This article was written by Plasmaster, but he made it for everyone to contribute to!


Austin Carter has been captured by Nitrome! Oh noes! We must form a team to rescue him! Once our team has been formed, we will begin our quest to save Austin. Check back to the page daily to see the daily challenge, which will be a Nitrome enemy or several Nitrome enemies. Once they have been introduced, it is up to us to defeat them! Just write in what you are going to do to attack the enemy or help out the team in some way. Each attack deals 20 damage, so it may only take one hit to defeat the enemy, or many hits from several members of our team. You may add one character to the team at a time. Each enemy attack deals 20 damage as well, so if your character takes too much damage, they will be defeated and you must add a new character to the team. Fortunately, each enemy your character defeats earns them a Level Up in which their health is replenished.


This is a list of the members currently on the team. Next to your character's name, be sure to write some of their stats. Their health shows how much health they have and in turn how much damage they can take from enemies. Their stamina is how many times they can attack an enemy during one challenge, losing 10 stamina each attack. Ability is what special ability they can perform to help the team. Abilities don't use any stamina, but they can only be used once during a challenge.


Health: 570

Stamina: 40

Ability: Overheat - deals damage over time to opponents for three turns


Health: 645

Stamina: 60

Ability: Helping Hand - Calls one of his characters into battle(Character effects vary)


Health: 580

Stamina: 50

Ability:Dark Moon - Makes enemies' attacks less accurate


Health: 128

Stamina: 64

Ability: Stickiness - gives enemies the stick effect which makes them not able to move.

Test Subject fan

Health: 130

Stamina: 50

Ability: Proton Shield - protects the team from enemy attacks for 2 turns


Health: 100

Stamina: 33

Ability: Electro-Magnetic Shockwave - Stuns robotic enemies

Today's Challenge

Check back daily for a new challenge!

3 Slime Traps

Health: 60

Ability: Jumping

Lunnadai's Turn'

Lunnadai slices one of the slime traps in half with her knifelike claws!

2 Slime Traps

Health: 40

Ability: Jumping


Used defend. Klemen702 now gained a defense buff until he is hit.

2 Slime Traps

Health: 40

Ability: Jumping

Test Subject fan's turn

Test Subject fan attacks with Rex Rampage! A Slime Trap lost 20 hp!

Slime Trap

Health: 20

Ability: Jumping

The Slime Trap jumped high into the air! The next attack will miss its target.

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