Rainbogeddon 2

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Arrow Keys and W, A, S, D



This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make any changes to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


The goal of the game is to collect all of the energy dots in the Psychedelic Maze world while avoiding the monsters.


Player One- Arrow Keys, Space Bar

Player Two- W, A, S, D, Q


There are now four grey creatures to choose from. One wears a blue hat, one wears a pink bow, one wears a yellow propellor cap, and one wears a red cape. Unlike the first Rainbogeddon game, each character has their own unique ability. The blue one shoots bullets the fastest. The pink one moves the fastest. The yellow one can jump farther. The red one creates larger bubbles when he picks up the Bubble powerup.


Heart- makes the player faster

Bullet- allows the player to launch a projectile

Bomb- lays down an explosive

Bubble- creates a force field

Spring- allows the player to jump over enemies and walls

Teleport- transports the player to a portal created in a safe area

Drill- lets the player drill through walls and enemies

Tail- creates an indestructible temporary boundary

Rocket- allows the player to launch a heat-seeking rocket to destroy enemies

Magnet- pulls energy dots towards the player


Father Jelly

Mother Jelly

Baby Jelly

Black Cat

Waste Monster

Fuzzy Sphere

Spike-haired Blob

Red Bomb

Blue Bomb


Blue Sphere

Temper Monster


Three-eyed Sphere

Wringer- a worm shaped monster with mouths at both ends. It has two eyes in the middle of its head. It will eat a powerup that is in its path, preventing the player from collecting that powerup

Dog- a brown monster with two teeth and two black ears. It has two eyes above it mouth and black nose. The dog cannot move very far from his stake, which restrains him from moving too far


Amoeba- a clear blob creature with a purple ball in the center. It will phase through walls every once in a while in order to catch the player

Interactive Objects

Countdown Blocks

Wall-changing Mines


Energy Dots


  • Rainbogeddon 2 has three new enemies and three new powerups introduced in it, as well as two new playable characters.

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