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Giveaway (distributable)

Free to use, just credit. No need to message TMU, just straigh add it before it is gone!

2.Shield Yellow EnzymeShield Yellow Enzyme-FREE not distributable anymore.

4.Yellow Enzyme BulletYellow Enzyme Bullet-FREE, but only if you bought Smart Yellow Enzyme and Yellow in Proto-suit (not distributable anymore)

4.Bouncing Red EnzymesRed Bouncing Enzyme -  FREE (no longer distributable)

  • Ai: High floating speed, turns when touching a wall


Buying permits instructions

Message TMU and ask what you can buy (make sure you have enough venuses). He will substract the coins from your account, giving you a permit to use the fanart for (ussually) one game. Please always to wait until your coins are substracted; for the permit to be received.

1.A.YellowSmart Yellow Enzyme-10 pounds not on sale anymore

1.B.Yellow in Proto-SuitYellow-proto-suit-20 pounds not on sale anymore

1.C.Yellow in Rex 209Yellow in Rex209-1,000 pounds (was april fools joke)

1.B.Yellow in Proto-SuitLimited time!!!:Yellow proto-suit+Smart yellow enzyme-15 pounds ONLY! (not on sale anymore) 1.A.Yellow

6.Inflatable Blue EnzymeLIMITED TIME!!! Inflatable Blue Enzyme - 25 pounds (not on sale anymore)

'Helmet' bombHelmet Bomb5 bombets 5 venuses

  • Ai: Walks around, homes into player if noticed, with the intention of exploding near him

Snowy S.Cold-eyed Snow Spirits - 10 venuses LIMITED TIME!!! (no longer on sale)

  • Ai:: Cold are their snowy souls. Usually slow, they will gain an amazing speed if atacked.
  • Get it NOW! Your game protagonist needs some challenge!

Shop's agreement

Ai changing instructions

So you want the distributable/purchased permit to use fanart (that may represent a character like an enemy, ally, player, etc) to have a different behavior? This may be free or may cost coins, but in the end, it will be TMU's decision. Always message when changing behavior.

Permits of use

1. There is no way to purchase the actual fanart. You are actually paying for permits of use.

TMU may terminate this in case of the breaking of any info stated on the Agreement. 

2. The permit is not universal, but per game. Additional purcaches will be needed for several games.

3. You may not transfer permits (fanart) to other users, re-sell them, transfer them to other games you own (except if permission is granted) or ask for refunds.


By buying permits, you will allways comply to the most recent Shop agreement, no mather how much it changed.


All purchaches will be done with Venuses (formely [fictional] Pounds and/or Bombets).

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