Male 6.Annabella (RSK) Rahama Child Female

Family and Friends

Rahama has a cousin called Tim he also has a robotic clone and later he got 6 kids 1 is currently owned by Random-Storykeeper 4 of the sons are boys and 2 are girls, Rahama has some friends like Untesty, Aqua, Chilly, Testy, Mechayin and many more.