This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make any edits to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


Nitrome characters duke it out in this new fighting game brought to you by the maker of Nitrome Smash Arena! With all new moves and combos, new stage elements, percentage health counters, and now introducing items, this fighting game more resembles the Super Smash Bros. Series rather than a Street Fighters style. It was also available on the Nitrome Enjoyment System. This game is available on the Plasmaster Fun Console and utilizes NiTrophies.


The following controls are for the PFC system.

Left Control Stick- ducking, moving left and right, and jumping

A- standard attack

B- special attack

ZR for shield

ZL for grab

1 for taunt


There are multiple modes in SSN2 in order to supply a large variety of things to do.

Battle Mode- duke it out with up to four players (two human and two computers) on many different stages.

Classic Mode- a solo mode in which you fight through different trials as a specific character!

Dungeon Mode- a solo mode in which you go through a labyrinth-like dungeon and fight enemies and complete challenges!

Combo-Craze Mode- rack up combos against waves of enemies; try to get a higher combo than your opponent in Group Combo-Craze, or try for a new personal best in Solo Combo-Craze!

Boss Rush- a mode in which you fight and defeat all of the bosses!

All-Star Mode- fight all of the fighters in the game in order of debut appearance!

Mini-Games- in a section of the main menu is the section 'mini-games', which are quick challenges that can test your skills with certain characters while also having fun. There are three mini-games in SSN2:

  • Escape!- in this mini-game, players must use their selected character's attacks to break out of a cage; upon breaking free, they will have to begin running from a death trap through a tunnel riddled with smaller traps designed to slow them down; players score based on how fast they escape the death trap through the tunnel and how many times they had to retry the challenge. There is also Endless Escape! in which players are scored based on how long they were able to go before being caught in the death trap.
  • Target Smash- in this mini-game, players maneuver their selected characters through a course and smash targets; there are two modes for Target Smash: Time Trial, where you try to smash all the targets as fast as you can to get a better time, and Multiplayer, where two players can work together to smash all of the targets faster or can compete to smash more targets than the other.
  • Pinball- in this mini-game, players select their character and then launch them through a pinball machine-like stage and collect points by knocking into point bumpers. Players can also collect trophies and skins by knocking into Item Bumpers, which are more rare and often more difficult to reach. If the character knocks into a Battle Bumper, they will be thrown into battle on a random stage against the opponent whose face is depicted on the bumper. Winning the battle will double your current score and losing will cut your current score in half and result in a game-over.
  • King of the Hill- in this mini-game, players select their character and then are placed at the top of a hill and must knock other players or CPU fighters away to keep claim to the king of the hill

Adventure Mode- in this mode, players can embark on an endless side-scrolling journey and battle enemies; the goal is to survive as long as you can.

Event Mode- in this mode, players will take on opponents in set conditions with a special goal.

Special Battle Mode- duke it out with up to four players (two human and two computers) on a variety of different stages with special conditions!

  • Special Battle Mode is like Battle Mode, but now with special conditions and settings that can be switched on by players before the match begins. Below is a list of the different conditions you can set.
  • Giant- all fighters have grown to giant size!
  • Mini- all fighters have been shrunk to mini-size!
  • Fart- some sound effects are replaced with fart sounds!
  • Tag- the player with the crown at the end of the round wins!
  • Heavy- gravity has been increased!
  • Light- gravity has been decreased!
  • Speedy- fighters are faster!
  • Snail- fighters are slower!
  • Poison- players are dealt poison damage constantly over time!
  • Healthy- players are healed slowly over time!
  • Metal- players are made of metal, resulting in heavier attacks, lower jump heights, and faster falls
  • Bouncy- players cannot stop jumping (unless they hold down the jump button)
  • Burden- players cannot jump off of the ground, must be in the air to jump (can still perform up O on the ground to gain height)

Stage Builder- in this mode, players can build their own custom stages to battle on

Online Mode- in this mode, players can play online against others around the world

  • Casual- in causal, players can play on any stage, with items, in Free-for-Alls, One-on-One, or Group Battles
  • Hardcore- in hardcore, players can play on the peaceful versions of stages so as to fight uninterrupted by hazards and other elements; Free-for-Alls, One-on-One, and Group Battles are also available
  • Card Smash- in online mode, players can play in Card Smash mode online against other players

Card Smash- in this mode, players can compose their decks of trading cards they've collected, trade cards online, or enter a Card Battle. in card battles, players use their collected cards to power up their fighter or weaken the opposing fighter. After ten turns of card application, the fight begins!

Veteran Characters

Due to the characters having much larger movesets in this game, their attacks and combos will be listed in a separate article, Super Smash Nitrome 2: Character Movesets. Below is a list of the veteran characters that appear in Super Smash Nitrome.

SSN Test Subject Logo



Professor returns in Super Smash Nitrome 2 with some newly improved moves. Many characters received some new moves to make their moveset feel more natural and smooth. Professor now uses blue enzymes to create giant fists for heavier attacks.

Professor's neutral special is Vial Throw. He will throw a vial of chemicals forwards. The chemicals will burn opponents hit by them.

His side special now uses proton energy to create a flurry of damaging particles around Professor as he lunges forward at opponents.

His up special has also received an upgrade. Previously, Professor used Teleporters to recover. This is useful in recovery, but lacked in dealing damage to opponents and left Professor vulnerable. He is now equipped with a special jet pack that fires powerful proton jets to propel him into the air. He moves faster with this move and also deals damage to any opponents that dare get in his way. Opponent below him will also receive damage as they are hit with the powerful jet of proton energy.

As before, Professor's down special, when timed right, can reflect projectiles back at opponents.

Finally, Professor's super attack, or final smash, Professor REX Barrage. When Professor uses this move, he climbs inside of Rex209 and can now roam around the battlefield, blasting opponents with the proton cannon. A few modifications made by the Professor makes Rex209's cannon fire with more violent pressure and speed.

SSN Test Subject Logo

Rex209 with Blue

SSN Blue

The test-taking duo of Blue and Rex209 also make a return to the Super Smash Nitrome arena. Together the two of them make a great team, and now with some upgrades made to their moveset, they can take down opponents with twice as much power. Also, by using the up tilt or upward aerial attack while below a platform, the player can control Rex209 and Blue to flip upside down and stand on the underside of the platform. They can even walk around and attack while on the platform, though attacks are reversed while in this position.

Last time, Rex209 attacked by hitting opponents with her cannon or kicking them. She can now hit them much harder as most of her standard attacks have been enhanced with proton energy. Rex can also send clouds of proton particles out of the barrel of her cannon to create a sort of smoke screen of burning proton energy.

The neutral special for this duo of fighters is Proton Blast. Rex fires a blast of proton energy from her cannon. It can be charged up to increase its size and power.

Their side special is Proton Sword Slide. Rex emits proton energy from her cannon to create a blade out of proton energy. She then charges forward and slashes with the sword.

