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Action, puzzle, platformer.


Arrow Keys and Space Bar


Test subject blue and part of Test Subject Green

Test Subject Bros is an unofficial Test Subject game by Thekingofpizzaandgames. It is a sequel to Test Subject Blue that replaces most of the events of Test Subject Green. In this game, Nastidious robs Xeno Industries and kills the professor (like in TSG but this game begins with it). A mercenary created a Red Enzyme as a brother for Blue. These two enzymes now fight against Blue's rival, Green. You will play some levels as Blue and some as Red. There are normal levels, fighting levels (kill all enemies) and boss fight levels.

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After the the third boss is beaten, Dr.Nastidious puts a syringe on the mech suit and pushes Green inside.Green corrupts Blue to a part of himself and REX209 fires green enzyme bullets instead of the blue ones. Now Red has to kill Blue. After Blue is killed, a mercenary accidentally knocks down the test cage (like in Test Subject Complete). Red escapes and tries to get to a missile while avoiding The Machine's laser.


Blue/red enzymes:

1.B.Blue in Proto-Suit Blue, main character

Redd Red, second main character

Round blue enzyme Round blue enzyme: Stationery, bounces off Blue and Red

Orange enzymes

1.Walking Orange Enzyme Walking orange enzyme

2.Shield Orange Enzyme Shielded orange enzyme

3.A.Dodge Orange Enzyme Dodge orange enzyme

4.Flying Orange Enzyme Spitting orange enzyme

Green enzymes

2.Crawling Green Enzymes Crawling green enzyme

4.Bouncing Green Enzymes Bouncing green enzyme

6.A.Mimic Green Enzyme (sprites) Mimic green enzyme


Inflatable green enzyme 1.Inflatable green enzyme, spikes out, takes 20 hits

WIP 2.Centipede orange enzyme, moves around, 3 hits each segment (including its head and tail)

7.Beta Orange Enzyme 3.Tech orange enzyme, follows Blue and fires proton bullets, takes 40 hits

Blue infected 4.Blue infected by green (in REX209)


This navigational box contains a spoiler. To open the box, click the [show] tag.

Red manages to get inside the missile and then a mercenary presses the lauch button. The base is shown from outside and the missile lauches from there. The missile crashes to the ground and explodes, but Red and his protosuit survive. Red finds the ruins of Xeno Industries and there, he finds a syringe full of blue enzyme Red pushes the syringe in hope of creating new Blue, but the blue enzyme falls into the professor's mouth and revives him. The professor meets Red and decides to rebuild his lab.

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