This is a list of the characters and movesets from Super Smash Nitrome Fan-Fiction, an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you have any suggestions or want to edit this article, please leave a message asking for his permission.


These are the playable characters in Super Smash Nitrome. Their weight type (lightweight, average, heavyweight) will be displayed next to them. The heavier they are, the more damage it takes to K.O. them.

Plasmaster from Pyrokinesis- average

Blue in AWS from Test Subject: Enzyme Adventures- average

Mail Bird from Cuboy Academy- lightweight

Yin & Yang from Cuboy Academy- lightweight

Snow from Cuboy Academy- lightweight

Canary 413-XL from Canary 2- average

Canary 718-DR from Canary 2- average

Phil from Adventure Cubed- average

Cubro from Adventure Cubed- average

Cubrute from Adventure Cubed- heavyweight

Klonoala from Klonoala- lightweight

Katze from Neko's Brothers- heavyweight

Gato from Neko's Brothers- heavyweight

Grenadier from Final Mutiny: Pirates vs. Ninjas- average

Assassin from Final Mutiny: Pirates vs. Ninjas- lightweight

Witchdoctor from Final Mutiny: Pirates vs. Ninjas- lightweight

Samurai from Final Mutiny: Pirates vs. Ninjas- heavyweight

Freebooter from Final Mutiny: Pirates vs. Ninjas

Artillery Fighter from Final Mutiny: Pirates vs. Ninjas

Hallbert from Sky Slayer- average

Dark Blue in Shine803 from Test Subject Swap- heavyweight

Omega Carter from NMDFanfictionMon- Lightweight

Alpha Bennet from NMDFanfictionMon- Average

(more to be added later)


These are the movesets of the characters, which tells the name of the move and the keys required to use it.


