Robber 2




Whipping with her Hair, Swinging across the level, Stretching her hair, Attacking with a giant boulder


Three Blows to the Face



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Rapunzel appears on level 20 of the game Robber 2. She wears a pink dress, pink socks, aand has long blonde hair. Her hair covers up her face unless she is resting. When her face is shown, her eyes are closed but they eventually open, revealing them to blue. She has a small nose. Sometimes her hair has a large ball on the end of it (a boulder wrapped in her hair) that she uses like a mace to attack.


Rapunzel can whip with her hair, use her hair to swing, wrap her hair around objects, like boulders, and can strecth her hair to attack. She begins her attack by whipping with her hair. Once she reels it back in, she swings to the other side of the room. While swinging, she can hurt you on contact. Once she reaches the left side of the screen, she lands, whips with her hair again, and then swings back to the right. She then strecthes her hair up vertically. her hair continues to stretch around the room, forming three vertical lines and two horizontal lines. This attack can be avoided by standing in the spaces between her hair. She then reels it back in. Rapunzel will then drag a boulder out from the right side of the screen, wrap her hair around it, and then swing it around in an attempt to hit the Robber. After three swings, she throws the boulder away and sits down to rest. Her hair moves away from her face while resting, exposing her weak pojnt (her face). Once she is hit with a throwing knife, she will stand up, (her hair will cover up her face again) and repeat the cycle. The cycle repeats until she is hit three times in the face. After being hit a third time, she begins to spin around, wrapping herself up in her own hair. She then collapses on the ground and vanishes.