This is a list of the characters and movesets from Super Smash Nitrome, an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you have any suggestions or want to edit this article, please leave a message asking for his permission.


These are the playable characters in Super Smash Nitrome. Their weight type (lightweight, average, heavyweight) will be displayed next to them. The heavier they are, the more damage it takes to K.O. them. Fluffykins/Blast-Man Joe and Hazmat Hero have undecided side and down special attacks. You can vote for what you want the attacks to be in the poll in the Voting section.


These are the movesets of the characters, which tells the name of the move and the keys required to use it.

Professor- average

Rex209 with Blue- average

Takeshi- average

Fat Cat and Owl- heavyweight

Austin Carter- lightweight

Zapo- average

Eskimo- lightweight

Dirk Valentine- average

Cat Angel- lightweight

Hallbert- lightweight

Orange- lightweight

Dr. Nastidious- average

Teenager and Oodlegobs- average

Chimp- lightweight

Viking- heavyweight

Chiseler- lightweight

Canary 214-LE- average

Raccoon- average

Spartan Warrior- average

Warlock- average

Hazmat Hero- average

Norman Noggin- average

Green- average

Fluffykins/Blast-Man Joe- lightweight

Square Meal Troll- heavyweight

Plasmaster- average

Billy- heavyweight

Snow Drift Yeti- average

Nitrome Boss- heavyweight

Mercenary- average

Rainbogeddon Seal- lightweight

Kapowski- average

Ditto- lightweight


Neutral O- Vial Throw

Side O- Acid Bottle Smash

Up O- Teleporter Jump

Down O- Clipboard Reflect

Super Attack- Professor REX Barrage

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Head Butt

Down P- Low Kick

Up P- Vial Juggle

Dash P- Clipboard Ram

Jump P- Aerial Clipboard Roll

Jump Up P- Aerial Vial Juggle

Jump Forward P- Aerial Punch

Jump Down P- Downward Kick

Jump Backwards P- Clipboard Spin

Grab Up- Upward Vial Launch

Grab Down- Clipboard Slam

Grab Side- Spin & Throw

Grab Back- Beaker Bash

Side Smash- Clipboard Swing

Up Smash- Beaker Juggle

Down Smash- Double Beaker Smash

Rex209 with Blue

Neutral O- Proton Blast

Side O- Proton Sword Slide

Up O- Proton Laser

Down O- Crouched Blast

Super Attack- MechSuit Rampage

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Cannon Prod, Cannon Smack

Side P- Sword Swipe

Down P- Crouched Swipe

Up P- Upward Kick

Dash P- Spin Kick

Jump P- Spin Attack

Jump Up P- Aerial Upward Kick

Jump Forward P- Aerial Sword Swipe

Jump Down P- Downward Blast

Jump Backwards P- Spinning Swipe

Grab Up- Proton Blast Up

Grab Down- Throw Down, Rapid Fire

Grab Side- Sword Swing

Grab Back- Kick Away

Side Smash- Tackle

Up Smash- Upward Stab

Down Smash- Splits Spin


Neutral O- Ninja Star

Side O- Ninja Combat

Up O- Ninja Rope

Down O- Stealth (if an opponent tries to attack Takeshi while he uses this move, he will counter their attack and deal damage to them)

Super Attack- Shuriken Storm

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Chop

Side P- Ninja Kick

Down P- Leg Sweep

Up P- Flip Kick

Dash P- Ninja Swipe

Jump P- Spin Hit

Jump Up P- Aerial Flip Kick

Jump Forward P- Aerial Ninja Kick

Jump Down P- Drop Kick

Jump Backwards P- Rope Twirl

Grab Up- Jumping Kick

Grab Down- Rope Slam

Grab Side- Star Barrage

Grab Back- Rope Throw

Side Smash- Double Ninja Swipe

Up Smash- Scissor Kick

Down Smash- Rope Drag

Fat Cat and Owl

Neutral O- Laser Bullets

Side O- Owl Boomerang

Up O- Owl Flight

Down O- Earthquake

Super Attack- Mega Laser

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Invisipunch, Invisipunch, Invisikick

