This article is about entrance, victory, and loss animations from an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to edit this article, please leave a message asking for his permission.


Entrance animations are how a character enters the battlefield. At the start of a battle, all characters in the battle will perform their entrance animation before being able to be controlled.

Professor- walks in through a door

Blue in Rex209- Rex209 powers on and then stands up

Takeshi- swings in on a rope

Austin Carter- rides in on his bike

Zapo- teleports in

Dirk Valentine- parachutes onto the field

Cat Angel- flies in

Hallbert- drops off of a sky serpent

Hazmat Hero- transports in

Norman Noggin- flies in

Billy- appears from a pile of food

Kapowski- rides in on a glass truck

Chiseler- tunnels in

Spartan- rides in on a tiger

Warlock- teleports in with a cloud of mist

Robot- drives in on his bumper car

Teeny Hero- drops out of his UFO

Cuboy- beams out of an NES

Ditto- comes out of a mirror

Eskimo- lowers in on a grappling hook

Yin and Yang- break out of a crate

Mail Bird- air dropped inside a package and then comes out of the package

Green- comes out of a spawner door

Doctor Nastidious- comes out of a teleporter

Vampire Hunter- emerges from a crypt

Rockitty- drops out of the Kitty Cruiser

Canary 214-LE- flies in on jet pack

Raccoon- lowered in the Bucket

Fat Cat & Owl- drop off of Big Cat

Teenager and Oodlegobs- loads in through computer code

Radd Bradd- rolls in on his skateboard

Spacegirl and Rosy Cheeks Boy- drops from a spaceship

Brick Brickson- hops inside his Gunbrick as the cardboard box falls apart

Mega Mash Team- glitches into the stage

Orange- spawned out of a Spawner Mine

Mercenary- rides in on his motorbike

Enemy 585- is lowered in on Turner

Jack Frost- drops out of a snow cloud

Swindler- lowers in on his cord

Lockehorn- thaws out of an ice slab

Miner- digs out of a hole in the ground

Caveman- gets spewed out of a T-Rex's mouth

Garry- is air-dropped out of the airplane

Nitrome Boss- flies in on the Escape Pod

Chimp- breaks out of a crate

Viking- hops out of a Drakkar

Village Chief- lowers down in a gravity bubble

Square Meal Troll- smashes out of a cage

Snow Drift Yeti- jumps out of a snow drift

Rainbogeddon Seal- teleports in

Office Trap Employee- jumps out of a helicopter and then sips coffee

Magneboy- lowers in on a metal platform

Castle Corp Knight- is dragged off a menu and placed on the stage

Tank Engineer- rolls in on a tank that then explodes

Barry- flies in on a helicopter

Stone Tribesman- swoops in on a Sky Rider

Canopy Ape- swings in on a vine

Zombie Slayer- transforms from a reticle to the human version

Ultraman- flies in

Bean Hunter- rides in on the Jelly Beanstalk

Magic Touch Wizard- floats down holding balloons

Fancy Pants Man- comes out a door that is then erased

Victory Animations

These are the animations each character performs when they've won a battle.

Professor- dances

Blue in Rex209- performs a spinning victory dance

Takeshi- grabs a key card and flips away

Austin Carter- hefts a bag of money and cheers

Zapo- teleports away

Dirk Valentine- sips a cup of tea

Cat Angel- becomes invincible

Hallbert- sheaths his sword

Hazmat Hero- transports away

Norman Noggin- glows with cosmic energy

Billy- is thin and fit

Kapowski- gives two thumbs up

Chiseler- cheers and hops happily

Spartan- brandishes his sword

Warlock- laughs and jumps

Robot- dances while an announcer says '

Teeny Hero- flies off in his UFO

Cuboy- eats a banana

Ditto- cape billows in the wind

Eskimo- jumps happily and sticks a flag in the ground

Yin and Yang- dance together in a circle

Mail Bird- dances while holding a letter full of money

Green- jumps rope

Doctor Nastidious- laughs evilly

Vampire Hunter- puts away his crossbows and crosses his arms

Rockitty- meows and eats fish

Canary 214-LE- squishes an alien larvae under his boot

Raccoon- jumps up and down joyfully

Fat Cat & Owl- Cat eats a whole birthday cake

Teenager and Oodlegobs- Teenager makes a troll face while the Oodlegobs munch on a cat