Their up special is Proton Laser. Rex fires a beam of proton energy straight downwards, boosting them into the air. Anyone hit by the laser will experience a meteor smash effect and anyone hit by Rex while moving will take damage.

Rex and Blue's down special has been modified as well. Before, using the down special simply made Rex fire a Proton Blast while crouching. It wasn't much different from the neutral special, and therefore made their moveset lack somewhat in diversity. Now, Rex will use Stomp, an attack picked up in Test Subject Arena 2. Stomp will burrow any opponent directly hit with it into the ground, leaving them vulnerable to a follow-up attack. Stomp also makes the ground quake, creating a shockwave that will throw nearby opponents into the air, perfect for getting a good combo out of. When used in the air, Rex will perform a powerful downwards kick.

Blue and Rex's super attack, Mech Suit Rampage, results in Rex becoming larger and really tanking up in terms of firepower. Proton Blasts are fired with volatile power and have the potential to knock opponents right off the stage.

SSN Final Ninja Logo


SSN Takeshi

Takeshi remains in the fight, and his moveset got away virtually unscathed. All of his special moves remain the same.

His neutral attack, Ninja Star, can now be rapid-fired and the angle at which it is thrown can be adjusted with the up and down keys while firing.

His side special, Ninja Combat, is special in that it will only be activated if it hits an opponent directly. If it misses, Takeshi will simply ninja-chop the air and be done. If he hits an opponent though, he will perform a series of quick punches, chops, and kicks on the target.

Takeshi's up special utilizes his Ninja Rope. He will fire the Ninja Rope upwards and use it to grapple onto a ledge. The Ninja Rope will also damage any opponents it hits and, if the end of it hits an opponent, they will be reeled in towards Takeshi and attacked. After attacking them, Takeshi will perform a backflip off of the opponent, pushing them away and giving him a boost.

Takeshi's down special, Stealth, is also unique. While using stealth, if Takeshi is hit with a projectile, he will counter it and reflect it back. If he is hit with a melee attack, he will counter it, taking no damage from it, and then use a powerful counter-attack on the opponent.

Takeshi's one major modification is the introduction of the Ninja Staff. Some of Takeshi's standard attacks now utilize a short, black staff to attack opponents.

His Super Attack is Shuriken Storm. Takeshi hurls forth a storm of shurikens that grows as it travels farther in the direction Takeshi threw it. It will carry opponents straight off the side of the stage.

SSN Nitrome Universe Logo

Austin Carter

SSN Austin

Austin makes his return to continue his quest to destroy all things Nitrome. Austin still has his gun, and fires all kinds of surprises from it when attacking.

Austin's neutral special is Shotgun Blast. It has a wide-spread range, but Austin will have to reload after firing, so this weapon can't be spammed.

His side special attack, Homing Missile Blast, fires a missile that will home in on the nearest target. After travelling a certain distance though, the missile will fall to the ground and explode.

Austin's up special is the one new move he has. His old up special, Bubble Float, would use the Bubble Gun to make Austin float upwards. This was a weak move; it dealt no damage to opponents, moved slowly, and could be popped by opponents, leaving Austin to fall to his doom. Austin now uses the Spring Gun instead. He aims it at his feet, pulls the trigger, and the spring that pops out immediately bounces him high into the air. After using the spring, the spring will fall to the ground, dealing damage to any opponents below.

Austin's down special is Mine Plant. This will plant a mine in the ground where Austin stands. By using the down special move again, Austin will detonate the mine, blowing up any opponents near the mine.

Finally, Austin's super attack, the Bang Gun. The Bang Gun triggers a series of explosions around the stage when the trigger is pulled. It is difficult for opponents to avoid getting caught in even one of the resulting explosions.

SSN Fault Line Logo


SSN Zapo

Zapo comes back, and now with a new appreciation for his portal-creating powers. His ability to fly his fists around separately also gives him an edge with melee attacks, as he can attack from more of a distance.

Zapo's neutral special involves him rocketing a fist forward, punching any opponent in the way. The longer the attack button is held, the farther Zapo's fist will travel.

Zapo used to use a move called Fist Wheel for his side special. It involved him rapidly spinning his fists in a circle in front of him. Powerful, but lacking in range. He now uses a move called Portal Punch. Zapo opens a portal in front of him and throws his fist into it. Once he has done this, you can use the directional keys for a few seconds to manipulate where the exit portal will be. Once the position is locked in, the exit portal will open and Zapo's fist will fly out, punching any opponent in its way. This is a useful attack because it can be targeted right next to your opponent, and can even be directed behind Zapo to beat away any ambushing enemy.

Zapo's up special has also been changed. In the last game, Zapo would rocket his fist upward and hope to grab onto a ledge, dubbed Fist Grapple. Now, Zapo uses Portal Boost. Portal Boost involves Zapo opening a portal below him, falling into it, and then using the resulting momentum from the fall to fly upwards out of the exit portal. It is faster and more reliable to get Zapo moving upwards than the old grapple technique he used before.

Zapo's down special is Portal Open. He will open a portal underneath himself and fall into it. This allows him to dodge any incoming attacks or projectiles. But in the last game, Zapo would simply come back out of the hole and spin his fists around. Now, by using the directional keys, you can control where Zapo will reappear. By pressing the special attack button while moving, you can make Zapo perform an attack when he reappears, damaging any nearby opponents.

Zapo's super attack is called Fault Line. When this attack is used, Zapo will open a large portal in front of him. Opponents caught in this portal will be pulled inside. Zapo will then leap inside and the portal will close. A few seconds later, the portal will reopen and the opponent will launch out of it with an incredible amount of damage and knockback accompanying them. Zapo will exit the portal as well, finishing the attack.

SSN Dirk Valentine Logo

Dirk Valentine

SSN Dirk Valentine

Dirk Valentine comes back to the battlefield as well. Still wielding his iconic chain cannon, Dirk's moveset hasn't changed very much.

His neutral special is Chain Head Shot. He will fire a chain head from his chain cannon that will deal lots of damage and knockback. This move can be charged up to get more distance and power and while charging can have the angle of trajectory altered using the directional keys.

Dirk's side special move Chain Shot involves him firing a chain from his chain cannon. It will damage anyone in its path, but eventually the chain head's weight will pull the chain down, resulting in an average range.

Dirk also has the ability to grab opponents from farther away. When the grab key is pressed, he will whip a chain forward and latch it onto opponents from afar before reeling them in and attacking.

His up special is Chain Grapple. It is a tether recovery, meaning it will grapple onto ledges and reel him up to safety. Opponents hit by the chain while he is whipping it out will receive damage.

Dirk's one change to his moveset is his down special. Last time, Dirk used a move called Explosive Chain Head. It was a lot like his neutral special, except that the projectile would explode, dealing more damage and knockback. It lacked creativity, really. Now Dirk will produce a Gaspoid Bomb when he uses his down special. The Gaspoid Bomb will release a poisonous cloud when it explodes, increasing an opponent's percentage counter over time.