Side P- Spin Hit

Down P- Tail Sweep

Up P- Upward Laser Blast

Dash P- Cat Smother

Jump P- Bullet Spin

Jump Up P- Aerial Flip Kick

Jump Forward P- Cat Toss

Jump Down P- Cat Hurl

Jump Backwards P- Aerial Spin Attack

Grab Up- Cat Hammer Throw

Grab Down- Cat Sit

Grab Side- Telekinesis Toss

Grab Back- Cat Ram

Side Smash- Bullet Barrage

Up Smash- Owl Swoop

Down Smash- Ground Raise

Austin Carter

Neutral O- Shotgun Blast

Side O- Homing Missile Blast

Up O- Bubble Float

Down O- Mine Plant

Super Attack- Bang Gun

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Kick, Slap Gun

Side P- Sucker Punch Gun

Down P- Slide Kick

Up P- Bullethead Gun

Dash P- Gun Swing

Jump P- Gun Spin

Jump Up P- B.C. Arrow

Jump Forward P- Aerial Gun Swing

Jump Down P- Downward Rocket Blast

Jump Backwards P- Fireball Gun

Grab Up- Bullethead Barrage

Grab Down- Fart Gun

Grab Side- Three Way Gun

Grab Back- Pistol Blast

Side Smash- Barrel Blast

Up Smash- Overhead Gun Swing

Down Smash- Double Shotgun Blast


Neutral O- Fist Throw

Side O- Fist Wheel

Up O- Fist Grapple

Down O- Portal Open

Super Attack- Fault Line

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Swipe

Down P- Low Kick

Up P- Fist Raise

Dash P- Tackle

Jump P- Fist Spin

Jump Up P- Flipping Kick

Jump Forward P- Aerial Kick

Jump Down P- Fist Clobber

Jump Backwards P- Fist Clap

Grab Up- Fist Launch

Grab Down- Rocket Slam

Grab Side- Fist Storm

Grab Back- Whirling Throw

Side Smash- Head Butt

Up Smash- Upward Pummel

Down Smash- Fist Revolution


Neutral O- Grapple Gun

Side O- Shoulder Ram

Up O- Grappling Hook

Down O- Ice Hole

Super Attack- Avalanche

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Skate Kick

Side P- Gun Swing

Down P- Low Skate Kick

Up P- Upward Skate Kick

Dash P- Skate Slide

Jump P- Spinning Grapple Attack

Jump Up P- Aerial Upward Kick

Jump Forward P- Knee Jab

Jump Down P- Downward Gun Swing

Jump Backwards P- Grapple Whip

Grab Up- Grapple Twirl

Grab Down- Grapple Slam

Grab Side- Snowball Barrage

Grab Back- Grapple Hurl

Side Smash- Elbow Jab

Up Smash- Jumping Punch

Down Smash- Skate Splits

Dirk Valentine

Neutral O- Chain Head Shot

Side O- Chain Shot

Up O- Chain Grapple

Down O- Explosive Chain Head

Super Attack- Chain Rain

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Punch, Kick

Side P- Gun Ram

Down P- Gun Sweep

Up P- Chain Head Spin

Dash P- Gun Slam

Jump P- Gun Spin

Jump Up P- Upward Chain Head

Jump Forward P- Aerial Gun Ram

Jump Down P- Chain Whip

Jump Backwards P- Backward Kick

Grab Up- Point Blank Shot

Grab Down- Chain Slam

Grab Side- Chain Head Barrage

Grab Back- Chain Twirl

Side Smash- Gun Swing

Up Smash- Flip Kick

Down Smash- Teacup Smash

Cat Angel

Neutral O- Arrow Shot

Side O- Speed Power-up Dash

Up O- Angel Flight

Down O- Love Arrow

Super Attack- Bomb Arrow

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Cat Scratch

Down P- Low Sweep

Up P- Upward Head Butt

Dash P- Bow Swing

Jump P- Bow Twirl

Jump Up P- Upward Arrow Stab

Jump Forward P- Arrow Stab

Jump Down P- Downward Arrow Shot

Jump Backwards P- Bow Spin

Grab Up- Opponent Shot

Grab Down- Bowstring Whip

Grab Side- Fire Arrow Shot

Grab Back- Bow Smack

Side Smash- Double Scratch

Up Smash- Quiver Stab

Down Smash- Wing Buffet


Neutral O- Dagger Stab

Side O- Spinning Sword Attack

Up O- Sword Cyclone

Down O- Poison Dagger Stab

Super Attack- Sky Serpent Ride

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Kick, Swipe

Side P- Dagger Jab

Down P- Dagger Sweep

Up P- Sword Raise

Dash P- Helmet Ram

Jump P- Gravitational Sword Roll

Jump Up P- Upward Sword Arc

Jump Forward P- Aerial Sword Swing

Jump Down P- Downward Sword Arc

Jump Backwards P- Aerial Back Kick

Grab Up- Aerial Dagger Swipe

Grab Down- Triple Sword Stab

Grab Side- Push Away

Grab Back- Helmet Bash

Side Smash- Sword Cleave

Up Smash- Helmet Head Butt

Down Smash- Sword Slide


Neutral O- Goo Grenade Throw

Side O- Shield Ram

Up O- Flying Orange Enzyme

Down O- Goo Grenade Roll

Super Attack- Juggernaut Rampage

