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Gender Male
Species Computer program
Faction Neutral
Health Invicible (at all), same as other characters (Nitrome Must Live! series, Double edged?????), one hit (Upcoming Hot air sequel, Good ice-cream)
Level All
Status Typing this
Game(s) Nitrome Must Live! series, Double edged?????, Upcoming Hot air sequel (as cameo), Good ice-cream

Sabkv is creator, artist and character found in Nitrome Must Live! series.


Nitrome Must Live! series

He looks like Austin Carter, but his hair is orange and he wears a blue t-shirt with orange letter S on it.

Double edged?????

Like other spartans, but with orange crest.

Upcoming Hot air! sequel

Like normal Hot air balloon, but colored orange.

Good ice-cream

Like other ice-cream characters, but colored orange.

In Nitrome Must Live! series

In Nitrome Must Live! series he's third character. He works like any other character. His special attack is gunbrick.

In Double edged?????

In Double edged????? he's fifth character and has same powers as other characters.

In Good ice-cream

In Good ice-cream he's seventh character and has same powers as other characters.


Fighting, using weapons, control creature's mind on distance. He also can turn into spartan, balloon and ice-cream.



  • Some users misspell his name (they spell Sabvk instead of Sabkv)
  • This article is 240th page on this wiki

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