The super attack for Dirk is Chain Rain. Dirk calls in an air strike and his good friend Monty delivers on his order. Chain Heads will rain from the sky at different angles and damage any opponents caught in the crossfire.

SSN Twin Shot Logo

Cat Angel

SSN Cat Angel

Twin Shot Angel makes a comeback as well, and with relatively the same moveset.

His neutral special is Arrow Shot. He will fire an arrow from his bow as a projectile. This move can be charged up to get more distance and power out of it. Like in Twin Shot, an arrow that hits a wall or platform will remain embedded there for a short time and can be used as a platform to stand on.

Cat Angel's side special has been renamed from Speed Power-up Dash to Angelic Speed, but it still retains the same result. Cat Angel dashes forward incredibly fast, ramming any opponents out of his way as he goes.

Cat Angel's up special, Angelic Flight, allows Cat Angel to fly around the stage in any direction he wants for a short time. The move can be cancelled at any time by pressing an attack button.

Love Arrow is Cat Angel's down special. The Love Arrow will not only deal poison damage to opponents hit by it, but the opponents will also move more slowly and deal less damage while under the Love Arrow's spell.

Cat Angel's super attack is Bomb Arrow. You only have one shot, but the Bomb Arrow will fly perfectly straight across the stage, so aim well and true. When the Bomb Arrow hits an opponent, it will create a massive explosion that has the potential to K.O. your target.

SSN Sky Serpents Logo


SSN Hallbert

Hallbert also reappears for battle. He still bears his giant slaying sword and climbing dagger, but has certainly bulked up since his last appearance. His attacks are heavier and rely more on his sword to deal damage.

Hallbert's neutral special, Dagger Toss, is a projectile attack. Hallbert throws a dagger forwards that will damage an enemy it hits; it travels faster when used in the air.

Hallbert's side special is Backstab. Hallbert leaps forwards with his dagger in hand and will stab and latch onto an enemy he comes into contact with; it is a command grab and will deal more damage to an opponent if it hits them from behind.

Hallbert's up special is Sword Cyclone. If you are a fan of Super Smash Bros, you may be familiar with the way this one works. Hallbert rapidly spins around with his sword extended out, propelling himself into the air. This is similar to how Link from Smash Bros.' recovery move works. Also, anyone who dares get close to Hallbert will be knocked away with that heavy sword of his.

Hallbert's down special has been changed from the last game. Before, Hallbert had an attack called Poison Dagger Stab, in which Hallbert would attack the opponent with a poisoned dagger. This was changed because it seemed too similar to the neutral special. It was the same thing, but with poison damage, and it actually rendered his neutral special obsolete. Now he uses an attack called Sky Slam. In Sky Serpents, when Hallbert is hunting a Sky Serpent, he will start the level by falling from the sky and slamming down onto them. The idea here is similar. When Hallbert is up in the air and this attack is used, he will slam down to the earth with incredible speed and strength. If this is used while on the ground, Hallbert will leap forward a bit before slamming to the ground.

Hallbert's Super Attack is Sky Serpent Ride. Hallbert will leap high into the air and will then come in on the side of the stage he was facing away from when he began the attack. He will be riding a Sky Serpent covered in spikes. The Sky Serpent will spin as it flies across the stage, ramming opponents with its head and impaling others on its spikes. Once the Sky Serpent has completely crossed the stage, Hallbert will fall from the top of the screen and land back in his original position.

SSN Toxic Logo

Hazmat Hero

SSN Hazmat Hero

Hazmat Hero makes a comeback! His moveset remains the same from the last game.

His neutral special, Basic Bomb, is where Hazmat Hero will lay a bomb on the ground at his feet. Don't stick around, the blast, like in Toxic, can hurt you. After a few seconds the bomb will explode, and any careless opponents nearby will take damage. The explosion radius has been increased so that it is more likely to damage your opponents.

Hazmat Hero's side special is the Throw Bomb. He will throw the Throw Bomb a short distance in front of him. The bomb will explode upon hitting an opponent or the ground.

Ledge Bomb is very unique for an up special. Instead of propelling him high into the air or grappling like other up specials, Ledge Bomb actually creates a platform for Hazmat Hero to stand on. He can jump off of it too, and he'd better, because it's called a bomb for a reason. It will explode after a few seconds. Hazmat Hero can only have two Ledge Bombs out on the field at a time, but this is of little concern to him, as the bombs explode rather quickly anyway.

Runner Bomb is his down special. Runner Bomb will release an explosive that runs along the ground in the direction Hazmat Hero is facing. Using the down special move again will make it detonate. Try to detonate it when it is close to your opponents. Runner bombs will turn at walls and at the end of platforms, but will jump at the same time Hazmat Hero does, so you can detonate them in the air too if you time it right.

Hazmat Hero's super attack is Toxic Flood. On small stages, the entire stage may get flooded with toxic waste. Larger stages will be filled up most of the way, and the only refuge would be any high-placed platforms. You can always beat up your opponents and throw them into the toxic pool if you desire, and your hazmat suit will protect you from the toxic waste.

SSN Headcase Logo

Norman Noggin

SSN Norman

Norman Noggin, the cosmic-charged super hero from another dimension, returns to the fight. He retains all of the same moves from the previous game, and has received very little upgrading.

Norman's neutral special utilizes his cosmic energy. Norman blasts a beam of cosmic lightning out of his fist. The beam will electrocute opponents when they are hit with it.

His side special is Cranium Crush. Norman dashes forward and rams opponents at a high speed with his large head.

Flying Head Bash is his up special. Norman soars upwards to strike with his head.

Norman's down special is the Cape Shield. Norman pulls his cape around in front of him and uses it as a barrier. It will not block melee attacks, but the cape will reflect any projectiles aimed at him from the front.

For his super attack, Norman summons a Cosmic Storm that blasts lightning around the stage. Any unfortunate opponent hit with this lightning is sure to be smited. A quick dodger may be able to avoid the lightning blasts, but not if Norman has anything to say about it.



SSN Billy

Billy from Super Treadmill didn't want to come back, but his Uncle made him. As a condition, however, Billy got to keep his old moveset.

Billy has a special ability. The more Billy moves, jumps, and attacks, the thinner he gets from exercising. The thinner he gets, the faster he can move and the higher he can jump. Upon being knocked off the stage and respawning, however, Billy will return back to his former, fat self, as that last K.O. made him nervous and he eats when he gets nervous.

Billy's neutral special is Cactus Throw. He will pull out a cactus and hurl it forward.

Billy's side special is Belly Ram. He will leap forward and ram opponents with his belly.

Billy's up special is Couch Bounce. A couch, supplied by Uncle Rico, appears underneath Billy and Billy bounces off of it high into the air. The couch will fall to the ground, damaging any opponents below.

The most unique of Billy's moveset is his down special. Face Stuffer is a move where Billy will begin to eat food. The more Billy eats, the more damage his next attack will deal. Try eating an entire buffet and then using a smash attack, it's quite a heavy hitter.

