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Steamlands Fan Game (short Steamlands FG) is a fan game sequel for Steamlands.

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The New Britannia divided in 2 countries: New England and New Scotland.

The Engineer was informed by Foreman the Engineer, the Pirate Commander is trying to destroy all New Scotland.There is only one little problem, The Engineer lives in New England and to go to New Scotland he must pay a lot of coins to travel! So he found a job to be the 3rd engineer of the Tank Hotel.

Tank hotel


Same as Steamlands.

Levels 1-9

He and the other 2 Engineers must protect the pasagers from the enemy pirates.

Level 10 = boss

There are 3 tanks and the boss: A Giant Magneboy! It can be beat by shooting in its right hand (optional) so the Magneboy will have a slower fire rate + will miss the gun its hand was equipped on. The Magneboy will after only shoot bombs from its mouth. After, the Engineer must destroy the right leg and when Magneboy will fall, the scout which protects the neck will disappear. After some seconds, it will attach back the leg and the hand and will activate the neck scout back. The Engineer must do the action 3-4 times. When the neck is destroyed, the body will explode and the head will start flying like a rocket to an unknown location.

Level 11-19

Now the engineer has enough money to pay to go to New Scotland.

Now he must fight the pirates again...

Level 20 = boss

There are 10 tanks! and a Blimp with an attached gun! After the engineer destroyed the tanks,some projectiles came from nowhere and destroyed all guns. After that the blimp appeared. The Engineer must run from the Blimp or it risks to have all its tank destroyed. After a long run, the engineer finds a reflection block and put in on the tank and after just 1 projectile reflected to blimp's balloon explodes, the blimp falls down down and some enemy engineers exit and run away.

Level: Final Boss

The Engineer enter in an ambush.In front:Pirate Commander in a tank with invincible blocks and 25 Mechasaur heads! In back: A real mechasaur! He must take the invincibility power-up and destroy them quick!


The Pirate Commander runs and New Scotland and New England become again New Britannia.The hero appears in all News pappers again.

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Special thanks to Axiy and Lilonow for art.