Radd Bradd- does a kickflip and then makes a thumbs up

Spacegirl and Rosy Cheeks Boy- Spacegirl stands victoriously; RCB roars loudly

Brick Brickson- gives a thumbs up

Mega Mash Team- Fluffykins dances while fireworks explode above him

Orange- dances the disco

Mercenary- raises his gun and laughs

Enemy 585- bounces up and down in celebration

Jack Frost- jumps up and down in celebration

Swindler- stands over a chest full of treasure

Lockehorn- dances and chants

Miner- dances

Caveman- holds the Bone Cup over his head

Garry- stands next to a safe full of money

Nitrome Boss- is hugging a bag of money

Chimp- is carrying a crate of peanuts

Viking- head bangs and twirls his hammer

Village Chief- holds a trophy

Square Meal Troll- dances up and down

Snow Drift Yeti- juggles snowballs

Rainbogeddon Seal- dances

Office Trap Employee- holds up a job contract

Magneboy- is happy

Castle Corp Knight- shouts 'Hooray!'

Tank Engineer- rides around on an old-timey bicycle

Barry- flying in his chopper

Stone Tribesman- is alive

Canopy Ape- roars and smiles

Zombie Slayer- stands over a dead zombie

Ultraman- holds fruit salad

Bean Hunter- pets the Jelly Beanstalk and feeds it a jelly bean

Magic Touch Wizard- uses a spell that blasts fireworks and confetti

Fancy Pants Man- stands heroically and poises his pencil

Loss Animations

These are the animations each character performs when they've lost a battle. Most characters will clap for the winner out of good sportsmanship, while others will be a bit less gracious about their loss.

Professor- claps for the winner

Blue in Rex209- goes into sleep mode

Takeshi- claps for the winner

Austin Carter- becomes red with anger

Zapo- claps for the winner

Dirk Valentine- claps for the winner

Cat Angel- is stunned

Hallbert- claps for the winner

Hazmat Hero- claps for the winner

Norman Noggin- claps for the winner

Billy- munches nervously on a hot dog

Kapowski- pulls at his hair in frustration

Chiseler- claps for the winner

Spartan- claps for the winner

Warlock- claps for the winner

Robot- tries to fix a loose bolt in his mechanics

Teeny Hero- slumps in sadness

Cuboy- claps for the winner

Ditto- cries

Eskimo- is frozen in ice

Yin and Yang- claps for the winner

Mail Bird- is holding a pink slip and crying

Green- claps for the winner

Doctor Nastidious- claps for the winner

Vampire Hunter- claps for the winner

Rockitty- has a smelly old fish

Canary 214-LE- claps for the winner

Raccoon- claps for the winner

Fat Cat & Owl- claps for the winner

Teenager and Oodlegobs- claps for the winner

Radd Bradd- claps for the winner

Spacegirl and Rosy Cheeks Boy- claps for the winner

Brick Brickson- claps for the winner

Mega Mash Team- claps for the winner

Orange- claps for the winner

Mercenary- claps for the winner

Enemy 585- flips over and explodes

Jack Frost- is feeling hot

Swindler- claps for the winner

Lockehorn- claps for the winner

Miner- claps for the winner

Caveman- claps for the winner

Garry- claps for the winner

Nitrome Boss- is raving mad

Chimp- claps for the winner

Viking- claps for the winner

Village Chief- claps for the winner

Square Meal Troll- sits down, stunned

Snow Drift Yeti- claps for the winner

Rainbogeddon Seal- slumps with sadness

Office Trap Employee- claps for the winner

Magneboy- claps for the winner

Castle Corp Knight- claps for the winner

Tank Engineer- claps for the winner

Barry- claps for the winner

Stone Tribesman- claps for the winner

Canopy Ape- claps for the winner

Zombie Slayer- claps for the winner

Ultraman- claps for the winner

Bean Hunter- claps for the winner

Magic Touch Wizard- claps for the winner

Fancy Pants Man- is asleep

Star K.O.s

Every character has a unique sound effect when they are being star K.O.'d, which is when they fly off into the distance until they become a little star.

