This article, Science vs. Nitrome, is the creative property of Ortt Untitled-1-0

Science vs Nitrome will be a non Science Fictional article with Nitrome Games based on known Science Physics like Planets Gravity, facts about the Galaxy and much more related to the next non Science Fictional game,
New moon vs logo

New moon vs icon

Game Type:

A Scientifical Study of Nitrome


Non Science Fiction


This game is the New Moon vs. Science. a small bit of Nitrome and a big bit of Science!

Cheese Moon vs science

A Planet in a Space Ship.Except the fact that based on the Gravity of the Moon the ship will collapse from the inside into the Moon,The Moon is made of solid material (not cheese) and the ship will break and will not function.

Moon and space mice vs. science

Based on the fact that the Mice in the Spaceship are Giants the Gravity of the Moon will also attract those mice like they are Astroids wandering through Space.Space suits and Giant Mice Wheels will collapse and it will be pretty harsh to escape such a place.

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