Steel MCH Suit
Steel MCH v.1.5 (Empty)
Species Mecha Suit
Faction Good
Health 1 Blow

Steel MCH Suit 1.5, also know as SMC, is a "mecha-suit" for Blue.



The suit appears as a dark-blue colored mecha. It has an steel sword on the right arm and a proto-shooter on the right arm. When an enzyme is wearing it, the light gray parts (core parts) will have the color of the enzyme wearing it.

Core Parts

The core is the main part (some may call as "heart") of the SMC. As said before, the core changes the color depending to the enzyme wearing it, for examble, if Blue is riding it, the core will be light blue. It accepts all enzymes, inculding the Rainbow Enzyme.


The main weapon is the proto-shooter, and the sword is secondary. The proto-shooter has the ability to shoot energy bulltet, and when charged, it shoots triple bullets. The sword works as a simple meelee weapon, but when charged, it is very powerful and has twice the damage.


  • SMC seems to be a suit made for any enzyme, but only Blue is seen wearing it.
  • Like Rex209, SMC is sapient and has the ability to interact with the enzyme.
  • Despite it beign small, SMC is heavy.
  • The prototype SMC was made of pieces of the Antimatter Suit (from TSDE).

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