His Super Attack is Uncle Rico Slam. Billy will lay out a treadmill in front of him. Any opponents caught on the treadmill will be trapped on it. Then, Uncle Rico will slam down from the sky and smash the opponents and the treadmill with his fists. The treadmill will explode, sending the opponents launching off the stage.

SSN Glassworks Logo


SSN Kapowski

Kapowski is another character making a return to the SSN arena. He still has his gloves, and now hits harder with them as they have been upgraded. His gloves can now create projections of green energy and can also glow with a green energy that makes them more powerful.

Energy Punch is Kapowski's neutral special. He charges up his fist with energy and then punches forwards, electrocuting and dealing damage to opponents hit by it.

Kapowski's side special is Energy Spin. He surrounds his gloves with energy and then spins forwards with his arms extended outwards.

Glass Launch is his up special attack. He creates two projections of energy on each side of him, these projections having a similar build to the glass he used to work with. He then places his hands on each 'wall' and hurls himself upwards. When performing this move, you can influence what direction he launches himself in just before he launches. If no directional keys are pressed, he'll launch himself straight up. If you press the left directional key, he will launch himself up and to the left.

Kapowski's down special is Energy Fields. This defensive move is unique in its own way. Instead of deflecting, reflecting, or simply blocking projectiles, the energy fields will absorb the projectiles to charge Kapowski's gloves with more energy. His next neutral special attack will now deal more damage after being charged up.

Kapowski's Super Attack is Glass Smash. He will use his gloves to create a large energy field. Then he will slam it downwards onto the ground, hitting any opponents caught in its range. The field will shatter like glass and the opponents will be blasted away.

SSN Chisel Logo


SSN Chiseler

Chiseler returns to duke it out in Super Smash Nitrome 2! His moveset remains the same, but his attacks on the ground have been buffed and deal much more damage than his aerial moves.

Chiseler's neutral special is Dig and Resurface. Chiseler will dive headfirst into the ground and vanish from sight. While underground, you can control Chiseler to move left or right. His current position is seen as a portion of raised ground. After five seconds of being underground, Chiseler will resurface, dealing damage to anyone he hits when resurfacing. You can command Chiseler to resurface early by pressing the special attack button at any time. However, this move does have its drawbacks. Chiseler can only travel as far as the platform he is burrowed in. This means that using this move on a small platform can hinder Chiseler's movement and attack opportunities. While this is a drawback, this move is also useful in dodging enemy attacks and projectiles and can be used to outflank them. If this move is used in midair, Chiseler will dive straight downwards towards the ground from where he is.

Chiseler's side special is Drill Dash. He will charge straight forwards with his drill spinning, ready to deal multi-hits to rack up damage to any opponents in his path.

The up special for Chiseler, Rocket Jump, is an ability he picked up in Chisel 2. Chiseler will charge himself up if you hold down the special attack button during this move, and the more he is charged up, the higher he will go and more damage he will deal to opponents he hits while jumping.

The Black Hole Shield is Chiseler's down special. Chiseler will project a Black Hole in front of him during this move. Projectiles that hit the black hole will be sucked inside of it. Each projectile that goes into the Black Hole will decrease Chiseler's percentage counter five percent. Enemy attacks that hit the black hole will bounce off harmlessly.

Chiseler's Super Attack is Drill Launch. Chiseler will start building a large vehicle with a drill on the front. Opponents hit by him or parts of the vehicle will take damage. Upon finishing the vehicle's construction, Chiseler will hop inside and drive straight forwards. Anyone hit by the drill or vehicle will be carried off the stage as they take multi-hit damage.

Chiseler is an unlockable character, meaning he is locked until you complete a certain challenge. Chiseler is unlocked by completing Classic Mode on Medium Difficulty as any robotic character. When he is unlocked, the Drill Shack stage is also unlocked.

SSN Double Edged Logo


SSN Spartan

Spartan returns to beat up the competition in Super Smash Nitrome 2! Spartan brings many new weapons to battle and now has an almost entirely new moveset.

His moveset in Super Smash Nitrome utilized the different weapons he can use in Double Edged. His new moveset is more reminiscent of the weapons and fighting style of historic Spartans, though still staying true to the Nitrome game as well. He now uses pankration, a form of martial arts used by Spartan warriors in competition, in some moves. Some of his attacks also utilize the iconic Spartan shield, which he now wears on his left arm.

His neutral special is Arrow Fire. It is a ranged attack that uses a bow to fire an arrow. It is like Cat Angel's arrow, except it will not become embedded in a wall that it hits and act as a platform. Also unlike Cat Angel's arrow, it will not stop when it hits a target; it will pierce through the target, dealing damage as it passes through, and continue flying through the air until its weight finally drags it down.

His side special is Trident Thrust. Spartan charges forwards, stabbing with a trident; in the air, the attack is directed at a slight downwards angle.

Spartan's up special is Kopis Slash. He will slash upwards with his kopis and gain great vertical distance while doing so. When he reaches the peak of his attack, he will finish it off by stabbing downwards and then sheathing his sword. Opponents caught in his slash will suffer a meteor smash effect when he concludes the attack.

Spartan's down special is Disarming Attack. This attack comes from the Double Edged game. In the game it is called his special attack and involves him leaping a short distance upwards while spinning with his sword. Like in Double Edged, this attack will disarm opponents hit by it; in other words, if an opponent is holding an item when hey are hit with this attack, the item will be dropped to the ground.

Lion Hammer Attack is Spartan's Super Attack. He will swing the Lion Hammer in a wide arc. Anyone caught by this first move will be sucked into the Super Attack. Spartan will proceed to deliver a series as smashes and bashes with the hammer before finishing them off with one final blow.

Spartan is an unlockable character. To unlock him, the player must win fifty fights as any veteran character. Upon unlocking him, the Ancient Greece stage will also be unlocked. Enemy Soldiers will also be unlocked as enemies in Dungeon Mode once Spartan is acquired.

SSN Mirror Image Logo


SSN Warlock

Warlock returns from Super Smash Nitrome to show his skills in Super Smash Nitrome 2! He now uses his magic powers more heavily than hand-to-hand combat.

His neutral special, Arcane Orb, is a glowing orb of purple light that homes in on targets after it is fired. If it does not hit a target after a short period of time, it will sputter out and vanish.

His side special, Orenado, is a new magic skill he has picked up. He creates a swirling storm of ore, dust, and stone. He then thrusts it forwards as a projectile. The Orenado swirls forward a good distance, damaging any opponents caught in it, and hen returns to Warlock before dissipating. The Orenado will carry any opponents caught in it back to Warlock so they can be met with close quarter attacks.

Warlock's up special is Magic Teleport. The direction he moves in and position he reappears in can be influenced with the directional keys while using this move. By pressing the special attack button while in motion, the player can control Warlock to attack with his staff upon reappearing.

Warlock's down special is Deformity. He has to be near the opponent when he casts this spell for it to work. Upon landing the spell on a target the opponent will be unable to move and a purple cloud will envelope them. They will have many of their bones fractured as the spell takes effect and their bone marrow will form sharp spires that stab through their body. It is truly a violent attack, and once it is all finished, the opponent will be temporarily stunned. Once they come out of the status, they will be back to moving and attacking normally, despite the many bone fractures.

