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Don't Touch!!
Spiked Lizard
Spiked Lizard
Attack Slashing claws
Abilities Removing ice
Game(s) Jack Frost 2

Spiked Lizards are an enemy in Jack Frost 2.


Spiked Lizards appear to have an oval-shaped head, and large spikes that continue from it's head down to it's tail. Along with small feet, they have small arms with long, sharp claws on them.

Game Information

Spiked Lizards walk back and forth during the game, and turn when they come to a wall or a ledge. They have the ability to climb ladders and deactivate some levers. If a Jack Frost touches one, the JF will lose a health. If a Spiked Lizard comes up to a frozen ladder or lever, they will sometimes use teir claws to start scraping at the ice, and they will eventually deplete all of it. If they do this to a lever, the lever will switch itself back into place.