Rustyard 2 is a game made by WikiaScratchboy, so don't edit without my permission!

Rustyard 2 is a fan made sequel to Rustyard, It works exactly the same as the first game, but there are new elements introduced, such as Hot Blocks, cloners, bot makers, and motorized lifts.


Rustyard 2 plays the same as rustyard, guide Rusty to the power house by manipulating the environment by using your mouse to click things, but this time new elements are introduced to make the game more difficult.


1. Hello World

This first level introduces you to the game, here, Rusty is trapped in a small chamber, simply open the door to let him out, make stairs out of some boxes so he can hop up to the goal.

2. You're Not Alone

This level introduces you to the other bots, they are above the player so they cannot harm you. From order left to right: Handle robot, Clock robot, Walking robot, neck extending robot, and the new flying robot.

Below, you neet to use a lift to have rusty get up to the power house.

3. Like looking through a mirror

Introduces you to cloners, you push a button, and the cloner turns on, guide the clone Rusty to the power house above.

4. Laser Light Show

Introduces you to lasers, guide the lasers away from Rusty, and there are now moving lasers, so you have to stay away from those.

5. This One Is Square

Introduces you to compactors, make sure to not have the Clone Rusty turned into a box, and If he does, clone again!

6. Flying Through The Air

Introduces you to fans. spin the switch to have the fans works, stay away from the Hot Blocks!



Handle robot: Can be dragged around, blocked by energy fields

Clock robot: When clicked, he hides, can use panic buttons

Walking robot: Powered by coins. Has a limited amount of energy

Flying robot: Can fly back and forth, when clicked, he falls

Neck extending robot: When clicked, he goes up onto a platform above, he can extend his neck

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