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Punch, Punch

Side P- Slap

Down P- Fist Slide

Up P- Upward Clap

Dash P- Fist Storm

Jump P- Fist Spin

Jump Up P- Aerial Upward Clap

Jump Forward P- Aerial Spike Out

Jump Down P- Orange Slam

Jump Backwards P- Aerial Shield Smack

Grab Up- Goo Grenade Toss

Grab Down- Goo Slam

Grab Side- Orange Bullet Barrage

Grab Back- Spike Out Slam

Side Smash- Big Orange Punch

Up Smash- Goo Grenade Juggle

Down Smash- Puddle Slide

Doctor Nastidious

Neutral O- Pistol Shot

Side O- Nasty Slide

Up O- Super Kick

Down O- Crouched Pistol Shot

Super Attack- The Machine

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Uppercut

Side P- Kick Attack

Down P- Low Punch

Up P- Flip Kick

Dash P- Tackle

Jump P- Spinning Pistol Club

Jump Up P- Upward Pistol Shot

Jump Forward P- Aerial Kick

Jump Down P- Downward Kick

Jump Backwards P- Fedora Smack

Grab Up- Flying Knee

Grab Down- Stomp In

Grab Side- Super Hurl

Grab Back- Fireman's Carry

Side Smash- Pistol Club

Up Smash- Spinning Head Butt

Down Smash- Double Pistol Blast

Teenager and Oodlegobs

Neutral O- Oodlegob Throw

Side O- Oodlegob Chain

Up O- Oodlegob Boost

Down O- Oodlegob Spawn

Super Attack- Oodlegob Tsunami

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Elbow Ram

Down P- Low Punch

Up P- Oodlegob Raise

Dash P- Oodlegob Ram

Jump P- Spinning Smack

Jump Up P- Oodlegob Toss

Jump Forward P- Aerial Oodlegob Bite

Jump Down P- Drop Kick

Jump Backwards P- Aerial Head Butt

Grab Up- Biting Chain

Grab Down- Munch

Grab Side- Oodlegob Whip

Grab Back- Crowd Surfing

Side Smash- Oodlegob Bite

Up Smash- Oodlegob Juggle

Down Smash- Double Punch


Neutral O- Peanut Bomb

Side O- Crate Throw

Up O- Opponent Booster

Down O- Crate Lift

Super Attack- Crate Pile-up

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Punch, Kick, Tail Attack

Side P- Clobber

Down P- Tail Drag

Up P- Monkey Kick

Dash P- Crate Slam

Jump P- Tail Twirl

Jump Up P- Aerial Monkey Kick

Jump Forward P- Peanut Smack

Jump Down P- Peanut Throwdown

Jump Backwards P- Tail Spin

Grab Up- Peanut Explosion

Grab Down- Packaging

Grab Side- Air Mail

Grab Back- Crate Roll

Side Smash- Crate Smash

Up Smash- Tail Roll

Down Smash- Roundhouse Kick


Neutral O- Bomb Toss

Side O- Chicken Bombardment

Up O- Viking Slam

Down O- Charged Hammer Attack

Super Attack- Viking Ship

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Punch, Kick

Side P- Hammer Butt Bash

Down P- Slide Kick

Up P- Hammer Raise

Dash P- Hammer Swing

Jump P- Gravitational Hammer Roll

Jump Up P- Horned Helmet Ram

Jump Forward P- Aerial Hammer Ram

Jump Down P- Hammer Drop

Jump Backwards P- Chicken Swing

Grab Up- Hitting the Bell

Grab Down- Chicken Tackle

Grab Side- Hammer Slam

Grab Back- Home Run

Side Smash- Hammer Ram

Up Smash- Horned Head Butt

Down Smash- Double Bomb Blast


Neutral O- Dig and Resurface

Side O- Drill Dash

Up O- Rocket Jump

Down O- Black Hole Shield

Super Attack- Drill Launch

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Pinch, Pinch, Bite

Side P- Claw Punch

Down P- Jackhammer

Up P- Drill Spin

Dash P- Drill Tackle

Jump P- Claw Spin

Jump Up P- Black Hole Attack

Jump Forward P- Aerial Drill Tackle

Jump Down P- Aerial Drill Stab

Jump Backwards P- Drill Head Butt

Grab Up- Drill Attack

Grab Down- Bury

Grab Side- Underground Uppercut

Grab Back- Flip Slam

Side Smash- Clawber

Up Smash- Torso Spin

Down Smash- Drill Bash

Canary 214-LE

Neutral O- Laser Cannon

Side O- Jet Pack Dash

Up O- Jet Pack

Down O- Bomb Set

Super Attack- Land Slide

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Cannon Prod

Side P- Backhand

Down P- Charged Blast

Up P- Flip Kick

Dash P- Shoulder Bash

Jump P- Twirl

Jump Up P- Aerial Flip

Jump Forward P- Aerial Head Butt

Jump Down P- Return to Earth

Jump Backwards P- Afterburner

Grab Up- Cutting Laser Boost

Grab Down- Parasite Plant

Grab Side- Spin & Throw

Grab Back- Laser Flip

Side Smash- Parasite Release

Up Smash- Spinning Head Butt

Down Smash- Bomb Blast


