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Rubble Trouble Ultrópolis

Ico rubbletroubleultrópolis


701 (700 story + 1 secret)

Game Type:

Mouse games, main game


Demolition, puzzle




Rubble Trouble Alola

Default Controls:


Rubble Trouble Ultrópolis (better known in English as Rubble Trouble Ultra Megalopolis) is a fangame what It was sequel's Rubble Trouble Alola or Rubble Trouble International, after the total failure in 2017, a demolition team what will destroy Ultrópolis a city in a parallel universe or other planet in the andromeda galaxy.



RTI Cam CandD is a new member of the crew, demolitions expert and loves to destroy things and party alike.


RTIAC4E AustinCarter4ever is a new member of the crew, despite her gender, he appears as a male in this game. One of his arms mutated into a wing (unfortunetely, it's his writing hand). In the other hand, he's holding a fork because of his appetite for destruction.


Builder Axiy Axiy is a new member of the crew, he likes to destroy stuff alot and also invents stuff.


Construction me Mr. Cheez Lilonow is a new member of the crew and a demolition maniac who likes blowing stuff up so much as he loves tangerine ice-cream.


its playability is very similar to Rubble Trouble Tokyo and Rubble Trouble Moscow, our tools came back again, but with 700 new levels and new tools.


Old Tools

  1. Nitroglycerine, a.k.a. Nitro - Default weapon, worth 0 points
  2. Drill - 10 points
  3. Cannon Ball - 30 points
  4. Wrecking Ball - 50 points
  5. Multi-Nitroglycerine - 60 points
  6. Missile Launcher - 70 points
  7. Air Strike - 120 points
  8. (Barriers - 10 points)
  9. Chain Gun - 140 points
  10. Thumper - 160 points
  11. Pachinko - 180 points
  12. Molotov - 200 points
  13. Tank - 300 points
  14. Mecha Saur - 500 points

News Tools

  1. (Matter Converter - 5 points)
  2. (Gravity Changer -  20 points)
  3. (Matter Maker - 10 points)


on each level we have to destroy buildings and houses throughout Ultrópolis and also kill damn alien beings called ultroponians I was wrong is Ultra Recon Squad.


  • this game will be launched on November 27, 2017.
  • although Rubble Trouble Alola  it was cancelled, Rubble Trouble Ultrópolis is his sequel.
  • now that I see that the creator has 2 hatreds today like: demons and a city in a parallel universe.
  • This is the only game that has no hazards.
  • This is the only Rubble Trouble game where you can kill the enemies.
  • although Rubble Trouble International has a sequel now is Rubble Trouble Ultrópolis is his sequel.
  • the Matter Converter has the ability of Protagonist's changeType().
  • the Gravity Changer a gravitational field is made for what Air Strike do not be unstable for the gravity's Ultrópolis.
  • the Matter Maker can create destructible matter next to the Matter Converter.

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