This is the SSN Hall of Fame, where winning movesets of the weekly SSN Moveset Challenge are displayed and immortalized for winning their challenge. To get a moveset into here, simply sign up for the weekly challenge on the SSN Moveset Challenge page, complete the challenge, and then hope to get the most votes!

Last Week's Winner

Plasmaster's Submission

Tank Engineer

Neutral O- Coal Launch

Side O- Determinator Blast

Up O- Matryoshka Boost

Down O- Hailstone Cannon

Super Attack- Zeus Cannon

Neutral P (two sequence combo) – Punch, Punch

Side P- Shovel Swing

Down P- Wrench Swing

Up P- Dum Dum Blast

Dash P- Shovel Ram

Jump P- Shovel Spin

Jump Up P- Shovel Arc

Jump Forward P- Cannonball Ram

Jump Down P- Woodpecker Blast

Jump Backwards P- Flex Cannon

Grab Up- Shovel Flip

Grab Down- Bury

Grab Side- Big Ben Blast

Grab Back- Dragoon Blast

Side Smash- Shovel Stab

Up Smash- Wrench Flurry

Down Smash- Handheld Mandelbrots

Taunts- raises a flag, wipes his forehead, puts on a top hat

Victory Animation- Shovels coal

Loss Animation- says ‘Just a Scratch’ and bangs his wrench on a broken engine

Entrance- comes in on a tank, which explodes after he gets off of it

Special Abilities- Hailstone Cannon- deploys a hailstone cannon that acts as a turret to attack enemies; when near the Hailstone Cannon, using the Down O move will make the Tank Engineer fix up the Hailstone Cannon; the Hailstone Cannon can be destroyed by opponents, but also healed if fixed by the Engineer. Using Down O while away from the Hailstone Cannon will make it explode, because only one Hailstone Cannon can be on the field at a time


These are winners of past challenges (before last week's winner).

No winners yet, check back here next Sunday to see who won the weekly challenge!

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