Neutral O- Mach Punch

Side O- Boulder Toss

Up O- Mach Uppercut

Down O- Mach Kick

Super Attack- Mach Slam

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Soccer Kick

Down P- Tail Whip

Up P- Fist Pump

Dash P- Speedy Shove

Jump P- Rolling Tail Attack

Jump Up P- Upward Launch Kick

Jump Forward P- Knee Bash

Jump Down P- Downward Launch Kick

Jump Backwards P- Thrust Punch

Grab Up- Launch Kick

Grab Down- Boulder Bash

Grab Side- Boulder Bowling

Grab Back- Break Dance Kick

Side Smash- Mach Hook

Up Smash- Mach Head Butt

Down Smash- Mach Stomp

Spartan Warrior

Neutral O- Sword/Dagger/Hammer Attack

Side O- Axe Spin

Up O- Spartan Jump

Down O- Toggle Weapon

Super Attack- Lion Hammer Attack

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Kick, Elbow Jab

Side P- Dagger Swipe

Down P- Jackhammer

Up P- Sword Arc

Dash P- Spartan Shield Ram

Jump P- Dagger Roll

Jump Up P- Aerial Axe Arc

Jump Forward P- Aerial Trident Stab

Jump Down P- Downward Sword Stab

Jump Backwards P- Hammer Spin

Grab Up- Opponent Hunt

Grab Down- Hammer Slam

Grab Side- Sword Swing

Grab Back- Metal Head Butt

Side Smash- Spinning Pitchfork

Up Smash- Dagger Twirl

Down Smash- Hammer Quake


Neutral O- Homing Orb

Side O- Mirror Dash

Up O- Magic Teleport

Down O- Void Shield

Super Attack- Void Caster

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Punch, Staff Jab

Side P- Staff Swing

Down P- Staff Trip

Up P- Headdress Head Butt

Dash P- Magic Slash

Jump P- Orb Revolution

Jump Up P- Staff Arc

Jump Forward P- Magic Stab

Jump Down P- Magic Thruster

Jump Backwards P- Spinning Staff Swing

Grab Up- Teleporting Golf Swing

Grab Down- Teleporting Staff Cleave

Grab Side- Magic Burst

Grab Back- Magic Laser

Side Smash- Staff Smash

Up Smash- Mist Attack

Down Smash- Mist Spread

Hazmat Hero

Neutral O- Basic Bomb

Side O- Throw Bombs

Up O- Ledge Bomb

Down O- Runner Bombs

Super Attack- Toxic Flood

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Punch, Punch

Side P- Bomb Punch

Down P- Sliding Punch

Up P- Toxic Container Juggle

Dash P- Toxic Tackle

Jump P- Falling Kick

Jump Up P- Bomb Uppercut

Jump Forward P- Aerial Bomb Punch

Jump Down P- Drill Bomb Drop

Jump Backwards P- Aerial Back Kick

Grab Up- Bomb Juggle

Grab Down- Sticky Bomb Plant

Grab Side- Digger Bomb Plant

Grab Back- Spinning Hurl

Side Smash- Bomb Clobber

Up Smash- Jumping Punch

Down Smash- Toxic Container Smash

Norman Noggin

Neutral O- Cosmic Lightning Blast

Side O- Dash Attack

Up O- Flying Head Bash

Down O- Cape Shield

Super Attack- Cosmic Storm

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Punch, Punch

Side P- Cosmic Punch

Down P- Low Kick

Up P- Cosmic Aura

Dash P- Cosmic Tackle

Jump P- Cosmic Ring

Jump Up P- Head Boost

Jump Forward P- Spinning Head Bash

Jump Down P- Cosmic Kick

Jump Backwards P- Aerial Head Butt

Grab Up- Flying Punch

Grab Down- Cosmic Trap

Grab Side- Body Slam

Grab Back- Cosmic Explosion

Side Smash- Cosmic Head Butt

Up Smash- Cosmic Clobber

Down Smash- Cosmic Zap


Neutral O- Enzyme Bullet

Side O- Spike-Out Slide

Up O- Slimy Rope

Down O- Spike-Out

Super Attack- Mimic Rex209

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Cannon Slap, Cannon Prod

Side P- Shield Ram

Down P- Crouched Shot

Up P- Upward Spike

Dash P- Green Wave

Jump P- Spike-all-over

Jump Up P- Upward Cannon Thrust

Jump Forward P- Aerial Shield Ram

Jump Down P- Downward Shot

Jump Backwards P- Back Spike

Grab Up- Rope Sting

Grab Down- Ball Spike

Grab Side- Gooey Rope Throw

Grab Back- Shield Pack

Side Smash- Fist Cannon

Up Smash- Monkey Punch

Down Smash- Spike-sides

Fluffykins/Blast-Man Joe

Neutral O- Fireball Blast

Side O- Bomb Roll

Up O- Bunny Jump

Down O- Bomb Drop

Super Attack- Xolstar Attack

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Torch Stab

Down P- Low Punch

Up P- Bunny Ear Slap

Dash P- Torch Slide

Jump P- Torch Roll

Jump Up P- Upward Torch Swing

Jump Forward P- Aerial Torch Stab

Jump Down P- Bounce Kick

Jump Backwards P- Aerial Kick Back

Grab Up- Bunny Ear Launch

