Sal Selead is Drake Ulavve's companion and they are both new friends of Austin Carter and Justin Bennet. She is the only girl in the Nitrome Must Die's, and she is otherwise known as "The Sassy Sal" because she is very sassy and bossy.


Sal has light brown hair, a fuschia t-shirt, and some baggy jeans. She usally stands with one arm on her hip, and she rolls her eyes and uses sarcasm a whole lot. Her symbol is a disco ball.


Drake Ulavve

She and Drake are best friends and get along together, also having many fights though. Sometimes Drake confuses or disgusts her, so she may or may not think Drake is gross.

Austin Carter

The two don't get along too well exept when they "have to."

Justin Bennet

Justin entertains Sal with his sometimes stupidity, so she pretty much likes him. She thinks of him as her own personal jester, as she sees everyone working for her. (She is the queen in her eyes)

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