Neutral O- Flamethrower

Side O- Blazing Speed

Up O- Flaming Uppercut

Down O- Overheat

Super Attack- Fire Combo

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Flame Swing

Down P- Hot Ground

Up P- Overhead Explosion

Dash P- Fire Punch

Jump P- Fireball Spin

Jump Up P- Flaming Flipkick

Jump Forward P- Fire Ram

Jump Down P- Explosive Flurry

Jump Backwards P- Heat Wave

Grab Up- Fire Kicks & Slam

Grab Down- Spontaneous Combustion

Grab Side- Fire Hurl

Grab Back- Fire Tornado

Side Smash- Large Explosion

Up Smash- Heat Energy Ball

Down Smash- Lava Pool

Blue in AWS

Neutral O- Sound Waves

Side O- Sound Charge

Up O- Sound Boost

Down O- Sound Bomb

Super Attack- Sonic Boom

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Kick, Kick, Kick

Side P- Stomp

Down P- Low Kick

Up P- Upward Sound Shot

Dash P- Sound Slam

Jump P- Sound Spin

Jump Up P- Leg Slam

Jump Forward P- Spin Kick

Jump Down P- Sound Blast

Jump Backwards P- Blue Punch

Grab Up- Sound Carry

Grab Down- Sonic Quake

Grab Side- Sound Barrage

Grab Back- Sound Rocket

Side Smash- Sonic Hook

Up Smash- Sonic Clap

Down Smash- Sound Barrier

Mail Bird

Neutral O- Megaphone Blast

Side O- Envelope Throw

Up O- Frantic Flapping

Down O- Envelope Shields

Super Attack- Postal Bird

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Peck, Punch, Kick

Side P- Stamp Smack

Down P- Envelope Swipe

Up P- Envelope Raise

Dash P- Birdy Torpedo

Jump P- Picket Sign Spin

Jump Up P- Overhead Sign Swing

Jump Forward P- Stamp Ram

Jump Down P- Bird Landing

Jump Backwards P- Feather Tickle

Grab Up- Picket Sign Golf

Grab Down- Envelope Trap

Grab Side- Air Mail

Grab Back- E-mail Smash

Side Smash- Mailbox Swing

Up Smash- Stamp Juggle

Down Smash- Mailbox Hammer

Yin & Yang

Neutral O- Yin-Yang Blast

Side O- Yin Toss/Yang Toss

Up O- Yin-Yang Copter

Down O- Yin-Yang Laser Disc

Super Attack- Laser Storm

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Headbutt

Down P- Slide Kick

Up P- Yin-Yang Flip

Dash P- Yin-Yang Spin

Jump P- Twirling Descent

Jump Up P- Yin-Yang Overhead Swing

Jump Forward P- Yin-Yang Swing

Jump Down P- Yin-Yang Kick

Jump Backwards P- Yin-Yang Swipe

Grab Up- Team Hammer Throw

Grab Down- Team Slam

Grab Side- Team Spike

Grab Back- Team Vault

Side Smash- Yin-Yang Punch

Up Smash- Yin-Yang Clobber

Down Smash- Yin-Yang Wave


Neutral O- Sleep Dart

Side O- Agent Kick

Up O- Rocket Booster

Down O- Frisbee Shields

Super Attack- Clean-up Crew

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Knee

Side P- Clobber

Down P- Leg Sweep

Up P- Grappling Hook Swing

Dash P- Textbook Slam

Jump P- Grappling Hook Spin

Jump Up P- Closed Textbook

Jump Forward P- Aerial Roundhouse Kick

Jump Down P- Power Kick

Jump Backwards P- Grappling Hook Jab

Grab Up- Grapple Spin

Grab Down- Grapple Slam

Grab Side- Grapple Lasso

Grab Back- Rocket Blast

Side Smash- Orange Goo Pie

Up Smash- Rocket Ignite

Down Smash- Splits Kick

Canary 413-XL

Neutral O- Cutting Laser Arrow

Side O- Laser Staff Dash

Up O- Jet Pack

Down O- Laser Shield

Super Attack- Super Laser

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Whack

Side P- Laser Swipe

Down P- Laser Club

Up P- Laser Dagger

Dash P- Close Combat

Jump P- Laser Whip Twirl

Jump Up P- Laser Sword Stab

Jump Forward P- Laser Sword Swing

Jump Down P- Laser Drop

Jump Backwards P- Double Sword Swing

Grab Up- Laser Pike

Grab Down- Laser Trident

Grab Side- Laser Javelin

Grab Back- Laser Trap

Side Smash- Laser Hammer

Up Smash- Laser Axe

Down Smash- Laser Spark

Canary 718-DR

Neutral O- Purple Laser Beam

Side O- Alien Larvae Punt

Up O- Alien Squid-copter

Down O- Poison Cloud

Super Attack- Alien Invasion

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Slap, Kick

Side P- Laser Cannon Swing

Down P- Infected Rock Jab

Up P- Spike Ball Slash