Grab Down- Bonfire

Grab Side- Glitch Punch

Grab Back- Bomb Toss

Side Smash- Carrot Attack

Up Smash- Torch Arc

Down Smash- Bomb Blast

Square Meal Troll

Neutral O- Lick Up/Spit Up

Side O- Stone Slab Spit

Up O- Jelly Block Bounce

Down O- Bomb Block Spit

Super Attack- Monster Attack

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Kick, Kick, Bite

Side P- Horn Jab

Down P- Low Kick

Up P- Horn Raise

Dash P- Body Slam

Jump P- Tongue Twirl

Jump Up P- Metal Slab Swing

Jump Forward P- Aerial Kick

Jump Down P- Troll Slam

Jump Backwards P- Stone Slab Swing

Grab Up- Horn Impale

Grab Down- Wood Block Smash

Grab Side- Stone Slab Slide

Grab Back- Trust Fall Attack

Side Smash- Pie Spit

Up Smash- Tomato Launch

Down Smash- Troll Stomp


Neutral O- Flamethrower

Side O- Blazing Speed

Up O- Flaming Uppercut

Down O- Overheat

Super Attack- Meteor Shower

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Flame Swing

Down P- Hot Ground

Up P- Overhead Explosion

Dash P- Fire Punch

Jump P- Fireball Spin

Jump Up P- Aerial Overhead Explosion

Jump Forward P- Fire Ram

Jump Down P- Explosive Flurry

Jump Backwards P- Heat Wave

Grab Up- Fire Kicks & Slam

Grab Down- Spontaneous Combustion

Grab Side- Fire Hurl

Grab Back- Fire Tornado

Side Smash- Large Explosion

Up Smash- Heat Energy Ball

Down Smash- Lava Pool


Neutral O- Cactus Throw

Side O- Belly Ram

Up O- Couch Bounce

Down O- Face Stuffer

Super Attack- Uncle Rico Slam

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Sweatband Swing

Down P- Sweatband Swipe

Up P- Lollipop Arc

Dash P- Cactus Trip

Jump P- Drumstick Spin

Jump Up P- Candlestick Stab

Jump Forward P- Burger Bash

Jump Down P- Weight Slam

Jump Backwards P- Sweatband Whip

Grab Up- Belly Bounce

Grab Down- Cake Slap

Grab Side- Treadmill Toss

Grab Back- Candlestick Attack

Side Smash- Cactus Swing

Up Smash- Ice Cream Stab

Down Smash- Taco Bombs

Snow Drift Yeti

Neutral O- Penguin Throw

Side O- Yeti Slide

Up O- Yeti Flip

Down O- Penguin Grenade

Super Attack- Penguin Air Strike

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Yeti Slap

Down P- Leg Sweep

Up P- Flip Punch

Dash P- Bite

Jump P- Penguin Twirl

Jump Up P- Aerial Yeti Kick

Jump Forward P- Yeti Chop

Jump Down P- Penguin Swing

Jump Backwards P- Lean Back

Grab Up- Penguin Rocket

Grab Down- Yeti Smother

Grab Side- Tornado Throw

Grab Back- Snow Drift Throw

Side Smash- Penguin Slam

Up Smash- Penguin Clobber

Down Smash- Slippery Trip

Nitrome Boss

Neutral O- Nitrome Gun

Side O- Employee Throw

Up O- Rocket Jump

Down O- Detonate Nitrome

Super Attack- Cubot

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Punch

Side P- Gun Slap

Down P- Low Push

Up P- Barrel Gun

Dash P- Jiggly Ram

Jump P- Fat Roll

Jump Up P- Upward Sucker Punch

Jump Forward P- Aerial Gun Swing

Jump Down P- Downward Whip Attack

Jump Backwards P- Employee Swing

Grab Up- Homing Missile Barrage

Grab Down- Triple Whip

Grab Side- Whip Throw

Grab Back- Employee Escort

Side Smash- Whip Attack

Up Smash- Employee Juggle

Down Smash- Employee Drag


Neutral O- Rapid Fire

Side O- Mercenary Motor Bike

Up O- Teleporter Kick

Down O- Crouched Shot

Super Attack- Cooked Orange Bombs

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Kick, Kick

Side P- Gun Butt Attack

Down P- Gun Drag

Up P- Gun Shaft Attack

Dash P- Somersault Attack

Jump P- Spinning Helmet Attack

Jump Up P- Barrel Prod

Jump Forward P- Aerial Shaft Attack

Jump Down P- Orange Worm Drop

Jump Backwards P- Jar Attack

Grab Up- Target Practice

Grab Down- Kick Around

Grab Side- Rapid Fire Throw

Grab Back- Momentum Kick

Side Smash- Vicious Kick

Up Smash- Helmet Toss

Down Smash- Cooked Orange Pool

Rainbogeddon Seal

Neutral O- Bullet Blast

Side O- Drill Attack

Up O- Teleport

Down O- Bubble Shield

Super Attack- Rainbogeddon Armageddon

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Swipe, Swipe, Trunk Punch

Side P- Spinning Slide

Down P- Tail Sweep

Up P- Drill Jump

Dash P- Tail Spin

Jump P- Tail Roll

Jump Up P- Upward Drill Stab