Professor- cries 'Oof!'

Blue in Rex209- is silent

Takeshi- flies into the background and yells 'Aiyee!'

Austin Carter- yells

Zapo- makes the same sound effect as when he touches a hazard in Fault Line

Dirk Valentine- shouts

Cat Angel- makes the same sound effect from when he dies in Twin Shot series

Hallbert- yells 'Gahhhhh!'

Hazmat Hero- flies into the background while being melted by acid

Norman Noggin- shouts 'Ouch!'

Billy- makes the same sound effect from when he loses a level in Super Teadmill

Kapowski- yells 'Augh!'

Chiseler- beeps several times

Spartan- shouts 'Grrrrah!'

Warlock- makes the same sound effect from when he screams and falls into the void

Robot- announcer says 'so close!'

Teeny Hero- is silent

Cuboy- yells 'whoaaaa!'

Ditto- makes the same sound effect from when her death animation in Ditto

Eskimo- is encased in ice

Yin and Yang- both of them cry

Mail Bird- cries 'waaaahahahaaa!'

Green- is silent

Doctor Nastidious- makes the same sound effect from when he is hurt from the Machine exploding

Vampire Hunter- screams 'Nooooooo!'

Rockitty- meows with an echo

Canary 214-LE- surrounded by explosions

Raccoon- several dings are heard and an icon appears that shows the Raccoon's face on it

Fat Cat & Owl- Cat meows in pain

Teenager and Oodlegobs- yells 'grrrrrrrr!'

Radd Bradd- shouts 'not rad!'

Spacegirl and Rosy Cheeks Boy- Spacegirl makes robotic noises; RCB is silent

Brick Brickson- explodes

Mega Mash Team- spins around silently and then glitches to Balloon and pops

Orange- is silent

Mercenary- makes the same sound effect from when he dies in the explosion at the end of TSC

Enemy 585- is silent but then inflates and pops

Jack Frost- is silent

Swindler- makes the same sound effect when he dies from an orange spike block

Lockehorn- whimpers

Miner- makes the same sound effect from when he falls to his death

Caveman- yells 'ugh!'

Garry- is silent

Nitrome Boss- shouts 'Noooooooo!!!111'

Chimp- shrieks in pain

Viking- cries 'Urff!'

Village Chief- cries 'Grroowoaaahh!'

Square Meal Troll- makes the same sound effect from when he gets knocked out in Square Meal

Snow Drift Yeti- roars

Rainbogeddon Seal- announcer says 'Rest in peace, player one'

Office Trap Employee- is flattened and drifting into the background

Magneboy- robotically beeps

Castle Corp Knight- says 'Ow!'

Tank Engineer- shouts 'Tea and crumpets!'

Barry- is silent

Stone Tribesman- makes the same sound effect when eaten by the Worm

Canopy Ape- cries out in pain

Zombie Slayer- shouts 'Groahhhhhh!'

Ultraman- is burned and silent

Bean Hunter- is silent

Magic Touch Wizard- is silent

Fancy Pants Man- his spirit is flying away; is silent

Screen K.O.s

Every character has a unique appearance when they are being screen K.O.'d, which is when they fly into the screen and splat on it, sticking there for a second.

Professor- splats on the screen with his limbs spread apart

Blue in Rex209- splats on the screen and breaks apart upon impact

Takeshi- makes the same pose he does when he is being electrocuted

Austin Carter- grimaces and squints his eyes shut

Zapo- splats on the screen and then his arms fall off, the rest of him following shortly after

Dirk Valentine- makes the same pose he does during his death animation

Cat Angel- makes the same pose he does during his death animation

Hallbert- splats into the screen and accidently sinking his dagger into it; sticks on the screen longer than most characters

Hazmat Hero- makes the same pose he does during his hurt animation in Toxic

Norman Noggin- splats on the screen with his eyes shut and his tongue sticking out

Billy- bounces right off the screen

Kapowski- splats on the screen and attempts to grip it with his gloves, only to slide off

