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Warning: The page contains spoilers to the final boss in Test Subject Complete.

NOTE:This page is still W.I.P pictures will be added and somethings may be changed.

The Boss update would be a new feature where you could fight the Machine with friends or solo! Once you are at the character selection screen there would be a trigger boss mode option, which would got to boss mode.

The Machine

The Machine would be basicly the same as in TSC. The machine would get a buff of 10 HP,15HP or even 20 HP, it's laser would have a limited range of ???, sometimes when using the drill attack the weak spot will not show. The Health Bar of the Machine would appear at the top, mercenaries could also come out of elevators if the player triggers the option at the stage select.


The Machine would have it's own stages that would come up, there would be atleast 10 possible stages. The stages would be TSC like to give more room to the fight some of them would also be like normal, the stages would have Teleporters or other possible objects. If the machine is off the screen a small circle with the machine will appear pointing where it is. Stages would also be designed for non-rex players.


Players could fight the Machine with friends, if a player is off screen a small circle will show like with the machine, players would have only 1 life.

Minor Changes

The Enemy Mercenaries would have no red line on their helmet, this wa made so player mercenaries won't get confused when playing.


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