Jump Forward P- Seal Spin

Jump Down P- Bomb Drop

Jump Backwards P- Seal Kick

Grab Up- Trunk Cannon

Grab Down- Bomb Slam

Grab Side- Bomb Blast

Grab Back- Bullet Explosion

Side Smash- Energy Dot Blast

Up Smash- Vacuum Blast

Down Smash- Level Up


Neutral O- Energy Punch

Side O- Energy Spin

Up O- Glass Launch

Down O- Energy Fields

Super Attack- Glass Smash

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Kick, Smack

Side P- Energy Swipe

Down P- Shin Ram

Up P- Energy Ceiling

Dash P- Energy Field Ram

Jump P- Falling Energy Roll

Jump Up P- Energy Clap

Jump Forward P- Torpedo Spin

Jump Down P- Energy Floor

Jump Backwards P- Energy Wall

Grab Up- Energy Uppercut

Grab Down- Glass Break

Grab Side- Energy Catapult

Grab Back- Wall Push

Side Smash- Energy Clobber

Up Smash- Mystery Backpack Attack

Down Smash- Energy Orbs


Neutral O- Gem Flash

Side O- Cape Twirl

Up O- Glide

Down O- Shadow Counter

Super Attack- Shattered Reality

Neutral P (two sequence combo) - Swipe, Swipe

Side P- Cape Whip

Down P- Cape Drag

Up P- Headbutt

Dash P- Shadow Slide

Jump P- Cape Spin

Jump Up P- Shadow Gem Stab

Jump Forward P- Shadow Blast

Jump Down P- Gem Stab

Jump Backwards P- Illusion Attack

Grab Up- Double Shadow Tackle

Grab Down- Mirror Trap

Grab Side- Shadow Tackle

Grab Back- Shadow Assault

Side Smash- Shadow Gem Drain

Up Smash- Gem Repulsion

Down Smash- Pyramid Kick

(more to be added later)


Each character has three taunts they can perform. Taunts are only to make the gameplay more animated and in no way deal damage to opponents.

Professor- dances, reads clipboard, shrugs

Rex209 with Blue- does a spinning victory dance, goes into sleep mode, scans proximity

Takeshi- eats sushi, flips and lands in a pose, looks at mine controller

Fat Cat and Owl- burps, eats cake, Owl flies around Cat's head

Austin Carter- sips soda, puts on earphones, flips hair

Zapo- arms fly around his body, does a disco dance, beams away and then beams back

Eskimo- jumps happily, spins on ice skates, loads grapple gun

Dirk Valentine- sips tea, yells 'Back out!', spins chain head

Cat Angel- becomes invincible for a second, plucks bowstring, drinks milk

Hallbert- sharpens sword, sheaths sword and then unsheathes it, takes off helmet and replaces it

Orange- does a disco dance, puts on glasses and thinks, puts on a purple mask

Dr. Nastidious- laughs evilly, puts on fedora and removes it, points at a detonator button

Teenager and Oodlegobs- Oodlegobs gnash their teeth, Teenager makes a troll face, Oodlegobs regroup

Chimp- eats a peanut, takes out bananas, balances a crate on his head

Viking- swings hammer and bangs head, smashes ice, slices cake

Chiseler- shrieks and hops happily, shrieks and hops in pain, spins his head around

Canary 214-LE- squishes an alien larvae, laser cannon beeps, takes out a crystal

Raccoon- flexes, lifts a dumbbell, does a push-up

Spartan Warrior- eats ham, brandishes his sword, flips a coin

Warlock- looks at himself in a mirror, fumbles with amulet, strikes staff on the ground

Hazmat Hero- salutes, pulls gloves on tighter, holds a toxic container with tongs

Norman Noggin- glows with cosmic energy, crushes a soda can on his head, head bangs

Green- mimics Professor, jumps rope, morphs into a !

Fluffykins/Blast-Man Joe- glitches to Ninja, glitches to Balloon, glitches to Faceball

Square Meal Troll- sticks out tongue, jumps happily, eats mutton

Plasmaster- glows red, disappears in a spark and reappears in an explosion, cooks chicken

Billy- eats a burger, attempts to flex, accidentally breaks a camera

Snow Drift Yeti- dances with a penguin, flips and lands doing the splits, juggles a snowball

Nitrome Boss- laughs evilly, grunts angrily, says 'Uh...three months?'

Mercenary- dances, says 'Huh?', makes a funny face

Rainbogeddon Seal- dances, eats an energy dot, 'Level Up'

Kapowski- gloves glow, break dances, gives a thumbs up

Ditto- gasps, cries, swishes cape


Each character has a unique entrance animation in which they enter the battlefield at the beginning of the battle.