Chiseler- his battered-up body splats on the screen and then explodes

Spartan- splats on the screen

Warlock- splats on the screen with his mouth agape and his eyes wide open

Robot- splats on the screen as the announcer says 'Brutal'

Teeny Hero- squints his eyes shut

Cuboy- squints his eyes shut

Ditto- splats on the screen and then dissolves into nothing

Eskimo- is encased in ice

Yin and Yang- are both hugging onto each other

Mail Bird- splats on the screen while crying

Green- splats into a puddle and then slides off

Doctor Nastidious- splats headfirst on the screen

Vampire Hunter- his hat flies off his head and his coat flattens against the screen

Rockitty- cracks her helmet as she splats on the screen

Canary 214-LE- splats and then his jetpack malfunctions, causing him to fly off the screen and then splat back a second time before falling

Raccoon- splats on the screen in his weak form

Fat Cat & Owl- Cat bounces off and Owl flutters there for a second before following after Cat

Teenager and Oodlegobs- splats on the screen making a face similar to the 'forever alone' memes

Radd Bradd- makes the same pose he does during his death animation

Spacegirl and Rosy Cheeks Boy- makes the same pose they do during their death animations

Brick Brickson- Brick splats on the screen but before he falls off his GunBrick splats behind him, crushing him against the screen

Mega Mash Team- splats against the screen as Fluffykins, frowning, and then glitches to Balloon and pops

Orange- splats into a puddle and then slides off

Mercenary- makes the same pose he does during his death animation

Enemy 585- makes the same pose he does during his death animation

Jack Frost- makes the same pose he does during his death animation

Swindler- makes the same sound effect when he dies from an orange spike block

Lockehorn- splats into a puddle of colored liquid and his eyes fall off

Miner- splats on the screen tilting diagonally

Caveman- splats on the screen with his eyes crossed

Garry- gets his hard hat knocked off and then falls down after it

Nitrome Boss- takes up nearly the entire screen

Chimp- smooshes against the screen

Viking- splats against the screen, dropping his hammer and helmet

Village Chief- splats against the screen

Square Meal Troll- has 'x' for eyes

Snow Drift Yeti- splats on the screen upside-down

Rainbogeddon Seal- gets his trunk stuck to the screen for a second before popping off and falling

Office Trap Employee- is flattened against the screen

Magneboy- is repelled from the screen

Castle Corp Knight- splats against the screen, his parachute deploying late

Tank Engineer- splats against the screen, covering it with soot

Barry- splats against the screen

Stone Tribesman- splats against the screen facing away from it

Canopy Ape- makes the same pose he does during his death animation

Zombie Slayer- shatters upon impact

Ultraman- splats against the screen sideways

Bean Hunter- splats against the screen and then uselessly hits it with his fly swatter

Magic Touch Wizard- splats with his hands outstretched

Fancy Pants Man- splats against the screen in a running pose

Blast K.O.s

Every character has a blast K.O., though some have a blast K.O. in which they have a unique animation or sound effect.

Blue in Rex209- on occasion Rex209 will say 'I'm sorry, Blue'

Robot- Announcer says 'dominated!'

Ditto- dissolves into nothing

Rainbogeddon Seal- explodes into balls of light and Announcer says 'Rest in peace, player one'

Fancy Pants Man- his spirit flies out of his body and off the stage

Grabbed Animation

Every character has a unique appearance when they are being grabbed.

Professor- grips his collar and wriggles around

Blue in Rex209- stands on one leg and tilts away from the grabber

Takeshi- goes limp like a fish

Austin Carter- squeezes his eyes shut and clenches his teeth as he shakes his body about

Zapo- Zapo remains still while his hands orbit around his head in a panicking manner

