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This game is the sequel of the game Submolok! (NOTE: this page is still a BIG work in progress)


Two alien ships will appear, one going to up and the other going to down. They bring the letters Nitr (first) and ome (second), forming the Nitrome Logo. The background is the Space and the Nitrome logo style is purple.


Work In Progress.


Work In Progress.


The gameplay is very similar to Submolok, some differences are the player needs to survive, can research space and travel to other planets, the player can also craft upgrades, and possibly very rarely find them.

Crafting Inventory

As the player will craft his own upgrades, the player needs a inventory to place what he/she collects, and crafting the new upgrades. The player can open the inventory by pressing the Space keypad, that will open a box with all collected items and the crafting list.

Items List:

Map: Multiple upgrades exist (not fully planned). Rarity: Rare

Water Bags: Found in Terrain. Rarity: Common-Uncommon

Iron: Found in terrain: Common

Bomb Cores: Usually found near enemies with only 1 bomb core there. Rarity: Common-Uncommon

Air Bags: Found near enemies. Rarity: Common-Uncommon

Magical Sparkle: Found in Terrain, usually near to enemies. Rarity: Rare

Turbo Mechanic: Usually found in a group of enemies. Rarity: Rare

Space Core: Found after defeating a boss (not fully planned). Rarity: Boss Drop

Alien Cores: Dropped by a rarely appearing enemy (found on other planets). Rarity: Rare

Crafting List

In the right of the Inventory Box, there will be a list with the Upgrades that can be crafted. These may or may not be all of the upgrades.

Name Appearance Description Items to Craft
Map Opens the Map. Press 1 to use Collected in ground
Water Holder Allows the player to go over water 4 Water Bags
Bomb Destroys Stone Blocks. Press E, X, I and M keys to use. 1 Iron; 2 Bomb Cores
Booster Allows the player to move faster, go deeper and fly 2 Air bags, 1 Turbo Mechanic
Mine Places a bomb that explodes in 3 seconds. Press 3 to use. 3 Iron, 5 Bomb Cores
Map Improvements Adds many improvements to the Map Unlocks on level 7
Alpha Bomb Destroys Iron Blocks 3 Iron, 8 Bomb Cores
Space Boss Portal (x1) Travels to the Space King Room. Press 4 to use 3 Magical Sparkle, 1 Turbo Mechanic
Space Machine Allows the player to go to Space 1 Space Core, 10 Turbo Mechanics
Turbo Booster Allows the player to move faster in the Space 1 Space Core, 5 Turbo Mechanics (unlocks after Space Machine)
Alien Shield Aliens are 2x more slower and weak 2 Space Core, 5 Alien Core
Space Bomb Destroys Space Vortex Blocks 3 Space Core, 5 Iron, 10 Bomb Cores


Work In Progress (you probably won't see things here for a long time).


Returning Enemies:

Soldiers, Tanks, Missile Pods, Torpedo Pods, Piranhas.

New Enemies:

Small Alien, Alien Shooter, Boss Space King, Alien Soldier. More will be aded latter.

Boss Space King

The Space King is not the final Boss, his room can be only accessible when using Space King Portal. After the Boss is defeated, the player will earn many Space Cores, and the player will be teleported to the Initial Room.

Hazards and Interactive Objects.

Returning Interactive Objects:

Upgrades and Collectibles (items).

New Interactive Objects:

Items, Craftable Upgrades.

Returning Hazards:

Sea Mines, Sea anemones, Spikes.

New Hazards:

Alien Mine, Alien Laser Shooter, Alien Traps


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