Super Enemy is a 3D platforming game. It stars the superhero Henchman Super Enemy and his sidekick Turnboy. In this game the duo must defeat the enemies from Mutiny 2, which have become supervillans and try to take down Protagonist City. This game was inspired by LEGO Batman The Videogame.


Mission 1 - Hot Air Balloon

Level 1 - Man in Yellow Suit

Level 2 - Lockehorn

Level 3 - Green Slime

Level 4 - Cuboy

Level 5 - Hot Air Balloon

Mission 2 - Angry Heads

Level 1 - Takeshi

Level 2 - Gunbrick

Level 3 - Grey Creatures

Level 4 - Blue

Level 5 - Angry Heads

Mission 3

Mission 4 - The Kracken

Level 5 - The Kracken





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