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Test Subject Flame

Test Subject Flame
Gender Unknown-Unspecified
Species Enzyme
Faction Neutral
Health 10 Health Points
Game(s) Test Subject Fire: Heated Enzyme


Test Subject Flame was the hybrid form of Test Subject Orange. Test Subject Flames attack had many differences because of the mutated form it was currently in. The enzyme could in a split second explode its mech suit to harm enemies and be rebuilding its suit in 2 seconds. Test Subject Flame was just like any other enzyme created except that Doctor Nastidiouscreated the enzyme himself instead of the Professor. After test subject flame had completed his tasks, The enzyme killed his creator and sought out the rest of the ezymes to be the cause of their deaths aswell.


Plasma Gun Attack: SpaceBar

Plasma Cannon Attack: Charge and/or Hold for flaming plasma to eject instead of the regular.


  • Two of the Three Enzymes created by Doctor Nastidious survived the tests.
  • Smaller in size than regular Test Subject Enzymes.

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