This article, Seasons (Main 6), is the creative property of Austincarter4ever. Pweez ask her if you want one of these images displayed on your page.

What is this about?

This page is to display the 'Seasons' pictures made so far. They display the season they're made in, and what the characters are wearing have to do with the season. The characters included in each one are:

The positions are usually changed around. Most of the time, Ave and Enda are flying overhead.

Cameo of the Season

Usually, for every Seasons fan art, Austincarter4ever tries to put one character cameo that doesn't have to do with her main six. So far...

Summer 2012: Bennet Dressed as Flapjack (The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack)

Fall 2012: Austin Dressed as a Parasite Slave (Parasite)

Winter 2012: Justin Dressed as the Eskimo (Frost Bite)

Spring 2013: Carter Dressed as the Easter Bunny (Misc.)

Summer 2013: Austin Dressed as Normal Wilfre (Drawn To Life/Drawn To Life 2: The Next Chapter)

Fall 2013: Carter and Bennet dressed as Plusle and Minun (Pokemon)

Gallery (2012)

Spring is missing because the Wiki wasn't up at the time...

Gallery (2013)

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