Dirk Valentine- swings his legs around

Cat Angel- jostles himself up and down to try to shake free

Hallbert- shakes his head around and swipes his dagger frantically

Hazmat Hero- goes limp with his head hanging back

Norman Noggin- jostles his head around

Billy- has a scared look on his face and chews nervously on a lollipop

Kapowski- tries to push the grabber away from him

Chiseler- twists and turns

Spartan- goes completely straight and erect

Warlock- is wide-eyed and crouched down, shaking his head about

Robot- rocks his head slowly back and forth

Teeny Hero- kicks his legs around

Cuboy- clenches his teeth and narrows his eyes

Ditto- tilts are head back and gasps

Eskimo- pulls off to one side

Yin and Yang- one of them clenches their teeth and prepares themselves while the other stands to the side, panicking

Mail Bird- frantically flaps his wings and looks around him for help

Green- tries to run but his body stretches and pulls him back into the grabber's hands

Doctor Nastidious- kneels down and attempts to pull himself away from the grabber

Vampire Hunter- raises his hands as if in surrender and is lifted up off the ground

Rockitty- bends backwards and has a sad look on her face

Canary 214-LE- grips the grabber's wrist and tries to turn away

Raccoon- tries to push the grabber away

Fat Cat & Owl- Cat meows and Owl's eyes narrow

Teenager and Oodlegobs- grits his teeth

Radd Bradd- is limp, holding his skateboard in one hand

Spacegirl and Rosy Cheeks Boy- Spacegirl rocks back and forth slowly; RCB hops back and forth on his feet

Brick Brickson- is partially out of his GunBrick, a scared look on his face

Mega Mash Team- glitches to Balloon, who is held by his string and simply smiles and floats in place

Orange- waves his arms in circles

Mercenary- puts hand up over his visor as if to laugh...or maybe to keep himself from seeing the next part

Enemy 585- wags his tail around wildly and struggles

Jack Frost- waves his arms up and down

Swindler- squints his eyes alternatively

Lockehorn- tries to tug away

Miner- shakes side to side

Caveman- repeatedly attempts to shove the grabber away

Garry- stomps his feet

Nitrome Boss- yells loudly and tries to pull away

Chimp- waves his hands in the air above his head

Viking- remains still, as if frozen in ice

Village Chief- shakes his staff around angrily

Square Meal Troll- remains unfazed

Snow Drift Yeti- wraps his arms around his body and draws his knees in

Rainbogeddon Seal- wiggling around

Office Trap Employee- kicks his legs around and says 'Oh no!'

Magneboy- robotically moves his arms up and down

Castle Corp Knight- puts his hand on the hilt of his blade and struggles to escape

Tank Engineer- leans inwards and shakes his head up and down

Barry- wildly swings his arms around

Stone Tribesman- sinks down to the ground and goes limp

Canopy Ape- his eyes widen and his arms drop to his sides

Zombie Slayer- clenches his teeth and gets low to the ground

Ultraman- his eyes are half closed and his body looks tired

Bean Hunter- waves his flyswatter around in the other direction

Magic Touch Wizard- flaps his arms up and down

Fancy Pants Man- bangs his head up and down

Sleeping Animation

Every character has a unique appearance when they are sleeping as a result of being put to sleep.

Professor- lies down on the ground in the same position as when he was dead in Test Subject Complete

Blue in Rex209- Rex209 and Blue go into sleep mode

Takeshi- sits down on the ground and slumps his head

Austin Carter- lies down on his back in the same position as when he dies in NMD

Zapo- his eyes darken and he stands completely still in place

Dirk Valentine- sleeps lying on his side

Cat Angel- falls asleep face-down

Hallbert- lays down on his back with his arms spread out

Hazmat Hero- crouches down on his hands and knees and falls asleep

Norman Noggin- lays down his giant head on the ground

Billy- falls asleep with a burger clutched in his right hand

Kapowski- lays his head down on top of his hands

Chiseler- lays down and rolls around in his sleep

Spartan- puts the tip of his blade into the ground and kneels down, resting his head on his hands while gripping the hilt of the sword

Warlock- falls asleep and becomes enveloped in a small cloud of purple mist

Robot- Robot falls flat on his face

Teeny Hero- slumps over and falls asleep

Cuboy- puts on a night cap and falls asleep

Ditto- slumps over and closes her eyes

Eskimo- sits down with her legs crossed and falls asleep

Yin and Yang- Yin falls asleep belly down; Yang falls asleep belly-up

Mail Bird- falls asleep holding a letter

Green- melts into a puddle

Doctor Nastidious- lays down on his back in the same position as when he is defeated in Test Subject Complete