Dash P- Poison Sack Slam

Jump P- Spike Ball Spin

Jump Up P- Alien Spinner Attack

Jump Forward P- Cannon Swing

Jump Down P- Alien Mine Drop

Jump Backwards P- Poison Sack Swing

Grab Up- Poison Sack Sling

Grab Down- Alien Leech

Grab Side- Purple Laser Barrage

Grab Back- Alien Slingshot

Side Smash- Medic Kit Smash

Up Smash- Infected Boulder Toss

Down Smash- Double Spike Ball


Neutral O- Throw

Side O- Spellbook Blast

Up O- Sauce Rocket

Down O- Hats Off

Super Attack- Grilled Opponent

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Punch, Punch

Side P- Fedora Smack

Down P- Tongs Jab

Up P- Burger Flip

Dash P- Hat Boost

Jump P- Spatula Spin

Jump Up P- Fly Trap Hat

Jump Forward P- Charcoal Swing

Jump Down P- Sucker Punch Hat

Jump Backwards P- Big Heavy Object

Grab Up- Spatula Flip

Grab Down- Pocket

Grab Side- Tennis Ball Barrage

Grab Back- Spatula Slap

Side Smash- Grill Brush Swing

Up Smash- BBQ Sauce Fountain

Down Smash- Watermelon Smash


Neutral O- Boomerang Throw

Side O- Super Charge

Up O- Rang Slash

Down O- Rap Battle

Super Attack- Rang Ride

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Microphone Whack

Down P- Leg Attack

Up P- Hat Flip

Dash P- Rang Ram

Jump P- Rang Roll

Jump Up P- Fire Rang

Jump Forward P- Ice Rang

Jump Down P- Stone Rang

Jump Backwards P- Poison Rang

Grab Up- Rang Swipe

Grab Down- Grand Slam

Grab Side- Rang Frenzy

Grab Back- Fall Back

Side Smash- Metal Rang

Up Smash- Magic Rang

Down Smash- Twin Rang


Neutral O- Power Punch

Side O- Cubug Spawn

Up O- Cubug Flight

Down O- Ground Pound

Super Attack- Cubug Army

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Stomp

Side P- Cubug Club

Down P- Ground Sweep

Up P- Overhead Punch

Dash P- Cubic Ram

Jump P- Cubic Spin

Jump Up P- Cubic Kick

Jump Forward P- Bite

Jump Down P- Aerial Stomp

Jump Backwards P- Aerial Kick

Grab Up- Cubic Prod

Grab Down- Cubug Beat

Grab Side- Body Slam

Grab Back- Reverse Body Slam

Side Smash- Double Cubug Club

Up Smash- Corner Attack

Down Smash- Duel Quake


Neutral O- Clone Spawn

Side O- Clone Slide

Up O- Clone Boost

Down O- Stone Clone

Super Attack- Clone Takeover

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Rapid Punch

Down P- Clone Trip

Up P- Clone Burst

Dash P- Enemy Sled

Jump P- Clone Cartwheel

Jump Up P- Clone Tower

Jump Forward P- Kick Forward

Jump Down P- Clone Drop

Jump Backwards P- Clone Swing

Grab Up- Teamwork Kick

Grab Down- Spin & Slam

Grab Side- Clone Volleyball

Grab Back- Clone Chain

Side Smash- Clone Blast

Up Smash- Clone Flip

Down Smash- Clone Hammer


Neutral O- Firework Launch

Side O- Momentum Tackle

Up O- Levitate

Down O- Absorb Energy/Heat Wave

Super Attack- Party Animal

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Punch, Kick

Side P- Shove

Down P- Friction Vibration

Up P- Tail Flip

Dash P- Friction Bash

Jump P- Corn Chip Roll

Jump Up P- Chip Stab

Jump Forward P- Taco Bomb

Jump Down P- Gravity Increase

Jump Backwards P- Kitty Spin

Grab Up- Gravity Decrease

Grab Down- Gravity Crush

Grab Side- Momentum Throw

Grab Back- Taco Blast

Side Smash- Friction Punch

Up Smash- Gravity Burst

Down Smash- Chip Blades


Neutral O- Freeze Ray

Side O- Snow Launch

Up O- Icicle Rage

Down O- Ice Barrier

Super Attack- Blizzard

Neutral P (two sequence combo)- Punch, Punch

Side P- Ice Dagger

Down P- Frozen Floor

Up P- Ice Spear

Dash P- Skate Spin

Jump P- Ice Sword Roll

Jump Up P- Snow Clobber

Jump Forward P- Snow Jaws

Jump Down P- Snow Bomb

Jump Backwards P- Ice Sword Strike

Grab Up- Icicle Stab

Grab Down- Glacier Toss

Grab Side- Ice Chain

Grab Back- Snow Bank

Side Smash- Ice Hammer

Up Smash- Ice Sword Swing

Down Smash- Duel Ice Maces


Neutral O- Cannon Ball

Side O- Rum Bottle

Up O- Banana Bomb Bounce

Down O- Mine Lay

Super Attack- Air Strike

