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Rahamoon Crash 2
Gender Male
Species Moon
Faction Good
Health 3
Level All
Status Alive
Game(s) Cheese Dreams Teams

Rahamoon is the main character of Cheese Dreams Teams he is the 1st member of that team, he is a spoof of Rahama, Axiy's pet. And is also a friend of him, his other friends are Untestoon and Mechamoon. His friends are also his team mates he works with and gets out of a space ship in multiplayer mode.


Rahamoon looks like The Moon from Cheese Dreams from Nitrome Must Die but there is no face, instead of the face there is a body of Rahama colored orange/gold.


Rahamoon has alot of history in Cheese Dreams Teams.

Early Parts

Rahamoon was playing in the playground with Rahama but when Rahama was getting toys Rahamoon was kidnapped Space Ice but the story continues with Untestoon and Mechamoon in another part.

Untestoon Part

Rahamoon found Untestoon trapped in a cage, and he released him later and they both teamed up to save Mechamoon.

Mechamoon Part

Rahamoon and Untestoon found Mechamoon trapped in a cage and they released him now the game can be played by 3 people.