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Stop & Bomb is a game that seems to be a mix of Portal, Mutiny, and Toxic. It also has a bit of a Metroidvania feel to it. In this game the player controls Bomman, who is probably Blast-Man Joe's grandson.


Blank Towers is like Nitrome Towers, exept it's more fortress like and is made by Blankships & Fun Inc. This just seemed to appear somewhere in the Sezora System for no reason. One day it randomly shot up into space and started bombing the flash pixel Earth from above. Rockitty and Canary 214-LE tryed to stop it, but it shot THEM down to the planet too. Luckily the corageous Bomman volenteered to stop the towers, and with his Super Martial Arts Bomb Man Crew, he raided the Blank Towers and dicided to find out what Blankships & Fun Inc actually was.



The enemies are 3 Blank Bomb Men, who have laser guns.


The enemies are Canary 214-LE and Rockitty, who have been corrupted by Blank Machines.


The enemies are 4 Blank Machines.


The enemies are 6 Blankers, which spawn endless Blank Enzymes.


The boss is the Blank Bomb Lady, with a "love" gun and some Blank Bomb Men.

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