Steracnid lieks these names and doesn't mind if the deemed person calls her that.




Attack Digging, Biting, Slashing
Abilities Digging, Jumping
Health 8 Blows (Weak Spot is Strawberry)
Points 10,000
Game(s) The 24 Days of Moneyball

Spacial Rider

The Steracnid is the boss that appears on level 23 of the 24 days of Moneyball. It is difficult to fight her and vice versa because:

Your Advantages

  • You can fly
  • She's fighting you on top of a building
  • Her advantage is on the ground

Her Advantages

  • She constantly burrows
  • She can jump high
  • She is NOT clumsy

Other Appearences

Spacial Rider: For a few levels, she scares away foes and defeats some for you.

ACFU: Cheers you on at the finish line


Steracnid lieks to make people battle her in order to keep the strawberry on her head. In battle, she's a fearless, durable warrior. While not battling, she likes to do outside activities with her friends, aka those who have claimed a strawberry from her. Secretly, she's quite shy and very friendly. When the certain person has claimed a strawberry from her, she simply gives them away to that named person. Steracnid is a gentle giant :)

NMDFanfictionMon Appearance

Steracnid hasn't appeared in her creator's comic yet, but since she is one of her OCs, she is bound to appear in one soon.


  • The Strawberry and the Spider occured in real life (no lie). Austincarter4ever was eating a strawberry and a live green spider crawled out of it. Ever since that day, she prefers buying Driscoll and Dole strawberries.
  • The serpant part is to give it a Nitrome relation (sky serpants)
  • Austincarter4ever thinks it's cute X3