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Rubble Trouble Alola

Rubble trouble alola



Game Type:

Mouse games, main game


Demolition, puzzle




Rubble Trouble International

Default Controls:


Rubble Trouble Alola is the Sequel of Rubble Trouble International, what released in 28 of November of 2016 for destroy the Region of Pokemon Sun and Moon and Team Skull The Lilonow and he will destroy Alola thought it was a Bad Idea it was Cancelled.



RTI Cam CandD is a new member of the crew, demolitions expert and loves to destroy things and party alike.


RTIAC4E AustinCarter4ever is a new member of the crew, despite her gender, he appears as a male in this game. One of his arms mutated into a wing (unfortunetely, it's his writing hand). In the other hand, he's holding a fork because of his appetite for destruction.


Builder Axiy Axiy is a new member of the crew, he likes to destroy stuff alot and also invents stuff.


Construction me Mr. Cheez Lilonow is a new member of the crew and a demolition maniac who likes blowing stuff up so much as he loves tangerine ice-cream.

New Weapons

  • Boxing Rocket: Boxing Rocket will be shot by Boxing Rocket Gun made Boxing Punch. They will be shot by Axiy.
  • Gravity Spheres: Gravity Spheres are unlike any other weapon. This weapon can only deal a certain ammount of damage before it releases an explosion of Gravity to 0.
  • Boxing Gun
    Boxing Gun:
    Boxing Gun is a Weapon as Sucker Punch.
  • Steamlands Tank: The Steamlands tank will be riden by CandD and it has 4 shots.
  • BIC3 UFO


    The Ufo will be Riden by 
  • Icicles: Icicles will be shot by Mini Guns made by ice. They will be shot by Axiy.
  • Robots: Robots will work the same as Enemy585 but they are shot from Axiy.
  • Bazooka (McCoy 2)


    Launching Rocket but they are shot from Axiy.
  • Mega Bomb: Bomb but They are On and Exploit from Axiy.
  • Spray Radioactive: Spray but they are Spray from Axiy.
  • Plunger Gun: Gun will be shot by Plunger Gun Made Plunger. They will be shot by Austincarter4ever.
  • Bazooka Homing Rotom: Rocket Launcher will be shot by Rocket Launcher Made Rocket Rotom: they will be shot by CandD.
  • Submarine: The Submarine will be riden by Axiy and it has Infinite Shots.
  • Blimp Arturo's
    Blimp Sonic: Blimp Sonic will be riden by CandD and it has Sonic Shots.


Levels are divided into 10 zones with 20 levels and Yes No You spent a Zone The Zone will have a padlock.


  1. Melemele
  2. Akala
  3. Paradise Æther
  4. Ula-Ula
  5. Sea
  6. Moon
  7. Sun
  8. Space
  9. Poni
  10. Random Alola


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When Demolition Crew I destroy Alola Team Flare and Make a party to celebrate and create a Farewell Party but not Build up Wall Diamond and Diamond Dome us if What Are We.


  • Team Skull
  • Æter
  • Captains Alolas
  • Protagonists
  • Rival
  • Others More...

Interactive Objects

  • Bricks
  • Stones
  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Glass
  • Ice
  • Block Magnet
  • Lava


  • Lava
  • Volcanos Marines
  • Volcanos
  • Steel



  • The Boxing Gun is same Sucker Punch of Nitrome Must Die.
  • The UFO Is Same UFO of Bad Ice Cream 3
  • The Bazooka is Same Bazooka of Cactus Mccoy 1 and 2.
  • a reference on Pokémon upon Alola The Based Hawaii Over a Virus Evil Attacks people.
  • Suddenly a Demolition crew You will destroy Alola.
  • There Is A Weapon  Plunger Gun based In Plunger 
  • In Level 199 They must destroy a boat approaching the port of Alola, where Ash and many people coming to see Alola, used to destroy Boat Two gunshots Fusil Homing Rotom, A Mega Bomb and a submarine because there is standing water.
  • The Submarine Based in Aquanaut or Inspired Rocket man from Rubble Trouble Moscow.
  • The Villains Of This Game Is Team Skull.
  • Mega Bomb Is Unlocked in Final Level Paradise Æther
  • The Cutscene Has Blood As Nitrome Must Die, Others No Has Blood.
  • Most Level Contains No Capacity Levels Make Money.
  • This Second Game Nitrome in space was Before Rubble Trouble Moscow 5 Years after test 2011 to 2016.
  • Team Skull disappears in Space Zone.
  • The Zones Based in Islands Of Alola as:
  • 1. Melemele
  • 2. Akala
  • 3. Ula-Ula
  • 4. Poni
  • Expect Paradise Æther.
  • 5. Paradise Æther.
  • The Game Is Release In 2016 November of 28, For Destroy Alola and The Team Skull for Delete The 7th Team's Pokemon and The Region.
  • it was Cancelled, Rubble Trouble Alola.

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