Skywire Remix is an upcoming addition to the Skywire series made by TinyCastleGuy. It has two game modes; Adventure Mode, in which 30 levels based on the original Skywire series can be played, and V.I.P. Mode, in which 100 levels based on the Skywire V.I.P. series can be played. V.I.P. Mode takes inspiration from Skywire V.I.P. Extended 2.

Adventure Mode


There are 30 levels in Adventure Mode. Like the first two Skywire games, the objective of each level is to get the cable car to the goal. There are three passengers in the cable car, but if all three are lost, the player must restart the level. A variety of robots appear across the levels as enemies, and will cost the cable car one passenger if touched. Similar to Skywire 2, there are 3 bosses, as every 10th level is a boss level.

V.I.P. Mode


There are 100 levels in V.I.P. Mode. Like the Skywire V.I.P. games, the objective of each level is to guess the correct source of media, represented by passengers. The answers can be celebrities, television shows, films, video games, books, etc. The player has an unlimited amount of time, but will get more points the quicker they correctly guess. Similar to Skywire V.I.P. Shuffle, the levels are randomly selected and the player has 5 chances to skip one. A new feature added is for every 10 questions the player answers correctly, the player will gain one more skip.

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