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Test Subject Dark Energy

Test Subject Dark Energy Icon


101 (And tutorial)


Plataforming, action


Look at content 7


Prequel: Test Subject Complete // Sequel: Unknow


The blue can change the suit and level up it.


This is a Test Subject fanfiction, made by Mixlix. You can be free to make spelling corrections, but don't edit without permission. This game works like almost all the Test Subject Series.


Professor returned the test and acidentaly created gray and dark enzymes. The dark enzymes runned out and now they are 'parasiting' the lab. So, blue have to destroy them fast.

Main player

The main player you can choose between the suits.


Speed is the bullet speed. it's 1 to 3. The speeds are: 1 is slow, 2 is normal (Proto Suit speed), 3 is fast. Laser is a continue bullet.

Name Apparence Speed Special Notes
B.S.P.B.E Dark Steel Blue Enzyme 2 b.p.s. Shoots 5 bullets Basic.
Tank Tank Blue Enzyme 3 b.p.s. Charges attack Is faster.
Royal152 Royal Proto Blue Enzyme 1 b.p.s. Reflect attack Is very reflective.
Alpha Cannon Massive Ultra Tank Blue Enzyme 1 b.p.s. Mega Shot Is very strong.
Space Cannon Cannon Tank Blue Enzyme Laser Disapears for 2 secs. Jumps very high.
OmegaShooter OmegaShooter 3 b.p.s. Shoots spider rope Spider-like.
Military Tank Suit V2.0 1 b.p.s. Indestrutible for 2 secs. Heavy armor, very defensive.
Antimatter Antimatter Suit 2 b.p.s. Activates (while holding) Shadow mode Shadow mode is abble across roofs and enemies
Golden Golden Suit 2 b.p.s. Flashes (stun) the closest enemy "Quite expensive."
Rainbow Rainbow Suit Laser Does a defensive rainbow sphere Special has 1 sec. cooldown


  • Dark Enzyme
  • Dark Shield Enzyme
  • Giant Black Enzyme
  • Dodge Dark Enzyme
  • Crawling Dark Enzyme
  • Sniper Dark Enzyme
  • Mimic Dark Enzyme
  • BOSS Black Madness Enzyme


The boss has 3 stages to kill, appears on level 100 and 101 (Third Stage / Ultra)

First Stage

Boss will walk as a normal enemy, shoots his head (attack), and his life is 15 Blasts.

Second Stage

Boss will be invisible and you will try to kill, punches the ground (attack), and his life is 3 Blasts.

Third (Final) Stage

The boss will transform into a giant very hard to kill, smashes the ground (attack), with 1 Mega Blast of life (You can only show a mega blast with alpha cannon with level 10. Only works if Boss is resting).

Ultra Boss

Ultra-Boss is a optional way to kill boss. Boss will be in the third stage, but with 10 Mega Blast of life.

PowerUps / Skills


Bombs - Shoot at enemyes

Vampire - Steal enemye's life

Mega Punch - Deals a massive mellee attack

Mirror - Reflects an attack

PowerUps are collected at ground and they have many abilityes.


Dash =  → → (Runs faster)

Double Jump = ↑  ↑ (Yeah, double jump)

Mega Blast (You need the Alpha Cannon level 10) = Attack1 → → ↑ ↑ Attack2 (Shoot a Mega Blast)

ThunderBolt = Attack1 Attack1 Attack2 Attack2 (Applyes a DoT (Damage over time) on the enemy)

Shadow Blade = Attack 1 ↓ Attack 2 (Deals a massive mellee attack)

All the skills are faced to right. If the player is left, use the inversed move. (ex: → = ←)


Welcome! - Complete the tutorial

Black is the new blue - Kill 50 enemies

Wear the new! - Change your suit

The Last - Level up a suit to level 10

Alpha CANNON!!!!!11 - Shoot a mega blast

Dark Madness - Kill 100 enemies

Endless... Black? - Jump 1000 times

The end begins... - Win level 50

Bombastic! - Use 100 bombs

Dracula - Use 25 vampires

Like a Ditto - Use 25 mirrors

Fighting Master - Use 50 mega punches

Total Black - Level up all suits to level 10

Oh, look! The space! - Jump 100 times with Space Cannon suit

Double Frenzy - Double Jump 200 times

Final Ninja - Walk in the walls 10 times

Fast Fast - Do the Dash with Tank suit 25 times

Spider-Enzyme - Kill 25 enemies using Spider-Rope with OmegaShooter suit

Patriotism - Be attacked 2 times and win the level with Military suit

Fire with Fire - Kill 25 enemies with Antimatter suit

Quite Expensive - Flash 25 enemies with Golden suit

Prism Power - Block 50 attacks with Rainbow suit

Be the Best! - Submit your score

The end of darkness - Kill the Final Boss

The legendary - Kill the Ultra-Boss

Game Complete - Have all the achievements


Player 1 Touchy Movement
Up arrow key Up arrow button Jump / Climb to up
Right and Left arrow keys Right and Left arrow buttons Move to right and left
Down arrow key Down arrow button Climb down / Shield
Z A button Attack 1
X B Button Attack 2
C C Button Use PowerUp
A or S D Button Change the Suit
Shift E Button Special Ability


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