Swindler Agency is a sequel (or prequel) to Swindler. In this game the player once again controls the Swindler, called Agent Goo.


Agent X and Agent Z assign Agent Goo on a mission into the bad agency to steal the treasure they've stolen back. Also to take down the Evil Master and his scheme.

Along the way the agency discovers that the evils are mutating forms of honey and jelly, (somehow intergalactic) as seen in Swindler 1.


Agent Goo (the Swindler) - The main character stealing back the bad agency's treasure.

Agent X - The female boss of the agency. She transmittes messages to Agent Goo.

Agent Z - The male co-boss of the agency. He works the controls alongside X.

Agency - More of the agents include Agent Y, Agent Sapphire, Agent Gooette, and more.

Evil Master - The evil genius behind the bad agency. He is always creating plots to steal more treasures.

Skull Swindler - The Evil Master's pet, a swindler-looking skull.


Intergalactic Honey

Honey (Walls)

Lock Honey

Blowing Honey

Honey Bells

Intergalactic Jelly

Jelly Blobs

Sick Jelly

Balloon Jelly


Spiky Blocks


The Evil Master and the Skull Swindler


Intergalactic Poisonous Mushrooms (Do not effect Agent Goo)

Goo Stars


Bees (Do not effect Agent Goo)

Goo Poles





SapphirePrincess (TinyCastleGuy's sister)

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