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Ico testsubjectcorrode

Test Subject Corrode is the prequel of Test subject Green on Dr. Nastidous's side of the story. Similar to test subject blue, but instead the main character is the Acid enzyme

In Game

Acid is the enzyme that Dr. Nastidous tried to create himself, thinking it was to risky to capture blue. After certain tests, Dr. Nastidous believes he does not reach the qualifications to test the Rex209, He puts him in an isolation camber.


  • Left = Left key
  • Right = Right key
  • Jump = Up key
  • Crouch = Down key
  • Fire acid = Space Key


There are 25 levels in Test Subject Corrode

Segment One

During the events of Test Subject Blue, Dr. Nastidous creates his own enzyme with acidic particles. Equipped with a suit similar to Blue's proto-suit but with a different color scheme, blue goes through 15 levels.

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