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Game Type:

Main Game


Real-time strategy


Cursor, Keyboard numbers

Steamships is a fanmade Steamlands sequel. It takes place on water and introduces new gameplay mechanics.

Gameplay Mechanics

The game introduces three new types of tanks: Ship tanks, Submarine tanks and Blimp tanks. It is now possible to take control of multiple tanks in one battle.

The game also has resource management and unit production, to resemble a more traditional RTS. Resources can be obtained by destroying enemy blocks and guns. An Engineer can be assigned to a production block like the Assembly or Factory and will produce armour blocks or weapons.

The game also features Stealth, Radar and projectile interception.

New armour blocks/weapons

  • Assembly (Production block)
  • Factory (Production block)
  • Starseer (Radar)
  • Bowhead (Sonar)
  • Jellyfish torpedo launcher Jellyfish (Torpedo launcer)
  • Riptide (Naval Hail Stone equivalent)
  • Coral (Torpedo interceptor)
  • Poseidon (Naval Zeus equivalent)
  • Trident (Heavy torpedo launcher)
  • Plan-B (Stealth field generator)
  • Water proof blocks (For submarines)
  • Water proof reflection armour (For submarines)
  • Scuba Diver (Naval anti-saboteur unit)
  • Mermaid (Naval saboteur unit)
  • Sailor (Naval engineering unit)