Void Caster is Warlock's Super Attack. He will cast a spell that creates a large void that sucks opponents in. Opponents that are unfortunate enough to get caught in the void will be damaged greatly. Then they will be thrown out of the void as the attack ends.

Warlock is an unlockable character. Warlock is unlocked upon completing Classic Mode on Easy difficulty with any character. The Warlock's Village stage is also unlocked upon unlocking him.

SSN Ditto Logo


SSN Ditto

Ditto returns to fight in SSN2 and with some new abilities at her command!

The more damage Ditto takes, the darker she becomes and the more and more she becomes a shadow. The more she is like a shadow, the more damage she deals to opponents when attacking. At 100% damage, she completely takes on her Shadow form and deals max damage with all of her attacks. Her shadow form also changes some of her abilities as well.

Her neutral special move is Gem Flash. This move involves Ditto taking out a green gem and holding it in front of her. Opponents that touch the gem are dealt damage. The gem reflects the light and creates a bright flash. If an opponent is attacking Ditto when this flash occurs, their attack will do no damage to her and they will be stunned for a few seconds by the blinding flash of light. When in Shadow form, Ditto uses Gem Absorb. This deals more damage when opponents touch the gem and has a sort of attracting force that pulls opponents towards the gem. If an opponent is attacking Ditto while the gem is out, their attack will deal no damage and they will be cursed for a few seconds. The curse can do a number of things to the opponent; they can be frozen, receive fire damage, receive poison damage for five seconds, become burrowed in the ground, or have their attacks weakened for a short time.

Ditto's side special move is Cape Twirl. When she uses this, she swishes her cape in front of her. This reflects projectiles and can turn opponents around to face the other direction. It deals no damage when she is in Normal form, but as she becomes more of a Shadow it starts to deal damage. In Shadow form the Cape Twirl deals max amount of damage and instead of reflecting projectiles it absorbs them and then damage is dealt to the opponent that used the projectile.

Ditto's up special move is Glide. She drifts upward a short distance and then gains the ability to glide. She can glide left or right, but can't go up. She slowly loses height the longer she is in the air. This move doesn't deal any damage while in Normal form, but when in Shadow form she will deal damage during the short upward movement she makes at the start of the move. Unfortunately, there is a tradeoff. While the Normal form deals no damage and can glide for a good amount of time, the Shadow Form deals max damage, but can't glide as long and loses height faster.

Her down special move is Shadow Counter. She summons a Shadow that appears next to her. The Shadow deals damage when it hits opponents and the Shadow will also block enemy attacks and projectiles for Ditto. In Shadow form, Ditto summons a Shadow and then once it arrives she will send it forwards an average range to damage opponents.

Ditto's Super Attack is Shattered Reality. She will slash opponents with a mirror from the dungeon she came from. After slashing the opponents, the area where she slashed will shatter into glass shards and the opponent will be broken apart with them. The glass shards will flip over and then reform in reverse. Upon reforming, the opponent will have turned into a Shadow form of themselves. Ditto will then deliver the final blow with one swipe of a gem.

SSN Frost Bite Series Logo


SSN Eskimo

Eskimo is back and now uses skills from her Thin Ice game in her moveset!

Eskimo's neutral special move is Grapple Gun. Eskimo fires her Grapple Gun at opponents. Upon being hit with the grappling hook, they will be reeled into towards her. She will then hit them with her knee and send them back away from her.

Eskimo's side special utilizes her skates from Thin Ice. Skate Slide is a move in which Eskimo skates forward and rams opponents in her way. Upon stopping, she will screech to a halt and spray powdery snow in front of her. This snow has a chance of freezing opponents hit by it.

Eskimo's up special is called Grappling Hook. She fires her grappling gun upwards in hopes of grappling a ledge, which is known as a tether recovery. However, Eskimo can grapple opponents too. Upon grappling an opponent, she will reel herself in towards them and then deliver a powerful kick to them upon contact. Once she has attacked them she will release them and she will be able to use the move again, unlike if she had grappled nothing.

Her down special is Snow Boulder. She will roll a small snowball into her hands and then roll it like a bowling ball. As it rolls, the ball becomes larger and deals more damage. This move is advantageous when used at a distance, and upon falling off a ledge, the snow boulder gets a meteor smash effect that will spike any opponents it hits downwards.

Avalanche is Eskimo's Super Attack. Eskimo blows into a bugle, and any opponents caught in her bugle blast will be trapped in her attack. A small cut scene will play in which the opponents are at the bottom of a mountain with an avalanche coming at them. The avalanche blasts into the opponents and they are sent flying.

Eskimo is an unlockable character. She is unlocked upon having won a total of two hours worth of battles. Upon unlocking Eskimo, Arctic Birds are unlocked as enemies in Dungeon Mode.

SSN Nitrome Universe Logo

Mail Bird

SSN Mail Bird

Mail Bird returns to send his message; that he amounts to more than just a character on Nitrome's blog!

Mail Bird's neutral special, Megaphone Blast, is actually pulled from his appearances in Cuboy Academy. He will shout into his megaphone, creating sound waves that damage opponents.

Mail Bird's side special move is Envelope Throw. Mail Bird throws an envelope straight forward through the air. An opponent hit by the envelope will become trapped inside the envelope temporarily. While inside, they will receive damage if they struggle by moving too much. Mail Bird is free to deal extra damage to trapped opponents.

Frantic Flapping is Mail Bird's up special. He will flap his little wings as hard as he can to carry himself into the air.

Mail Bird's down special is Envelope Shields. He puts up big envelopes on both sides of himself, protecting him from melee attacks on each side. Additionally, projectiles that hit his shields will be stored inside the envelope. Then, they can be fired back at any time by using the move again.

His super attack is Postal Bird. Mail Bird will lick a stamp and slap it onto an opponent in front of him. If there are no opponents within his sight when performing the move, he will look around, confused, and the attack will fail. However, if a successful hit occurs, he will then proceed to wrap the opponent in bubble wrap, slap a few ribbons and bows on them, and then pack them in a cardboard package. He will then seal the package with packing tape and strap a ticking time bomb to it. He will then cover his ears and leap away from the box seconds before it explodes, launching the opponent inside the package into the air and off the stage.

SSN Test Subject Logo


SSN Green

Green is back and has gained the ability to mimic the up special move of his opponents!

His neutral special is Mimic Stance. When he uses this move, he will morph into the shape of an exclamation point. If he hits an opponent while doing this, he will learn how to mimic their neutral special. The next time he uses the neutral special move, he will perform the move of the opponent he mimicked. If he mimicked Ditto, he will morph into the shape of Ditto and use Gem Flash. If he mimicked Warlock, he will use Arcane Orb. You get the idea. If he has a move mimicked and he takes too much damage, he will forget how to use it and will have to mimic another move.

