Rodent goodies is a fan-game dedicated for Blue Rodent from Platform panic and inspired from Sonic the Hedgehog series. This game introduces Blue Rodent's universe's other heroes.


The game will be a platform puzzle game, which supposes to be more relaxing and slow paced than the model of the series, Sonic the Hedgehog. More info later


There will be a wide of characters, each with their own skill. These characters will appear in teams:

Team Rodent

Blue Rodent: Slowest runt of the litter.

Red Cam hedgehog: Uses his spring fists installed to his ribs.

Yellow Beggar: Makes banter tools for his team and likes to prank everyone.

Team Unlit

Consummate Rodent: Goes berserk if he sees any kind of jewel.

CO 213 Pi: Spends his time to remember his real serial number.

White Leech: Thirsty for red rodents like echidnas.

Team Viola

Pink Erysipelas: Enjoys to tease Blue Rodent with the gifts from nature such as roses and flowers.

Violet Jumbo: Has big heart, but small chances to walk.

Beige hare: Owns Pingu (Like penguin but nothing like that) pet called Tilsit.


Cranked Omelet: The main antagonist. His brains are bit omelet.

Brazen Rodent.


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