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Test Subject: Mutant Enzymes

TestSubject MutantEnzymes icon



Game Type:

Main Game


Platformer, shoot 'em up, puzzle


Doesn't exist


Left - Move left
Right - Move right
Up - Jump
Down - Crouch
Space - Shoot


Previous Real Game: Test Subject Series

Test Subject: Mutant Enzymes is a totally random sequel of the Test Subject Series, with new enzymes, bosses, and stuff.


Note:The color chosen for the new enzymes in this game was chosen for various reasons (mainly aesthetic). I didn't want to copy anyone's idea when I chose these colors.
During Test Subject Complete, a lot of Mercenaries were left alone in Doctor Nastidious' base, where they created the Orange Goo Pie. But one mercenary decided to take some samples and to do his own experiments in the small lab he made. He is not planning world domination, but he was interested in the Professor's work and managed to create a lot of random enzymes in a small amount of time.
He is using a Blue to test his experiments, which is equipped with a Proto-Suit or with Rex209, depending of the nature of the test.


The gameplay is mainly the same as in the Test Subject Series, but with more hazard and cool-looking enzymes. The game in general is more difficult than the other TS games, due to the new enemies and bosses.


These are not in the correct order for now.
Level 1
The top Spawner pipe will constantly spawn Tiny running yellow enzymes every 5 seconds that will run to the left.

TS.ME lvl1

Level 2
In this level, the player has to get the two key cards in order for the food pill to open. The top Spawner pipe will spawn one Creeper enzymes at a time and will wait 5 seconds to spawn the another. The lasers will stay 2 seconds off and 3 on.

TS.ME lvl2

Level 3
This level is very similar to the level 13 of TSG, with different enemies.

TS.ME lvl3

Level 4
The bottom proton cannon shoots every 3 seconds.

TS.ME lvl4

Pinky Boss Fight
The Spawner pipe on the right will spawn Pinky when the levels start, and retract for the rest of the level.

TS.ME lvlPinky

The Abomination Boss Fight
In this level, the player faces The Abomination. The boss will spawn on the unreachable platform on the middle. Each time The Abomination uses it's scream, it will teleport on the platform from the ceiling, and teleport back from the ground after that.

TS.ME lvlAbomination

Bonus Levels
When the player finishes all the regular levels, he will unlock the bonus levels. When playing the bonus levels, the player will not play as Blue but will have some new characters, with different abilities and attacks.


Main article: Characters (Test Subject: Mutant Enzymes)




Same as in the Test Subject Series

Yellow enzyme bullets
Fire bullets
Electric bullets

Interactive objects

Same as in the Test Subject Series
Note: Some levels may contain two key cards instead of one.

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