His side special move is Enzyme Bullet, in which he fires forth a projectile of green slime.

Green's up special move is Burner Rise. Green morphs into a hot-air balloon shape and then a burner on the bottom part of the balloon causes Green to float upwards.

Green's down special is Spike-Out. He will morph into the shape of a Dodge enzyme and will protrude spikes from around his body to damage nearby opponents.

Green's super attack is Mimic Rex209. He will grow larger and morph into the shape of Rex209. He can then be maneuvered around the stage to crush and blast opponents away.

SSN Test Subject Logo

Doctor Nastidious

SSN Doctor Nastidious

Doctor Nastidious makes a comeback and has an evil plot to dominate the battlefield! He built a robotic exoskeleton out of parts of The Machine. He wears the exoskeleton under his clothes and uses it to attack opponents.

Doctor Nastidious' neutral special is Laser Fire. When used on the ground, his exoskeleton will fold a laser cannon out of the back of Doctor Nastidious' shirt hole. It will then fire a laser beam at opponents with extreme accuracy. When used in the air, however, the laser cannon will fold out of his sleeves and he will fire it downward as he sweeps it across the ground, hurting opponents in a wide range below him.

His side special is Drill Punch. The Machine's drills fold out of one of his sleeves and he lunges forwards with it to attack opponents.

His up special is Machine Pack. His exoskeleton forms a jet pack and rockets him upwards. The direction it goes in can be influenced. If he connects with an opponent, he will ram the opponents as he flies upwards, carrying them along with him. Then he smashes them downwards with a powerful punch!

Doctor Nastidious' down special is Drill Drop. When used on the ground, he will unfold the drills from both his sleeves, perform an uppercut into the air, and then slam downwards with the drills into the ground. When used in the air, he will unfold the drills and then drop downwards to slam them into the floor. This attack can burrow opponents that are on the ground if they are directly hit with it.

The Machine is his Super Attack. His exoskeleton transforms into the Machine and he climbs inside it. The Machine can then rampage around the stage, firing lasers at opponents to deal damage. Opponents that touch the Machine will also take damage.

Doctor Nastidious is an unlockable character. He is unlocked by defeating Professor or Blue in Rex209 in 20 battles. Doctor Nastidious' Lair is also unlocked as a stage when he is unlocked.

SSN Canary Logo

Canary 214-LE

SSN Canary 214-LE

Canary 214-LE jets into the skirmish! He brings several tools with him from the mining facility that he uses as weapons against his opponents.

Canary's neutral special is Cutting Laser. This move deals damage as long as the opponent is in direct contact with it. The move can rack up lots of damage quickly but deals no knockback.

His side special is Mining Cart. By just tapping the button, Canary will roll a mining cart forward to hit opponents. By holding the button down, Canary will get inside and ride the mining cart forward. The cart deals more damage while Canary is inside, but he can hop out of it by pressing any button.

Jet Pack is his up special. It doesn't deal any damage, but has a great amount of influence in the air. By tapping the special attack button repeatedly, you can make Canary boost up higher and influence his horizontal recovery with the directional keys.

Canary's down special is Bomb Set. He will set an explosive charge on the ground that will explode when an opponent comes near it. If an opponent is next to Canary, he will plant it on the opponent themselves and it will detonate seconds afterwards.

His super attack is Supernova Laser. He turns the power dial on his cutting laser up to ten and then unleashes a blindingly powerful laser blast. After the attack is over, he will have to let his cutting laser recharge after it overheated.

Canary 214-LE is an unlockable character. He is unlocked when you survive for at least thirty minutes in Adventure Mode. The Canary Mines stage is unlocked along with him.



SSN Raccoon

The muscular Raccoon from The Bucket returns to SSN2. He is built for battle and delivers his powerful attacks with such force that they create small sonic booms that propel opponents away.

Raccoon's neutral special attack is Mach Punch. He winds his arm back, forming his hand into a fist, and then thrusts it forward with great force.

His side special is Boulder Toss. He tears a boulder out of the ground and hurls it forward as a projectile. Opponents can take damage from him pulling it out of the ground and from the hurled rock itself.

His up special is Mach Uppercut. It doesn't give him much vertical distance, but it delivers a powerful blow to anyone hit by it.

His down special is Mach Kick. When used on the ground, he kicks forwards while moving a short distance. In the air, he drops downwards at a slight angle with his leg extended for a kick.

Mach Slam is a powerful series of punches and kicks that ends in a whirling slam into the ground.

Raccoon is unlocked upon winning ten fights and then completing Target Smash level one in under fourteen minutes.

SSN Fat Cat Logo

Fat Cat & Owl

SSN Fat Cat & Owl

Fat Cat and Owl are two tough fighters that teamed up to form a dynamic duo! With Cat's strength and weight he can overpower opponents, while Owl can outmaneuver them with psychic attacks and projectiles.

Fat Cat & Owl's neutral special is Laser Bullets. Owl fires laser blasts from his eyes that barrage opponents and rack up damage.

Their side special is Owl Boomerang. Owl envelopes himself in a plasma substance and then flies out a short distance. Anyone who touches him will be burned on contact, but while he is out, Cat is vulnerable to attack. Owl returns to Cat and the move is completed.

Owl Flight is their up special. Owl uses his telekinesis to lift him and Cat into the air while flapping his wings to gain more distance into the air. Opponents that come near them will be thrown away by the telekinetic field and take damage.

Earthquake is Fat Cat & Owl's down special move. When on the ground, Fat Cat will slam himself onto the floor, creating a small earthquake that damages opponents with shockwaves. In the air, Owl will use his telekinesis to increase the force of the impact as Cat slams down to the ground. It causes more damage when begun in the air.

Fat Cat & Owl use the Mega Laser for their super attack. Owl feeds Cat a birthday cake and then Cat will burp. Following the burp, Cat and Owl will take off to the top of the stage, where Cat unleashes the Mega Laser down upon their opponents. The Mega Laser can be moved around to target different areas as well.

Fat Cat & Owl will be unlocked upon completing Classic Mode on Hard difficulty as any character. The stage Fat Cat World will also unlock at this point.

SSN Oodlegobs Logo

Teenager and Oodlegobs

SSN Teenager and Oodlegobs

The angry and vengeful hacker Teenager enters the SSN2 battle and brings his Oodlegobs to help him fight. He isn't concerned if one of the three Oodlegobs he has out on the field are defeated though, since another one will appear to take its place in no time.

Oodlegob Code is Teenager's neutral special. Teenager takes out his laptop and codes an Oodlegob into existence; will only work if the max number of Oodlegobs are not already on the stage.

Oodlegob Throw is his side special. Teenager hurls an Oodlegob forwards that will latch onto an bite an opponent it hits.

Teenager's up special is Oodlegob Boost. One of his Oodlegobs gets under him and he boosts off of it like a stair step high into the air. Unfortunately the Oodlegob he boosts off of will be stunned and may even fall to their doom if the move is used in the air.

