This article is about a game mode in an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to edit this article, please leave a message asking for his permission.

What is Adventure Mode?

Adventure Mode is a mode in Super Smash Nitrome 2 in which characters embark on an endless side-scrolling journey and accumulate points by defeating enemies and travelling a farther distance. Every ten minutes of distance there is a castle where a boss will be fought. Upon defeating the boss the back door of the castle unlocks and the player can continue on in the adventure.


Dark Creatures


Cyber Samurais

Berserker Dark Creatures



Furry Creatures


Enemy Soldiers

Enemy Commanders

Priests of Hecate

Walking Robots

Pink Crabs

Mr. Gobbles

Alien Larvae

Tech Fox

Bats (Flightless)


S.W.A.T. Units

Charging Robots


Possessed Brutes


Strong Creatures

Throwing Orange Enzymes



Triclopian Gunships




Pitchfork Demons


Cloaked Knights


Gorilla Cyborgs

Rider Dark Creatures

Boomerang Dragons

Mewserver Tanks

Green Robots

Messenger Storks

Propeller Spheres

Red Spirits

Space Squids


Stray Dogs

Fashion-Conscious Crustaceans

White Dragons


Orange Squid Goo


Jumping Demons


Arctic Birds


Sky Riders



Gold Headed Robots

Police Gunbricks

Mine Gunbricks


Grey Knights

Purple Knights

Golden Knights

Thieving Knights



Kings are bosses from Magic Touch: Wizard for Hire. They have magic scepters that they use to blast lightning at fighters. They wear armor that can't be damaged; the only way to defeat them is by popping all of their balloons, which are only vulnerable when the king is attacking. When they aren't attacking, they erect a magic force field around their balloons. They can also summon purple and golden knights to attack fighters.


Scepter Swing

Scepter Swipes

Scepter Slam

Lightning Blast

Chain Lightning Blast

Web Lightning Blast

Triple Lightning Blast

Purple Knight

Golden Knight

The Machine

The Machine is a giant robot from Test Subject Complete. It has two phases; the first phase it hangs on the ceiling and fights with mostly projectiles; the second phase it detaches itself and transforms into battle mode, in which it uses more powerful attacks.


Phase One-

Firing Laser

Laser Sweep

Missile Blast

Laser Storm

Phase Two-

Drill Rush

Drill Slam

Chopper Spin

Leg Sweep

Microbot Deploy

Bomb Launch

MewTube Boss

MewTube Boss is the less successful brother of Nitrome Boss. He fights from his Kitty Copter and uses all sorts of crazy cat-themed attacks.

For MewTube Boss's attacks, see SSN2: Classic Mode#MewTube Boss.

Demon Overlord

The demonic king of the shadowy monsters that invaded the Warlock's village, the Demon Overlord seeks to spread darkness around the world. He uses dark magic and powerful melee attacks to fight, and even summons demonic bodyguards to attack fighters.


Piercing Blackness

Dark Orbs

Shadow Blast


Demon Sword

Demon Axe

Demon Spear

Demon Summon

Void Trap

Void Blast

Visceral Blade

Flame Blitz

Rage Blast

Heat Wave

Corrupted Cubot

Nitrome Boss's Cubot has gone haywire and is now rogue, destroying anything in its path! It uses its arm cannon to fire bullets and can fly around with its rocket boosters. It also has a Charomat installed in it that can spawn enemies to attack fighters.


Bullet Blast

Flying Barrage

Armageddon Attack

Bullet Spray

Orange Nose Enemy Spawn

Cluster Bomb

Big Hat Pirate

The Big Hat Pirate is out for a bounty! He has three phases; first he fights from aboard his ship, from which he fires cannons and sends out parrots to attack fighters. Phase Two Has him hop off his ship to fight you one on one; he throws bombs and explosives of all kinds. Once he's defeated there, phase three begins. He returns as a zombie pirate and his attacks are more powerful now.


Phase One-

Cannonball Fire

Cannonball Barrage

Parrot Attack

Anchor Drop

Phase Two-

Cherry Bomb

Boulder Roll

Gunpowder Barrel Roll

Parachute Bomb

Pieces of Eight

Phase Two-

All Phase One Attacks

Tidal Wave

Voodoo Doll

Seagull Attack

Phase Three-

All Phase One and Two attacks (buffed)

Omega Dragon

The robotic dragon-like general of the Triclopian army, this super-weapon is armed with bullet-cluster cannons and a super laser designed to level entire cities and wipe out opposing forces. It has several new abilities when you encounter it in SSN2.


Bullet Cluster

Bullet Spreader

Bullet Barrage

Super Laser

Dragon Swoop

Dragon Spin

Dragon Slam

Bullet Net

Dragon Throw

Fire Breath

Lightning Whirl

Dragon Wave

Armored Knight

The dark, armored knight that guards the Tiny Castle has grown much larger, and now has some new weapons and methods of fighting.


Claw Swipe

Claw Fury

Claw Storm

Flaming Hog Throw

Flaming Hog Roll

Flaming Hog Rain

Ground Slam


Fireball Scramble

Homing Fireballs

Fire Beam

Flame Sword

Flame Columns

Orange Enzyme Boss

The Orange Enzyme Boss is a monster taking on a ghostly form. It uses strong attacks, projectiles, and summons minions to help it fight in its appearance in Test Subject Swap, and does the same in SSN2. *Credit for this boss/character and all of its original attacks go to Test Subject fan and Klemen702.


Ground Pound

Powerful Pound

Summon Throwing Orange

Throw Minion

Goo Grenade

Goo Splitter

Goo Cluster

Goo Roll


Double Punch

Grab and Squeeze

Grab and Hurl

Gooey Yo-yo Attack

Chomp and Slam

King Cloud

The evil king of the Dark Creatures mounted on a sinister cloud monster. He attacks with lightning and fire and can summon Bats and Dark Creatures to fight.


Fire Lob

Fire Bomb

Lightning Strike

Lightning Cone

Lightning Area

Lightning Splash


Rain Attack

Dark Creature Spawn

Bat Spawn

Dark Creature Throw


An evil robot that commands an army of robots to dominate the world. She remains stationary but has many means of offense to defend herself. She can fire lasers, bombs, rockets, and even deposit robotic underlings to do her bidding.


Rocket Blast

Bomb Launch

Laser Shot

Laser Burst

Acid Mine

Deposit Robot

Acid Blob

Acid Pour

Acid Fountain

Acid Flood

The Behemoth

A monstrous, gigantic Cyclops responsible for kidnapping the fair maiden in Double Edged. He attacks in both Double Edged and SSN2 by throwing boulders, slamming his fists around, and spitting up Skeletons that fight players.


Skeleton Spit

Skull Spit

Earth Slam

Fist Pound

Giant Punch

Behemoth Smash

Boulder Toss

Boulder Storm

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