Vampire Hunter- lies down on his belly with his hat covering his whole head in the same position as when he dies in Turn-Undead

Rockitty- falls down on her back and curls into a ball in the same position as her appearance in Rockitty: Nine Lives

Canary 214-LE- lies down on his side and falls asleep

Raccoon- transforms to weak form and curls up

Fat Cat & Owl- Cat curls up for a cat nap and Owl closes his eyes

Teenager and Oodlegobs- Teenager falls asleep in a kneeling position

Radd Bradd- lays his head down on his skateboard

Spacegirl and Rosy Cheeks Boy- Spacegirl stands in place; RCB curls up and breathes out smoke

Brick Brickson- Brick slips down inside the GunBrick

Mega Mash Team- glitches to Blast-Man Joe and falls asleep on his side

Orange- lays down belly first with his hands outstretched

Mercenary- lays down on his belly

Enemy 585- huddles down into his helmet

Jack Frost- falls asleep standing up

Swindler- falls asleep on his back

Lockehorn- falls asleep on his back with his feet facing towards the screen

Miner- makes the same pose as when he is seen sleeping in the intro to Cave Chaos 2

Caveman- falls asleep holding a club

Garry- falls asleep in a sitting position

Nitrome Boss- falls asleep and snores

Chimp- curls up and sucks his thumb

Viking- falls asleep in a sitting pose

Village Chief- slumps over to one side, propped up by his staff

Square Meal Troll- makes the same pose as when he is seen knocked out in Square Meal

Snow Drift Yeti- falls asleep sitting down

Rainbogeddon Seal- slumps down to the ground and falls asleep

Office Trap Employee- falls to one side or the other and falls asleep

Magneboy- falls asleep standing up, slowly rocking his head back and forth

Castle Corp Knight- similar position as Spartan's

Tank Engineer- leans on his shovel and falls asleep

Barry- similar position as Garry's

Stone Tribesman- standing and his head keeps slumping down; he always snaps back up, alert, but then dozes off again

Canopy Ape- places his hands on the ground in front of him and lays his head on top of them

Zombie Slayer- kneels down and his head lolls over to one side

Ultraman- puts his arms across his chest and sleeps standing up

Bean Hunter- falls asleep standing up

Magic Touch Wizard- sleeps on his side

Fancy Pants Man- makes the same pose as when he is seen sleeping in Fancy Pants Adventures

Idling Animation

Every character has a unique action when they are standing idle.

Professor- shrugs

Blue in Rex209- goes into sleep mode

Takeshi- moves his hand across his face

Austin Carter- flips his hair out of his face

Zapo- his hands drum their fingers against each other

Dirk Valentine- lifts the chain cannon upright

Cat Angel- strokes the fletching of one of the arrows in his quiver

Hallbert- grips the hilt of his dagger and looks behind him

Hazmat Hero- wipes his visor with his thumb

Norman Noggin- tugs on his cape

Billy- pulls on his sweatband

Kapowski- stretches his arms outwards

Chiseler- chews on a rock

Spartan- relaxes and then gets back into a fighting stance

Warlock- bangs the butt of his staff on the ground twice

Robot- swings his arms back and forth

Teeny Hero- bounces on the balls of his feet

Cuboy- puts a hand to his chin and begins to think

Ditto- looks up and then down at the ground

Eskimo- lifts one leg behind her and looks at the bottom of the skate

Yin and Yang- Yin yawns and Yang's eyes widen

Mail Bird- throws a paper airplane

Green- blinks

Doctor Nastidious- crosses his arms and looks around

Vampire Hunter- stays perfectly still

Rockitty- grabs her tail nervously

Canary 214-LE- lowers his cutting laser and pats the top of his helmet

Raccoon- flexes his muscles

Fat Cat & Owl- Cat licks his lips and Owl flutters his wings

Teenager and Oodlegobs- all of them grind their teeth together

Radd Bradd- rocks his skateboard back and forth with one foot

Spacegirl and Rosy Cheeks Boy- Spacegirl: leans to one side, placing one had on a hip RCB: yawns