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Kick

Side P- Fire Punch

Down P- Peg Leg Kick

Up P- Flag Whip

Dash P- Fire Punch

Jump P- Chain Shot Spin

Jump Up P- Grape Shot

Jump Forward P- Fire Shot

Jump Down P- Lightning Shot

Jump Backwards P- Explosive Shot

Grab Up- Cannon Launch

Grab Down- Parrot Swoop

Grab Side- Cannon Blitz

Grab Back- Hurl Back

Side Smash- Chain Shot Whip

Up Smash- Bomb Bat

Down Smash- Wooden Spin Kick


Neutral O- Blowdart Barrage

Side O- Sleep Dart

Up O- Smoke Bomb Teleport

Down O- Rope Snare

Super Attack- Sushi Roll Chop

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Punch, Elbow

Side P- Kunai Swipe

Down P- Leg Snare

Up P- Kunai Stab

Dash P- Double Ninja Chop

Jump P- Tuck n' Roll

Jump Up P- Flying Kick

Jump Forward P- Blowgun Swing

Jump Down P- Tomahawk Chop

Jump Backwards P- Blowgun Barrel Roll

Grab Up- Ninja Kick

Grab Down- Sleep Dart Bash

Grab Side- Kunai Launcher

Grab Back- Water Stake Blast

Side Smash- Acid Tube Whack

Up Smash- Kunai Arc

Down Smash- Teleport Strike


Neutral O- Magic Blast

Side O- Voodoo Doll

Up O- Seagull Flight

Down O- Healing Doll

Super Attack- Tidal Wave

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Kick, Punch

Side P- Staff Swing

Down P- Knee Knocker

Up P- Poke

Dash P- Staff Jab

Jump P- Staff Twirl

Jump Up P- Scorch

Jump Forward P- Health Drain

Jump Down P- Shackle Smash

Jump Backwards P- Swarm

Grab Up- Voodoo Boost

Grab Down- Entanglement

Grab Side- Pin Shock

Grab Back- Staff Golf

Side Smash- Staff Smash

Up Smash- Curse

Down Smash- Magic Shock


Neutral O- Katana Slice

Side O- Cyber Strike

Up O- Katanacopter

Down O- Cyber Samurai Deflect

Super Attack- Cyber Satellite

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Pommel, Punch

Side P- Sword Stab

Down P- Leg Slice

Up P- Katana Arc

Dash P- Cyber Ram

Jump P- Katana Spin

Jump Up P- Katana Twirl

Jump Forward P- Fan Blades

Jump Down P- Drop Stab

Jump Backwards P- Cyber Spin

Grab Up- Cyber Uppercut

Grab Down- Cyber Slam

Grab Side- Fire Slash

Grab Back- Volcanic Blast

Side Smash- Nun-Chuck Slam

Up Smash- Nun-Chuck Spin

Down Smash- Nun-Chuck Slide


Neutral O- Blunderbuss Blast

Side O- Anchor Crossbow

Up O- Squid Grapple

Down O- Gunpowder Barrel

Super Attack- TNT Detonation

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Hit, Punch

Side P- Blunderbuss Bash

Down P- Spyglass Smack

Up P- Cherry Bomb Toss

Dash P- Barrel Roll

Jump P- Monkey Swing

Jump Up P- Shark Bite

Jump Forward P- Ink Squirt

Jump Down P- Crab Drop

Jump Backwards P- Parrot Peck

Grab Up- Blunderbuss Barrage

Grab Down- Crab Latch

Grab Side- Shark Hurl

Grab Back- Barrel Bowl

Side Smash- Cherry Bomb Slam

Up Smash- Crossbow Jab

Down Smash- Pieces of Eight


Neutral O- Dodge Ball

Side O- Bully Bash

Up O- Sword Cyclone

Down O- Sky Boost

Super Attack- Sky Serpent Ride

Neutral P (three sequence combo)- Punch, Kick, Swipe

Side P- Fist Hammer

Down P- Arm Sweep

Up P- Cape Whip

Dash P- Helmet Ram

Jump P- Gravitational Fist Roll

Jump Up P- Upward Fist Arc

Jump Forward P- Aerial Fist Swing

Jump Down P- Downward Fist Arc

Jump Backwards P- Aerial Back Kick

Grab Up- Aerial Fist Swipe

Grab Down- Triple Fist Strike

Grab Side- Push Away

Grab Back- Helmet Bash

Side Smash- Elbow Jab

Up Smash- Helmet Head Butt

Down Smash- Ball Dribble

Dark Blue in Shine803

Neutral O- Emerald Beam

Side O- Emerald Sphere

Up O- Shine Thrust

Down O- Emerald Barrier

Super Attack- Emerald Blast

Neutral P- Kick, Spin, Kick

Side P- Emerald Slash

Down P- Sweep Kick

Up P- Cannon Punch

Dash P- Emerald Rush

Jump P- Emerald Spin

Jump Up P- Emerald Chute

Jump Forward P- Front Slash

Jump Down P- Emerald Drill

Jump Backwards P- Back Slash

Grab Up- Emerald Uppercut

Grab Down- Emerald Slam

Grab Side- Shine Bash

Grab Back- Shine Stab

