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Sabkv's coins are coins. Wiki Contributors can get them by winning Sabkv's contest.Sabkv's Gold coin 585

Types of coins and Rarity

Sabkv's Gold coin 585Sabkv's gold coin - Just a normal coin - Common

Sabkv's Silver coinSabkv's silver coin - Worth half of gold coin - Common

Sabkv's Bronze coinSabkv's bronze coin - Worth half of silver coin - Common

Sabkv's double coinSabkv's double gold coin - Worth 2 gold coins - Uncommon

Sabkv's triple coinSabkv's triple gold coin - Worth 3 gold coins - Uncommon

Sabkv's Gold coin fireSabkv's fire gold coin - ??? - Rare

Sabkv's water coinSabkv's water gold coin - ??? - Rare

Sabkv's air gold coinSabkv's air gold coin - ??? - Rare

Sabkv's ground coinSabkv's ground gold coin - ??? - Rare

Sabkv's diamond coinSabkv's diamond coin - Worth 100 gold coins - Super rare

Sabkv's instant coinSabkv's instant coin - With this coin you can instantly buy any fanart (only 1) - Ultra rare

Sabkv's purple coin - ??? - Uncommon

Sabkv's blue coin - ??? - Uncommon

Sabkv's green coin - ??? - Uncommon

Sabkv's yellow coin - ??? - Uncommon

Sabkv's orange coin - ??? - Uncommon

Sabkv's red coin - ??? - Uncommon

Sabkv's black coin - ??? - Uncommon

Sabkv's grey coin - ??? - Uncommon

Sabkv's white coin - ??? - Uncommon

Sabkv's old gold coin - ??? - Rare

Evil coinSabkv's evil coin - ??? - Mega rare

Sabkv's infinite gold coin - Infinite uses (you can use it only once for each art) - Ultra rare

Sabkv's infinite instant coin - You can use it to buy everything - The rarest


(From the least rare to rarest)

Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very rare, Super rare, Mega rare, Ultra rare, The rarest.

Hot to get coins

1. Win Sabkv's Contests

2. Sale an art to Sabkv

3. Sabkv also will give free coins when someone helped him

Contest 1's_contest_1:_horns

Users who own coins

The Mysterious user - 50 gold coins, 20 bronze coins

Magnavox Oddysey Fan - 10 gold coins

Greenpokeman - 50 gold coins, 20 silver coins

Axiy - 30 gold coins

Vilius2001 - 20 gold coins

IJZM - 10 gold coins

Austincarter4ever - 20 gold coins


Note: When you buy something you lose coins.

Note about using Sabkv's art: You can't change movements, attacks and other things.

Note: Bought fanarts can't be given to other users.

Note: When you use Sabkv's art You must credit him.

Note:Random users can't give coins to other users. They can be used only to buy from Sabkv , and only Sabkv can give them to users!

Note: When you buy something you have to say to Sabkv what do you buy.

On sale


NMD Gunbrick v.2 Gunbrick (Gun) - 30 Gold coins

NMD shockwave gun Shockwave (Gun) - 100 Gold coins (because of it's powerful attack)

NMD laser Laser (Gun) - 40 Gold coins

NMD knuckles gun Knuckles (Gun) - 60 Gold coins

NMD pixellove gun Pixellove (Gun) - 85 Gold coins

NMD Depict 1 spike gun Spike (Gun) - 20 Gold coins

NMD sniper rifle Sniper (Gun) - 35 Gold coins

NMD Book of Laws gun Book of laws (Gun) - 70 Gold coins

NMD star gun Star (Gun) - Free (just credit)

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