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Main Game

levels: 3 Stages // RP: 3 Stages // Genre: Boss Fighting // Controls: Look at content 5


This game's gamepaly is very different from the normal. You can paly it as RP in the chat. There is not levels, only 3 Stages. The objective is destroying the Boss. This is a Boss Fighting, and the Boss is the Sys.tem. The Stages are:

First Stage:

The Boss will be a giant computer. You have to destroy it anyway. There will fall crates with weapons (look the content Weapons for more info). With the weapons, you will try to destroy the computer. The computer has 100 blasts of life, and his attacks are: Rocket Throwing (5 Blasts), Eletrify (2 Blasts) and Laser (7 Blasts).

Second Stage:

When the computer explodes, A Robot will appear, saying "Alpha Defence Robot Activated. Destroy Intruder... War mode activated." And the robot will start to attack you. He will throw rockets at you, with 5 blasts of damage. To kill it, you need shoot on it with a Mega Blast.

Final Stage:

Sys.tem Alpha Robot

The Defence Robot

The Robot will burn into ashes and explode. The ground will start to shake, and Giant Flying Robot will appear, saying: "World dominating plan activated. Destroy all". You have to throw Rockets at the Robot when he rests. The Boss has 100 Blasts.


The Giant Flying Robot will fall into the Ground, and some messages will appear in the robot's visor:

"Sys.tem overload. Attempting to reconect... Option unavaible. Calculating... No options avaible. Main Directory is not working. ERROR. Can't make anithing. Turning Off..."

And the robot will shut down and explode. A Message "Congratulations" will appear in the top of the screen and the player will jump and cheer. Then there will appear 2 buttons in the bottom of the screen, "Exit"and "Scoreboard".

Main Player

The player is a Golden Armoured Guy.
Golden Armoured Hero

The Player

  • Life: 5 Blasts
  • Speed: 2 blocks per second
  • Appearence: Golden-Armoured


The Weapons will fall from sky in form of crates. The weapon will self-aim to the enemy, exept Mines and Exterminators.

Weapon Name Weapon Bullet Damage
Common (Defeault) Common Bullet
Common Bullet
1 Blast
Laser Laser
5 Blasts (p.s.)
Bazooka Missle / Rocket
10 Blasts
Minigun Fast Bullet
3 Blasts (p.s.)
Ninja Star Ninja Star
Ninja Star
7 Blasts
Exterminator Bullet-Throwing Bomb
4 Blasts
Mine Mine
8 Blasts (w.t.)
Bow Arrow
5 Blasts
Mega Blast Mega Laser
Mega Laser
  • P.S. = Per Second
  • W.T. = When touched
  • D.F. = Defeault


Player 1 Touchy Movement
Up arrow Key Up Button Jump
Right and Left arrow Keys Right and Left Buttons Move right and left
Space A Button Attack


  • The game was based in a RP in the wiki's Chat.
  • Originally, the hero can customisated. It can still be customisated on RP mode.
  • The game Character and Weapons are NMD based.
  • The Mega Blast weapon only appears on 2nd stage, and it's damage is unknown, because the Defence Robot don't has a specifc health, and the Mega Blast is the only weapon that can destroy it.
  • In Roleplay (RP) mode, there is no weapons, the hero only has to destroy the Sys.tem anyway.

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