Test Subject Fan appears as a playable character in User RPG: CLC's Secret. He is immensely powerful on ATK and DEF. His biggest weakness is his low speed.




(Water Attacks)

  • Enzyme Whip - TSF opens up his suit then whips the opponent with his body before closing the suit.
  • Food Pill - TSF pulls out a food pill and eats it, healing himself. Or he can give it to another player and increase their stats.
  • Elixir of Life - TSF Runs over to a fallen ally, then gives some of his HP to them.
  • Enzyme Fling - TSF opens his suit, then throws an orange enzyme at the space in front of him, the Enzyme acts like a helper that doesn't last very long.
  • Self Destruct - TSF sets his suit to explode, then ejects. The suit explodes and damages any enemies in the explosion. While outside of his suit, TSF cannot attack and must wait 3 turns for a new suit to drop down. (Don't ask me where it comes from.)

(Electric Attacks)

  • Proton Blast - TSF lets rip with his cannon, shooting anything in front of him.
  • Proton Slash - TSF sweeps the area in front of him with a proton blade.
  • Tazer - TSF shoots a taser at the opponent, this may stun them.
  • Ryoku902 - TSF transforms his suit into the Gravity Suit. This suit decreases his ATK and DEF but highly increases his SPD.
  • Shine803 - TSF transforms his suit into the Emerald Suit. Here, he can't move, but ALL of his stats are maxed. (Except for SPD)

Team Attacks

With Chiselerlikescheese - TSF charges his plasma cannon. CLC flies in front of it and achieves a Prism-Like state. TSF fires the beam into CLC, who multiplies it's power, letting it shred opponents to bits

With Plasmaster - Plasmaster runs to a spot in the field. TSF throws a supercharged Power Pill to him. Plasmaster grabs it and eats it, which causes his flames to go berserk and burns any enemies within range.

With AustinCarter4Ever - Purply and Dark Blue hold some enemies in place, allowing AC4E and TSF to blast them.


  • If the player summons a Jet Droplet or a Juggernaut Droplet while Chiselerlikescheese is on the field. It will trigger a hidden dialogue box from CLC where he doesn't say anything, but the look on his face shows he's not comfortable with a Droplet appearing.
  • Doing this will unlock the Achievement "Problems Intensify"

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