Brick Brickson- sits back in his GunBrick and starts playing on an iPhone

Mega Mash Team- glitches between other characters

Orange- scratches his head

Mercenary- looks at the screen

Enemy 585- marches in place

Jack Frost- sighs

Swindler- tugs on his cord anxiously

Lockehorn- sways his antlers around

Miner- dozes off and then snaps back awake

Caveman- aims his bow at a slight angle and then lowers it

Garry- scratches his nose

Nitrome Boss- turns red with anger

Chimp- takes off his hat and scratches his head

Viking- lifts his hammer up in the air twice

Village Chief- shakes his staff

Square Meal Troll- blinks; sticks his tongue out

Snow Drift Yeti- stretches his arms out

Rainbogeddon Seal- wiggles his trunk

Office Trap Employee- sips coffee from his mug

Magneboy- raises his arms

Castle Corp Knight- hops on both feet

Tank Engineer- sways back and forth

Barry- hefts his hammer up onto his shoulder

Stone Tribesman- shakes his spear

Canopy Ape- drums his fingers on the ground

Zombie Slayer- looks around cautiously

Ultraman- puts his hands on his hips

Bean Hunter- pats his swatter in his open hand

Magic Touch Wizard- looks at the screen

Fancy Pants Man- pulls out a comb and combs his hair

Swimming and Drowning Animation

Every character has a unique appearance when they are swimming and finally when they are drowning, which occurs if a character swims in the water for too long.

Dizzy Animations

Every character has a unique appearance when they are dizzy, which occurs as a result of getting their shield broken or when hit with a move that stuns them like Sunlight Grenade or Deformity.

Balancing Animation

Every character has a unique appearance when they are standing on an edge.

Character Fanfare

Every character has a unique cheer that occurs when they are winning a battle. In order for the crowd to cheer, the character must K.O. at least two opponents while above 100%.

Professor- Pro-fess-or! Pro-fess-or! Pro-fess-or!

Blue in Rex209- Blue! Blue! And Rex209!

Takeshi- Takeshi! Takeshi! Takeshi!

Austin Carter- Austin! Austin! Austin!

Zapo- Zapo, Zapo, Zapo! Zapo, Zapo, Zapo!

Dirk Valentine- Val-en-tine! Val-en-tine! Val-en-tine!

Cat Angel- Angel, Angel, Kitty-Cat Angel! Angel, Angel, Kitty-Cat Angel!

Hallbert- Hall-bert! Hall-bert! Hall-bert!

Hazmat Hero- Haz-mat! Haz-mat! Goooooo Haz-mat!

Norman Noggin- Norman! Noggin! Norman! Noggin!

Billy- Go Billy! Go Billy! Go Billy!

Kapowski- Ka-pow-ski! Ka-pow-ski! Ka-pow-ski!

Chiseler- Chiseler, Chiseler, Chiseler!

Spartan- Spar-tan! Spar-tan! Spar-tan!

Warlock- Warlock! Warlock! Warlock!

Robot- changes depending on his performance so far

Teeny Hero- Teeny! Teeny! Teeny!

Cuboy- Cuboy! Cuboy! Cuboy!

Ditto- Ditto! Ditto! Ditto!

Eskimo- E-ski-mo! E-ski-mo! E-ski-mo!

Yin and Yang- Yin! Yang! Yin and Yang!

Mail Bird- Mail Bird! Mail Bird! Mail Bird!

Green- Green, Green, Green! Green, Green, Green!

Doctor Nastidious- Nas-tid-ious...Nas-tid-ious...

Vampire Hunter- Vampire Hunter, Vampire Hunter, Vampire Hunter!

Rockitty- Rockitty! Rockitty! Rockitty!

Canary 214-LE- Ca-nar-y! 214-LE! Ca-nar-y! 214-LE!

Raccoon- Raccoon! Raccoon!

Fat Cat & Owl- Fat Cat! Owl! Fat Cat! Owl!

Teenager and Oodlegobs- Teen-ager and Oodle-gobs! Teen-ager and Oodle-gobs!

