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Segun is the main character of his game String Case, which is a mash-up of a Headcase and Magi-Nation fanfiction.

Gender Male
Species Shadow Stringthing
Faction Good, Holding off his evil
Health 5 blows
Level All
Status Alive, no longer evil
Game(s) String Case

What does his name mean?

Segun is a Yorubian name meaning "Conquering". Segun's goal is to protect his land from invaders. He used to be an evil conquerer.

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whilst protecting the good inhabitants, he decided that he wasn't going to conquer anything else and instead help those who already settled here.

What's he a Mash-up of?

He has Norman Noggin's getup whilst maintaining his Shadow Creature appearence. To see a picture without the getup, go to Austincarter4ever's profile. Her avatar is a normal Shadow Stringthing.


Segun's skin is Orange, and the strings that make up his body are Sea Green. When he is no longer a Shadow Creature, his skin turns to a Golden Yellow (I'm NOT MAKING THIS UP, I've seen a Normal Stringthing before). His Norman Noggin costume is identical except he wears boots on his other feet that are separated by strings. He has 3 or 4 strings (varies by drawings). Also, the costume doesn't cover his entire body.


  • "What's it to you?"
  • "This land is mine, lad!"
  • "I've never felt so alive"

Other Appearences

  • A Boy and his Strings- Segun is one of the main characters in the story :)
  • NMDFanfictionMon- Segun might appear somewhere in it later on ;) (UPDATE: He did in one comic, but only at the last panel. He even asks "When's the last time AustinCarter4Ever drew me?")

And turns out that he DID appear in NMDFFM! He's currently a part of Serena's huge team! ^_^


When Segun debuts, he seems to have known AC4E from a while ago and is happy to see her return. He's Norman Noggin's official announcer until he sees how ruthless he is in the battle between him and WAC. After the battle, Segun joins up with Serena since he doesn't want to stick with Norman.


  • Austincarter4ever was inspired by the fact that she loves Stringthings and Norman Noggin (#3 on Favorite Characters List)
  • What makes Segun special is that he can extend his stings around his home planet twice.
  • Apparently, Stringthing's real name is Trech, but Austincarter4ever prefers Stringthing.
  • Segun is a rather downplayed character, as he does appear in one's sidequest later on as a cameo.
  • Segun is the only Grass-type traveling with Serena and Co.
  • Segun is the only character wearing clothes he made himself.

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