Rush 2 is the sequel to Rush and is half platformer/game with characters from:


Cave Chaos


twin shot

The Story

3 years after the rush 1 game, a contageous virus from Fenaxr made all inhabitants (except heroes Yellow and White) mutants. Other inhabitants (other games) aren't affected and help Yellow on his quest.


Pink Runner

Pink runner mutates into a bat like creature. His attacks are that he stands still and shoots you with pink balls, which prevent you from touching him. After you dodge them you have to avoid him as he swoops over the runner. He then is stunned and you have to hit him then. Repeat and you defeat him.

Orange Runner

Orange mutates into a slug creature like the rhino orange enzymes in TSC. He shoots a spray of orange balls that you have to hit. He then shoots a mega beam and then needs to recharge. That is the time you strike but he then shoots out a volley of balls that you have to deflect

Red Runner

Red runner mutates into a bigger version of himself with only having a diamond shaped head, skate like feet and sword hands that are different. What you have to do is that you dodge his ultra fast movements and hit him while charging up for his massive sword slash. If you don't hit him in time, game over.


These are empty because that we need boss ideas.


Yellow Runner: Proganist (1 Player)

Fenaxr: Antagonist (Twin Shot)

White Runner: Proganist (2 Player)

Cornea: Proganist(C. Blind)

Jerome: Shop Owner (Cave Chaos)

Runners: Enemies

Racers: Enemies (Flipside)

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