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Sweatshirts is an Austin and the Bestgamers song parody of Starships. This song is about Justin Bennet's inner self.


  • Austin: Well, another concert. Let's do this!
  • Justin: Whatever...
  • Austin: Um, Justin, is something wrong?
  • Justin: Oh, i've just been thinking... What's so great about me?
  • Austin, Carter, and Bennet: HUH?!
  • Austin: You're the best! You're superb! You take the caek! (Literally.)
  • Justin: But who makes a living as a caek-stealing ninja? That's just stupid!
  • Master Swindler: Hey!
  • Carter: You need to reach into your inner self and find out the great truth!
  • Justin: Um, my sweatshirt?
  • Carter: I guess you could call it that.
  • Bennet: Showtime!
  • Austin: Ok Justin, let's show you what's really inside you! ONE TWO THREE!


Help you not die-ie-ie-ie-ie-ie!


Into the sky-y-y-y-y-y!

(Sorry, that's all I got for now.)

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