Professor- walks in through a door

Rex209 with Blue- constructs Rex209 and stands up

Takeshi- comes in on a lift

Fat Cat and Owl- flies in on Big Cat

Austin Carter- comes in from elevator

Zapo- beams in

Eskimo- lowers in on grappling hook

Dirk Valentine- comes in on a lift

Cat Angel- flies in

Hallbert- drops in from a Sky Serpent

Orange- comes from a spawner mine

Dr. Nastidious- comes out of a teleporter

Teenager and Oodlegobs- loads in through computer code

Chimp- busts out of a crate

Viking- sails in on Viking Ship

Chiseler- tunnels in

Canary 214-LE- flies in on jet pack

Raccoon- lowered in the Bucket

Spartan Warrior- rides in on a tiger

Warlock- teleports in

Hazmat Hero- transports in

Norman Noggin- flies in

Green- comes from a Spawn site

Fluffykins/Blast-Man Joe- glitches in

Square Meal Troll- walks in through a portcullis

Plasmaster- appears in an explosion of fire

Billy- appears from a pile of food

Snow Drift Yeti- comes out of an igloo

Nitrome Boss- flies in on escape pod

Mercenary- rides in on motor bike

Rainbogeddon Seal- beams in on a rainbow

Kapowski- rides in on a glass truck

Ditto- enters through a dungeon door

Victory/Loss Animations

Each character undergoes a certain animation at the end of a battle. If they won, they will perform the victory animation. If they lost, they will perform the loss animation.

Victory Animations

Listed beside each character's name will be the animation they perform when they win a battle.

Professor- dances

Rex209 with Blue- does a spinning victory dance

Takeshi- grabs the key card and flips away

Fat Cat and Owl- Cat is surrounded by a force field with Owl flying next to him

Austin Carter- flips a coin

Zapo- beams away

Eskimo- jumps happily

Dirk Valentine- sips tea

Cat Angel- is invincible

Hallbert- is standing over the head of a dead Sky Serpent

Orange- does a disco dance

Dr. Nastidious- laughs evilly

Teenager and Oodlegobs- Teenager makes a troll face

Chimp- holding a crate of peanuts

Viking- swings hammer and bangs head

Chiseler- shrieks and hops happily

Canary 214-LE- squishes an alien larvae

Raccoon- jumps up and down happily

Spartan Warrior- brandishes his sword

Warlock- teleports away

Hazmat Hero- transports away

Norman Noggin- glows with cosmic energy

Green- jumps rope

Fluffykins/Blast-Man Joe- Fluffykins dances

Square Meal Troll- jumps happily

Plasmaster- disappears in a spark

Billy- is thin and fit

Snow Drift Yeti- dances with a penguin

Nitrome Boss- laughs evilly

Mercenary- dances

Rainbogeddon Seal- dances

Kapowski- gives two thumbs up

Ditto- cape billows in the wind

Loss Animations

Professor- lays on the ground

Rex209 with Blue- goes into sleep mode

Takeshi- explodes with green electricity

Fat Cat and Owl- Cat meows and falls down and Owl explodes

Austin Carter- yells in pain and falls over

Zapo- explodes

Eskimo- is frozen

Dirk Valentine- yells 'Back out!'

Cat Angel- falls down, stunned

Hallbert- is laying on the ground, defeated

Orange- explodes

Dr. Nastidious- yells in pain and falls to the ground

Teenager and Oodlegobs- Oodlegobs explode, Teenager is angry

Chimp- is caught by an employee

Viking- is frozen

Chiseler- explodes

Canary 214-LE- explodes

Raccoon- falls off the screen

Spartan Warrior- is lying on the ground, defeated

Warlock- screams and falls into a black hole

Hazmat Hero- melts away

Norman Noggin- explodes and falls off screen

Green- explodes

Fluffykins/Blast-Man Joe- Blast-Man Joe blows up

Square Meal Troll- sitting down, stunned

Plasmaster- is extinguished, lying on the ground

Billy- Is sitting down, tired and stunned

Snow Drift Yeti- yells and falls off the screen

Nitrome Boss- gets crushed by the letter O

Mercenary- yells and falls to the ground, his helmet falls off

Rainbogeddon Seal- explodes

Kapowski- pulls at his hair in frustration

Ditto- cries

Chargeable Attacks

Some characters have attacks that can be charged up by holding down the attack button. (All Smash attacks can be charged up and therefore will not be listed here.)

Professor- Teleporter Jump (makes him jump higher and deal more damage)

Rex209 with Blue- Proton Sword Slide (deals more damage)

Dirk Valentine- Explosive Chain Head (deals more damage, bigger explosion radius)

Cat Angel- Speed Power-up Dash (travels farther)

Hallbert- Sword Cyclone (propels him higher up, deals more damage)

Dr. Nastidious- Super Kick (propels him farther and higher, deals more damage)

Viking- Charged Hammer Attack (deals more damage)

Chiseler- Rocket Jump (propels him higher up)

Canary 214-LE- Jet Pack Dash (propels him farther, deals more damage)

Norman Noggin- Dash Attack (propels him farther) Flying Head Bash (propels him higher up)

Fluffykins/Blast-Man Joe- Bunny Jump (propels him higher up)

Mercenary- Teleporter Kick (propels him higher up)

Kapowski- Energy Punch (does more damage)

Special Abilities

Some characters have moves that don't necessarily attack, but have another purpose or may attack in some special way.