His down special is Oodlegob Flank. The three Oodlegobs will spin around Teenager, rapidly hitting any nearby opponents.

Finally, his super attack is Oodlegob Tsunami. Teenager boots up his laptop and then sends forth the full force of his Oodlegob army to charge forwards and whisk away any opponents caught up in the tidal wave of gnashing fangs.

SSN Test Subject Logo


SSN Orange

Orange returns and is hungrier for battle than ever before! He takes on the forms of many orange enzymes to fight.

Throwing Orange is his neutral special. Orange morphs into a Throwing Orange Enzyme and lobs a ball of orange goo that arcs through the air. The ball will roll along the ground if it comes into contact with it and continue until it hits an opponent or wall.

His side special is Shield Orange. Orange morphs into a Shield Orange Enzyme and thrusts his shield forwards. Not only will the shield damage those it hits, but it will reflect projectiles as well.

Orange's up special is Flying Orange. He morphs into a Flying Orange and flies upwards. While flying, you can press the special attack button to make him shoot an orange proton bullet. Also, projectiles that hit him while in this form will be reflected.

Dodge Orange is his down special. Orange morphs into a Dodge Orange Enzyme and stands in place. He will dodge projectiles in this form and will counter enemy attacks by spiking out.

His super attack is Juggernaut Orange. He morphs into a ferocious Juggernaut Orange Enzyme that deals damage to opponents that touch it. Also, pressing the special attack button will make him fire a cluster of orange proton bullets from his mouth.

Orange is an unlockable character. He is unlocked upon winning one hundred fights.

SSN Test Subject Logo


SSN Mercenary

Mercenary may be here for the money, but that doesn't mean he won't give his all!

Mercenary's neutral special is Rapid Fire. He fires several bullets from his gun in quick succession.

His side special is Mercenary Motor-Bike. He hops onto a motorcycle and drives around to ram opponents. He can be moved back and forth and pressing any attack button will dismount him. The discarded motor-bike can be picked up and thrown by anyone.

Teleporter Kick is Mercenary's up special. He uses one of the teleporter devices that Nastidious stole from the Professor to move in the direction you indicate with the directional controls. Upon reappearing, he will perform a powerful kick to hit any opponents nearby. When in the air, this kick will give him a little extra lift.

His down special is Cooked Orange Hose. It's kind of like Mario's F.L.U.D.D. from Smash Bros. Once he's got it charged up, use the attack again to spray a stream of cooked orange enzyme goop all over your enemies.

Mercenary's super attack is Cooked Orange Bombs. He leaps off the stage at the start of the attack. Then, his hand reappears at the top, gigantic in size. Pressing the special attack button will make him drop cooked orange bombs onto the stage below to damage opponents. If a bomb misses, it will release Orange Worm Enzymes that will damage opponents as they slither along the platforms.

Mercenary is unlocked upon winning fifty fights as any Test Subject character.

Nitrome Boss






Snow Drift Yeti



Newcomers to the SSN battlefield will be listed below.

SSN Nitrome Universe Logo


Challenger Cuboy
SSN Cuboy

Cuboy, the Nitrome mascot himself, joins the battle! His attacks are reminiscent of an array of Nitrome games. Cuboy is representing any Nitrome game that doesn't have a viable fighter in the SSN2 arena through his attacks. He uses attacks that call back to games like Pixel Pop, Silly Sausage, Plunger, Nitrometris, Nanobots, Flash Cat, and more!

Cuboy's neutral special is Hammer Throw. It is derived from his appearance in the NES skin, in which he is seen in his own game world. The hammers he throws are thrown at an arc when he is on the ground, but are thrown more straight when used in the air.

Rush Dash, from the game Rush, is Cuboy's side special. He dashes a forward at light speed, leaving a trail of light behind him.

Cuboy's up special is Cyan Fan. He will spin the Cyan Fan from the Hot Air series over his head very quickly, lifting him up like a helicopter. Any opponents that touch the blades of the Cyan Fan are subject to taking damage.

Cuboy's down special is Mallet Mania. He whips out the hammer from the Mallet Mania game and gets ready to swing. This attack can be charged up to deal more damage.

Cuboy's Super Attack is NES Attack. He pulls out an Nitrome Enjoyment System and puts in a game. The game he puts in is glitched, causing the NES to explode. The resulting explosion releases an 8-bit laser across the stage that deals incredible amounts of damage to opponents caught up in it.

Cuboy is an unlockable character. Cuboy is unlocked upon unlocking all of the other unlockable characters.

SSN Turn-Undead Logo

Vampire Hunter

SSN Vampire Hunter

The Vampire Hunter from Turn-Undead looks for his place among the light...but instead he found his place in the SSN2 arena! He uses weapons capable of obliterating vampires, and even if his competition isn't a bunch of undead blood-suckers, these weapons will still pack a punch on any foe he crosses paths with!

Vampire Hunter's neutral special is his signature Stake Shot. He fires a wooden stake from one of his crossbows. Unlike in Turn-Undead, the stake doesn't need Vampire Hunter to move in order to move forwards. It will fly forwards through the air all on its own, impaling anyone it hits.

His side special move is Sunlight Bomb. He throws a small grenade that releases pure sunlight upon exploding. It doesn't deal any knockback but will deal sufficient damage and also stun opponents with the bright flash. This leaves them open to a quick follow-up attack.

Bat Flight is Vampire Hunter's up special. He takes hold of a bat's legs as it carries him upwards with mighty flaps of its leathery wings. While flying upwards, Vampire hunter can fire stakes by pressing the neutral special button.

Vampire Hunter's down special is Phantom Shield. He unfolds his cloak and releases a glowing, blue skull that acts as a shield as it spins around him. He can even move around while the skull revolves around his body. Opponents hit by it will take damage. After a short time the skull will vanish, or if it is hit with a projectile.

His Super Attack is Holy Water Shot. He pours holy water into his crossbow and then fires a stake in a lightning-fast path straight forwards. Anyone caught in this attack will be subject to an instant K.O.

SSN Platform Panic Logo

Radd Bradd

SSN Radd Bradd

Radd Bradd skateboards into action and isn't afraid to skin his knees! He will use all sorts of skateboard tricks to beat down on opponents.

Radd Bradd's neutral special is Homing Flip. Bradd flips his skateboard around his leg and then leaps through the air, homing in on nearby opponents to hit them with his skateboard. If no one is around, he'll flip towards the nearest wall. Once he has hit the wall, he'll grab hold of it. Pressing the neutral attack button will allow him to attack again, but pressing any other button will just make him do a wall jump.

His side special is Rail Grind. He'll grind forwards on his skateboard and hit opponents out of the way. He leaves sparks behind him as he grinds that deal minor burn damage to those who touch it.

Ollie is his up special. He leaps high into the air with his skateboard and does a 360-spin that will damage opponents hit by it.

His down special is Kickflip. He will perform a kickflip where he stands and then the move ends...unless he is hit by an opponent while performing it. Kickflip is a counter, so when he is attacked while performing it, he will receive no damage and instead deal damage to the opponent by slamming them with his skateboard.