Radd Bradd- Bradd is rad! Bradd is rad! Bradd is rad!

Spacegirl and Rosy Cheeks Boy- Spacegirl! Spacegirl...Spacegirl??? Rosy Cheeks! Rosy Cheeks! Rosy Cheeks!

Brick Brickson- Brickson, Brickson, Brickson!

Mega Mash Team- Mega Mash! Mega Mash! Mega Mash!

Orange- Orange! Orange! Orange!

Mercenary- Mercenary! Mercenary! Mercenary!

Enemy 585- 5-8-5! 5-8-5! 5-8-5!

Jack Frost- Jack Frost! Jack Frost! Jack Frost!

Swindler- Swind-ler! Swind-ler! Swind-ler!

Lockehorn- Lockehorn! Lockehorn! Lockehorn!

Miner- Miner! Miner! Miner!

Caveman- Cave-man! Cave-man! Cave-man!

Garry- Garry, Garry, Garry! Garry, Garry, Garry!

Nitrome Boss- Nitrome-Boss! Nitrome-Boss! Nitrome-Boss!

Chimp- Chimp! Chimp! Chimp!

Viking- Vi-king! Vi-king! Vi-king!

Village Chief- Vill-age-Chief! Vill-age-Chief! Vill-age-Chief!

Square Meal Troll- Square Meal! Square Meal! Square Meal!

Snow Drift Yeti- Snow Drift! Snow Drift! Snow Drift!

Rainbogeddon Seal- Rainbow Seal! Rainbow Seal! Rainbow Seal!

Office Trap Employee- Office Trap! Office Trap! Office Trap!

Magneboy- Magne-boy! Magne-boy! Magne-boy!

Castle Corp Knight- Gala-had! Gala-had! Gala-had!

Tank Engineer- Steamlands! Steamlands! Steamlands!

Barry- Barry, Barry, Barry! Barry, Barry, Barry!

Stone Tribesman- Stone Tribe! Stone Tribe! Stone Tribe!

Canopy Ape- Canopy! Canopy! Canopy!

Zombie Slayer- Zom-bie-Slayer! Zom-bie-Slayer! Zom-bie-Slayer!

Ultraman- Ul-tra-man! Ul-tra-man! Ul-tra-man!

Bean Hunter- Bean Hunter! Bean Hunter! Bean Hunter!

Magic Touch Wizard- Magic Touch! Magic Touch! Magic Touch!

Fancy Pants Man- Fancy Pants! Fancy Pants! Fancy Pants!

K.O. Celebration

Every character has a sound effect they make upon another opponent. It is a little cheer the character themselves perform and is usually just a short and quick phrase to give themselves a pat on the back.


Every character has a unique appearance when they are shielding, which is when they get into a defensive stance to erect their shield as a defense against attacks.

Spot Dodges

Every character has a unique appearance when they are spot dodging, which is when they dodge an attack in the same spot they are standing in.

Air Dodges

Every character has a unique appearance when they are air dodging, which is when perform a dodge in midair.


Every character has a unique appearance when they are rolling, which is when they dodge while moving left or right along the ground, usually to safely retreat or flank an opponent.

Ledge Grabs

Every character has a unique appearance when they are grabbing a ledge, which occurs when a character grips an edge of a platform to keep from falling off the stage.

Respawn Platform

Every character has a platform they stand on when they return to the stage. Some use a simple generic one while others have ones of their own.

Blue in Rex209- has a generic platform but will occasionally say 'Reconstruction in process' upon returning

Zapo- respawn point from Fault Line

Cat Angel- returns standing on a cloud

Hazmat Hero- standing on a transporter from Toxic

Billy- stands on a donut

Robot- returns standing in a bumper car

Ditto- returns standing on a mirror from Ditto

Mail Bird- returns standing atop a stamp

Raccoon- returns standing inside of a bucket

Fat Cat & Owl- returns standing atop a purple block

Miner- returns standing atop purple rock

Nitrome Boss- returns in his escape pod

Magneboy- returns on a metal block

Dashing Halt

Every character has a unique appearance when they are screeching to a halt after dashing.

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