Professor- Clipboard Reflect- reflects enemy projectiles back at them

Takeshi- Stealth- will counter any attack directed at him while performing the move

Fat Cat and Owl- Owl Flight- will gradually fly up, while doing this, can go in any direction besides down

Austin Carter- Mine Plant- can be detonated later at anytime by pressing the Down O button

Zapo- Portal Open- will cause any attack directed at him at the time used to miss

Eskimo- Ice Hole- can make opponents get stuck in the ground for a short time, vulnerable

Cat Angel- Angel Flight- will gradually fly up, while doing this, can go in any direction besides down Love Arrow- will deal damage slowly over time

Hallbert- Poison Dagger Stab- will deal damage slowly over time

Orange- Flying Orange Enzyme- if O button is pressed while ascending, he will fire an orange proton bullet

Dr. Nastidious- Super Kick- will make him ricochet off if he hits a wall

Teenager and Oodlegobs- Oodlegob Spawn- will spawn more Oodlegobs, but only if the max number (6) is not already met

Chimp- Opponent Boost- if not used near an opponent, will only be a short uppercut animation; if used near an opponent, the Chimp will grab them in midair, get on top of them and jump upwards off of them, boosting him high into the air and slamming them downward to the ground

Chiseler- Dig and Resurface- press O to burrow into the ground. Chiseler can then move around left to right until the platform ends. Press O again to resurface and attack any opponents near the resurfacing area Black Hole Shield- any projectiles sucked into it will increase Chiseler's health

Canary 214-LE- Bomb Set- can be detonated later by pressing Down O again

Spartan Warrior- Toggle Weapon- changes which weapon Spartan uses in his Neutral O attack

Warlock- Magic Teleport- direction of teleportation can be influenced with direction keys Void Shield- absorbs projectiles

Norman Noggin- Cape Shield- reflects projectiles

Square Meal Troll- Lick Up/Spit Up- when used on an opponent, the opponent will be pulled into the Troll's mouth. If they struggle while inside, they will be dealt more damage. By pressing the O button again, they will be spit out and thrown a long distance.

Plasmaster- Blazing Speed- will vanish for a second, dodging any attack directed at him at the time. He will then reappear and dash forward with a blazing trail of flames behind him. Overheat- will deal damage to nearby enemies, but with no knockback.

Billy- Face Stuffer- he will begin to eat food, the more food he eats the more powerful his next attack will be

Nitrome Boss- Detonate Nitrome- will detonate all letters fired with the Nitrome Gun attack, can be detonated at anytime.

Mercenary- Mercenary Motor Bike- can be driven in either direction, press any attack button to dismount. The motorbike can be thrown at opponents or opponents can throw it as well.

Rainbogeddon Seal- Teleport (direction of teleportation can be influenced with directional keys)

Kapowski- Energy Fields (absorb projectiles and make Kapowski stronger) Glass Launch (direction of launch can be influenced with directional keys)

Ditto- Gem Flash- stuns opponent if opponent is attacking Cape Twirl- reflects projectiles Glide- boosts upward slightly and then allows her to glide for a longer time Shadow Counter- summons a Shadow that counters melee attacks and blocks ranged attacks


Every character has different 'skins' or costumes that you can customize them to. Every character has at least eight skins, with some of them having a few bonus skins. Every character has their normal skin in which they appear as they do in the Nitrome game they hail from. Every character also has a red, blue, green, and yellow skin, in which their skin coloration, clothes, and items are tinged to the corresponding color. These, along with the normal skin, will not be listed below. The remaining three skins and any bonus skins will be listed below next to the corresponding character's name.

Professor- black, zombie, bag-head

Rex209 with Blue- empty, diamond suit, The Machine colored

Takeshi- maskless, young, S.W.A.T. unit colored

Fat Cat and Owl- Katze, Gato, Popoki, King Meka colored

Austin Carter- sunglasses, zombie, sunshine

Zapo- black, steel, whiteout

Eskimo- hood down, frozen, black, snow

Dirk Valentine- Baron Battenberg colored, tuxedo, Monty

Cat Angel- gargoyle, shadow, cloud, tiger

Hallbert- Norse Father colored, orange, Ice Serpent colored

Orange- fusion, glasses, psychedelic

Dr. Nastidious- mimic, Mercenary colored, The Machine colored

Teenager and Oodlegobs- Austin Carter, Justin Bennet, Kitty-fan

Chimp- orange, white, black, pink

Viking- Village Chief, Master Cutter, Shopkeeper colored

Chiseler- black, rusted, jailhouse

Canary 214-LE- infected, Foreman White, Miner Canary

Raccoon- squirrel, beaver, rabbit, albino

Spartan Warrior- black, white, gold, petrified

Warlock- evil, void, shadow demon colored

Hazmat Hero- radioactive, stealth suit, orange

Norman Noggin- pink, orange, Simian Unit colored


Fluffykins/Blast-Man Joe

Square Meal Troll



Snow Drift Yeti

Nitrome Boss


Rainbogeddon Seal


(more skins to be added later)


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