Radd Bradd's super attack is Halfpipe Combo. He knocks nearby opponents onto a halfpipe where he rolls back and forth and smacks them as he passes. He then finishes the move with a heavy body slam from above.

SSN Lockehorn Logo


SSN Lockehorn

Lockehorn joins SSN2 to prove his worth in a bigger arena!

His neutral special is Power Ram. He poises his antlers forwards and then thrusts forwards with them. This move deals lots of knockback, especially when fully charged. It can even break through an opponent's shield at full charge!

Lockehorn's side special is Ice Slab. He slides a slab of solid ice along the ground to slam opponents with it.

Frost Jet is his up special. A jet of misty frost propels him into the air.

His down special is Ice Bomb. He tosses the projectile forwards and it explodes on contact with an opponent. It releases a cloud that freezes opponents.

His super attack is Big Freeze. The giant snow spirit Big Freeze shuffles onto the field and roars, blasting strong gales, freezing ice, and snow across the stage.

Lockehorn is unlocked by completing five events in Event Mode. The Lockehorn Arena stage also unlocks when Lockehorn becomes available.

SSN Cave Chaos Series Logo


SSN Miner

The dusty miner emerges from the chaos of the caves to fight in SSN2! His attacks may transfer some of that dirt and soot he's covered in to opponents, and slow them down as a result!

Miner's neutral special utilizes the headlamp he wears. It's called Flashlight, and stuns opponents with a bright flash of light, but only if they're right next to Miner when the flash occurs.

Miner's side special is Dynamite Toss. He throws forward some dynamite that explodes once it comes to rest on the ground. If it doesn't touch ground, it won't explode, though opponents can still get hurt by just getting hit by it.

His up special is Glide Pick-up. Just like in Cave Chaos, this pick-up allows Miner to glide for a short time. He can move quickly through the air in a short time though and can cover a lot of distance.

Stomp Attack is another pick-up from Cave Chaos. It allows Miner to stomp down on enemies from above. The function here is similar; Miner will drop straight down and stomp opponents below him. When used on the ground, Miner will perform a short hop and then slam back to the ground.

Finally, Miner's super attack is Bomb Pick-up. In Cave Chaos, this pick-up would clear the screen of all enemies with a bright flash and huge explosion. It won't clear the screen in SSN2, but it does make a big explosion that will K.O. any opponents caught up in it.

Miner will be unlocked upon using 400 Cublocks. The Cave Chaos Mine stage will also become available when Miner is unlocked.

SSN B.C. Bow Contest Logo


SSN Caveman

Caveman arrives to seek out some new targets in Super Smash Nitrome 2! He uses lots of different arrows to attack, and can even swap out different types of arrows. Find which arrow type best suits your play-style!

Caveman's neutral special is Quiver Swap. Caveman will spin in a circle and pull out an arrow, displaying what type of arrow it is. There are five types of arrows Caveman can toggle between. Normal arrows fly and deal damage normally. Bomb arrows explode upon hitting an opponent and deal more damage. Magnet arrows will home in on opponents when fired. No Wind arrows have longer range. Multi-bonus arrows will pierce through opponents and keep going until they hit a wall or the ground.

His side special is Bow Shot. Depending on what type of arrow is in the quiver, Caveman will fire different types of arrows.

Caveman's up special is Pterodactyl Soar. Input a direction at the start of the move and the pterodactyl will soar a great distance in that direction.

Stone Arrow is Caveman's down special. He fires a stone arrow at the ground that grows large and heavy and acts as a temporary wall. When used on the ground, Caveman will fire the arrows up at a slight angle before it drops back to the ground. Using it in the air makes Caveman fire it straight down. It creates shockwaves upon hitting the ground that damage opponents that are even standing near the landing point.

Extinction Arrow is Caveman's super attack. He fires the Extinction arrow forwards and it explodes. Opponents hit by the arrow and explosion will take a lot of damage. Arrows will then rain from the sky in massive quantities and add onto the damage caused by this attack.

Caveman is unlocked upon completing ten events in Event Mode. The stage Dino Rush also becomes unlocked upon unlocking Caveman.

SSN Rubble Trouble Series Logo


SSN Garry

Garry arrives and is ready to blow stuff up!

Dynamite Plant is Garry's neutral special. Garry plants a dynamite on the ground that explodes after a short time.

Molotov Toss is his side special. He tosses a Molotov forward that explodes when it hits an opponent or platform. If it hits an opponent, it will deal lots of burn damage to them. If it lands on the ground, it will spread fire along the ground in that area that will hurt anyone that touches it, even Garry.

Mini-Airplane Flight is Garry's up special attack. He flies a decent distance upwards, damaging any opponents that come into contact with the spinning propeller. However, if Garry flies over a yellow barrier, which he can set up on the ground by using his down tilt or down smash attacks, the plane will drop nitro-bombs in that area. Opponents standing within that zone will get hit with some explosive attacks!

Garry's down special is Chain Gun. Garry hops into a Chain Gun where he stands and can then fire bullets at opponents by pressing the special attack button. His aim can also be altered with the directional keys. Pressing the standard attack button will make Garry hop out of the gun's seat. It can then be picked up and thrown around by anyone that wishes to do so.

His super attack is Tank Attack. Garry climbs into the Russian tank and starts blasting away! He can be maneuvered around the battlefield to run over opponents, but keep in mind that unlike Fox's Landmaster in Brawl, this tank has no thrusters to carry it into the air--so stay away from edges!

Garry will be unlocked after winning one hundred fifty fights. When Garry is unlocked, so is the Space Demolition Site stage.

Office Trap Employee


Castle Corp Knight




Magic Touch Wizard


Full Roster


SSN Roster


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Music tracks in SSN2 will be listed alongside the stage they appear in on the Super Smash Nitrome 2: Stages page!


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Customizable Movesets

Each character has customizable moves in SSN2. Customizable Moves are special variations of their special attacks that can be equipped to a character for use in battle. Customizable moves are acquired by earning them as rewards in Dungeon Mode, Classic Mode, and Combo-Craze Mode.

Each special move has three variations; the default, which is the character's regular special move, and then two variants.

Other Elements

These are other elements of the game.

Super-Charged Super Attack

If a character is over 100% when in possession of the ability to use a Super Attack, the Super Attack will be Super-Charged! It will deal more damage than regular Super Attacks and even has a 15% chance of getting a guaranteed K.O. when used.


In Super Smash Nitrome 2, NiTrophies can do two different things: they can graft costumes of that character onto a Nitromian fighter, or, they can power-up the character they represent when that character is selected for a battle. Powering-up the fighter increases their jump, speed, attack damage, knockback distance, and defense. Sometimes powering-up can result in granting the character their Super Attack at the start of a battle, though this is not very common. The following NiTrophies are compatible with this game. Only released NiTrophies are listed.


Blue in Rex209



Hazmat Hero

Cat Angel


Austin Carter


Keep an eye on the page for updates!