Snail Gun Monster

Shade belongs to Rusted Rusher..
Do not edit this without my permission. Though you can still fix spelling and grammar mistakes
I have many snail gun monsters as guards. Abide that fact.

Gender Male
Species Narwhal
Faction Neutral (since he is an animal)

Shade is a character made by RustedRusher4455. Figuratively, he is the least darkest of all of RR45's characters, but literally, he is the darkest


Shade looks like a narwhal from the Bad-Ice Cream series, but is colored gray and black. He lacks the unibrow that one would usually have, and his eyes are purple and cyan. Most importantly, his horn is red


Shade was once a normal narwhal, but somehow enchanted himself. He's still an animal though. I haven't decided how gave him his name in-universe though.


  • Shade's sprite will likely be replaced in the future.
  • His horn isn't bloodstained
  • Despite his name, he can't actually control darkness
    • He can still shift into a shadow state

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