Side Smash- Emerald Boost

Up Smash- Emerald Spark

Down Smash- Emerald Quake


Neutral O- Firey Flap

Side O- Wing Slap

Up O- Fire Twister

Down O- Quick Roost

Super Attack- Mega Omega Carter

Neutral P- Kick, Tail Slap, Wing Smash

Side P- Horrifying Headbutt

Down P- Low Kick

Up P- Penultimate Headbutt

Dash P- Wing Slice

Jump P- Tolerance Tornado

Jump Up P- Halo Overheat

Jump Forward P- Surprise Hug <3

Jump Down P- Dive Bomb

Jump Backwards P- Stub Slap

Grab Up- Sunnadai Slash

Grab Down- Sunnadai Pummel

Grab Side- Sunnadai Bite

Grab Back- Sunnadai Tail Slam

Side Smash- Swiveling Sidestep

Up Smash- Halo Hover

Down Smash- 8-Layer Caek Collision


Neutral O- Cuff Crack

Side O- Sword Slash

Up O- Swiveling Slash

Down O- Double Sword Dive

Super Attack- Summon Tornado

Neutral P- Punch, Slash, Headbutt

Side P- Backflip Kick

Down P- Whoa Nelly!

Up P- X-Scissor Uppercut

Dash P- Cuff Cut

Jump P- Upwards Water Pulse

Jump Up P- Crown Crush

Jump Forward P- Surprise Kiss <3

Jump Down P- Sword Slam

Jump Backwards P- Surprise Headbutt

Grab Up- Lunnadai Lick

Grab Down- Lunnadai MoonBlast

Grab Side- Lunnadai Crunch

Grab Back- Lunnadai Launch

Side Smash- Moon Fist

Up Smash- Penultimate Punch

Down Smash- Cookie Crumble

(more to be added)


Each character has three taunts they can perform. Taunts are only to make the gameplay more animated and in no way deal damage to opponents.

Dark Blue in Shine803- goes into sleep mode, shines, Dark Blue bounces in the cockpit

Bennet- Blushes endearingly

Carter- Wags tail in downward dog position


Each character has a unique entrance animation in which they enter the battlefield at the beginning of the battle.

Dark Blue in Shine803- appears from a hologram projected by a spawn area

Carter- Loop de loop + descend onto field

Bennet- Front Flip + descend onto field

Victory/Loss Animations

Each character undergoes a certain animation at the end of a battle. If they won, they will perform the victory animation. If they lost, they will perform the loss animation.

Victory Animations

Listed beside each character's name will be the animation they perform when they win a battle.

Dark Blue in Shine803- shines, Dark Blue jumps happily in the cockpit

Carter- Fist bumps the air and hugs everyone who lost to make them feel better

Bennet- Says "Arrgh!!!!" and waves both of his swords in the air

Loss Animations

Dark Blue in Shine803- explodes leaving parts of its cockpit, legs and emerald cannon

Carter- Make caek for the winner

Bennet- Pounds the ground with left fist and crying

Chargeable Attacks

Some characters have attacks that can be charged up by holding down the attack button. (All Smash attacks can be charged up and therefore will not be listed here.)

Dark Blue in Shine803- Emerald Beam (larger beam, does more damage)

Special Abilities

Some characters have moves that don't necessarily attack, but have another purpose or may attack in some special way.

Dark Blue in Shine803- Emerald Barrier- blocks enemy attacks and reflects their projectiles back at them


Every character has different 'skins' or costumes that you can customize them to. Every character has at least eight skins, with some of them having a few bonus skins. Every character has their normal skin in which they appear as they do in the Nitrome game they hail from. Every character also has a red, blue, green, and yellow skin, in which their skin coloration, clothes, and items are tinged to the corresponding color. These, along with the normal skin, will not be listed below. The remaining three skins and any bonus skins will be listed below next to the corresponding character's name.

Dark Blue in Shine803- empty, ruby, sapphire

Carter- Mini-Carter, Carter, Holy Carter, Corrupted Carter

Bennet- Mini-Bennet, Bennet, Big Bennet, Berserk Bennet

(more skins to be added later)