Spacial Rider

Spacial Rider takes place after the game The 24 Days of Moneyball. Instead of Winged Austin Carter being the main character, Ninja Bennet is the main character.

Spacial Rider

Spacial Rider


Uh, 25????

Game Type:



Adventure, Sci-fi



Use the Arrow Keys, for Carter's sake :')


Rainbow Run


Is Awesome


PC Mouse Left Click
Left Click (mouse)- Fire Rope

Arrow Keys- Left, Right, Duck, Jump


The objective of this game is to guide an Alien Winged Unicorn (Named Comet) back to her owner Austincarter4ever. She is trapped on Planet Prison, apparently to be experimented on.

Objective #2

Keep Comet full so that she doesn't wander off and get hurt.

Mixture, much?!

Yes, this game is a mix of Final Ninja and the Bucket. The main character is a ninja, and the objective is to guide someone to the end of the level.


After being the top collecter of money for the duration of the 24 days of Moneyball, Austin, Carter, and Enda return home to relax and gloat about all the money they got. Before one of the three could gloat, an urgent message is conveyed through Stork IM. The S.O.A.W.U.C (Save our Alien Winged Unicorn Cousin) message was sent by Dash, a character Austin and Justin met before T.T.F.D.O.M.B. Austin, Carter, and Enda complain about being tired, and Justin is the only one not complaining. He decides to go in Austin's place. Before going to reach out to the S.O.A.W.U.C message, Justin changes into a ninja-like outfit. Carter believes that Justin can do it, despite the fact that Justin hasn't had any ninja training. Justin says farewell, and carries out the S.O.A.W.U.C plan.


"You may have made my guards betray me, but machines ALWAYS finish the job!" -Dr. Obnoxious